Brown Landone The Vivid Imaging Technique || EP 674

Brown Landone was an Influential New Thought and metaphysical Leader. Dr. Landone was also prolific writer, authoring more than 100 books, covering such subjects as Leadership, Civilization, Peace and Religion. Brown Landone was born on the High Seas, on an American ship. His parents were both British by both. The family was somewhat wealthy and resided in Philadelphia for much of Landone’s young life. Brown Landone was also sickly as a child and had to be nursed through one illness after another. Due to his fragile health, Brown Landone lived his usual routine life as an invalid. He had full-time nurses that had to assist him with even the most minor tasks, such as dressing or bathing. But when Landone was thirteen, an event would occur that would result in a change in the way he thought forever.

One day, when he and a nurse were alone in the house, the nurse discovered that a bottle of the boy’s special medicine was empty. She informed Landone that she would need to go to the drugstore to get more. Shortly after the nurse had departed, Brown bgan to smell smoke and knew that something was on fire. He remembered that his father had instructed the servants concerning one important thing they must to in case there was ever a house fire. He had told them that there was a metal chest in the attic that contained every valuable paper he possessed, and that they were to retrieve it in such an incident. As Brown Landone smelled smoke, he could think of nothing else but the chest and his father’s request. He was not aware of the events that followed, but had later found himself suddenly standing on the sidewalk beside the precious box. Landone, a supposed invalid, had retrieved the heavy chest from the attic and carried it to the sidewalk. Landone had fainted the moment he realized that he preformed such a task in his condition. The fire was estinguised without any great harm, and the nurses guided Landone back into his bed. But he told the nurse that he refused to go, and wanted to sit in a chair and simply ‘think’.

Years later, Brown Landone recalled how he had preformed an extraordinary feat without any conscious awareness of it. He realized that if he could do that subconsciously when he was ill, that he could certainly do in consciously. After the incident, Brown decided for himself that he would no longer be bedridden, and from that day forward he never was. His health was restored through faith in the power of his own mind.  

I’m a huge fan of Landone. He wrote more than 100 books, including The ABC of truth which gives 35 lessons in New Thought.  This powerful book contains the wisdom to change your life.

This is Brown Landones discussiion of vivid imaging and combining it with idealized doing.  This is unique way of looking at this process and will really add to you tools of reality creation.

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