Anthony Norvell The 10 Golden Keys To The Secrets Of The Universe || EP 738

The life force which motivates the entire universe is a concentrated, dynamic force which you may tap and use as a miracle-working power in your own life. This life force is in every atom and molecule of the created universe, from the microcosm, man, to the macrocosm, the universe. When this atomic power is concentrated into a little two-inch cube it can set into motion a chain reaction in the atmosphere which can level an entire city. When this same atomic power is concentrated in an electric dynamo it can furnish electric power, heat and energy for the entire human race and change the course of civilization. Concentrated atomic power is the secret force that all the great mystics and masters throughout the ages have taught for working miracles of every kind.

In Metaphysics we learn that there is a fourth-dimensional power plane that can give one super-normal powers of the mind and body. It is in this fourth dimension of mind and spirit that man is able to perform astounding miracles. All the great mystics and teachers of the past have known of this fourth dimension, and by tapping the vast storehouse of power that resides therein they have been able to rise above the limitations of time and space and matter and achieve miraculous results. The term “Metaphysics” was coined by Andronicus of Rhodes, who edited Aristotle’s philosophical works. That section of philosophy that dealt with matters above and beyond the physical and material planes of existence he called Metaphysics, from two Greek words, “Meta” and “Physika,” which means literally that which is above and beyond the realm of the physical.

ANTHONY NORVELL (1908–1990) was a popular writer and lecturer on occult and esoteric topics, particularly the uses of visualization to bend reality to the individual’s personal will. He had a gift for making arcane ideas into workable, practical, and accessible methods. For many years, he lectured weekly at New York’s Carnegie Hall. The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind, originally published in 1963, was among his most popular works.

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