Advanced Plait Technique Training || EP 495

One of the most fascinating concepts we have discussed on the channel is the plait.  Tufti the priestess is where we first learned of this but after a year of practicing we now know more about this mysterious energy technique.  

In my episode Understanding the Assemblage Point we expolored the origins of the assemblage point from Theun Mares and Carlos Castaneda.

In the book Tufti The Priestess, Zeland outlines several ways to activate the plait.

But I still longed to understand this incredibly weird idea of the Plait. Many people have told me of the great success in using this technique.  But I still doubted it’s existence even with my own powerful result.  I have asked almost everyone I interviewed about their impressions.

There are some nuances to this and Vadim Zeland discusses this often on his instragram and in future books which have yet to be translated.

What do these advancements tell us.  

Here I gather more information to broaden our understandings.

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