You Are In Creator School A Journey Through The 12 Dimensions || EP 511

In the law of one they only refer to 7 dimensions or densities.  This information comes from various channeling that discuss those upper dimensions beyond the The 12 Dimensions make up our Universal learning environment and while many souls remain in the 7th Dimensiton and Density there are additional levels.

Become a planet or a sun, become a black hole, galaxy or a nebula.  Those are you too.  Levels of consciousness. What dimensions will your soul travel beyond this present level of consciousness?

The ultimate goal is for you to be come a creator and this is creator school.

Music By Mettaverse

awakening the energetic heart

travel light

432hz Tibetan singing bowls

blade runner

inner worlds

777hs deep relaxation

111hz holy frequency

subtle energy

Golden Lotus

639hz heart chakra

768hz throat chakra

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