Walter & Lao Russell Home Study Course Lesson 2 Meditation Scientifically Explained Further || EP 687

There is much confusion regarding the relation of an inspired idea to the technique of its expression. Thousands of times one hears people say, “I could never be an artist for I could not even draw a straight line.” For this reason, we would like to expand what was said in our first lesson regarding this relationship.  

We have told you that anyone can acquire the technique of giving a material body to any idea. But so can an automatic machine or a tape recorder. A technique can be photographed or electrically repeated, and such a recording of a rendition by a master may even be immeasurably better than the technique of a human for the automatic recorder may record much of the Soul of the master’s technique while the human may have acquired a perfect technique with his senses but be lacking in Soul.  

Just as an inspired conception is the result of a conference between your Soul and the Universal Soul to produce a thought-body, so must your rendition into a material body continue that Soul-to-Soul conference. Every technical rendition of a painting, symphony, or any other creation conceived by the Soul of a master, is an extension of the Soul of the master. Every brush stroke or tone of symphony must conform to the nature of God reflected in the nature of the master.


The nature of God is to give out His love for regiving. The nature of the master must be to give out love to inspire others to regive love.  

It has often been our good fortune to hear such masters as Paderewski or Gabrilowitsch practice scales and finger exercises. The unthinking listener might marvel at such “skill,” while one who listens with inner ears hears the silence of the Soul even in a master’s practicing.  

Masterliness in anything is the fruit of love. The Soul alone can give out love. The body can render a perfect technical reproduction but if the love nature of God is not in it, it is not art, for the art of anything is not in the skill of rendering a visible or audible thing but in the beauty and love which only the stillness of the Light of your Soul can give to it. And therein lies the difference between the genius of the master and Soulless mediocrity. That is why your constant communion with God is necessary for every moment of life and every stage of your creation.

-Lao and Walter Russell

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