Walter & Lao Russell God Is Light || EP 715

God’s communion within His own Being is a sequential transition from the still, unconditioned Light of His knowing and the moving, conditioned lights of His thinking. The Light of His knowing is undivided. It is a balanced equilibrium. The two lights of His thinking are divided. They are the electric pulsations of two-way motion which build thought-forms for recording His knowing. God’s light-wave universe is the invisible still Light of Mind-knowing. God’s electric universe is the product of God’s knowing, expressed by the visible, pulsing lights of His dynamic thinking.

MAN IS LIGHT We cannot say more to you than that, for God’s communion with His Self is identical in principle and practice with your communion with your Self-Oneness as God. The eternal Light of eternal Life is the balanced Light of the Soul-Mind universe. Your electric body is the product of your knowing, expressed by your thinking — as God’s universal body is the product of God’s knowing, expressed by His thinking. If you can but fully realize this vitally important fact, you will be farther ahead than you could possibly be by reading all the books in The Congressional Library. When you commune with full understanding, you become aware of your oneness with God. You become more and more aware of the fact that God’s Mind is your Mind, that His knowledge and power are your knowledge and power. When God becomes your teacher, you need no earthly teachers. To the extent that you become aware of God as the still Light which centers you as Soul of you, you are God.

As you become more and more enabled to forget your body- awareness and find yourself alone in that stillness of cosmic Light, you form inspired conceptions of ideas which come to you in timeless flashes of that Light which you do not see but KNOW because of its illumining presence. You feel the ecstasy of it in the Light of your Soul and in the inspiration which accompanies your exaltation.

All geniuses conceive their ideas with that accompanying ecstasy and exaltation of inner thinking. They then think those ideas into form. After the mental image is clear, they give a material body to each idea by outward thinking through their senses for others to interpret in the measure of their knowing.

To sum up this as a formula, we might say that meditation is a sequential journey from the zero of Mind-knowing — through the action of Mind-thinking — to the rest point which centers two-way thinking — and back again to that zero of Mind-knowing. The more intensely you can comprehend this definition, the more simple you will find all things in life, for we do not depart from the above formula in any decision or action of life, or the solution of any problem of life.

-Lao and Walter Russell

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