Walter And Lao Russell The Divided And The United The Rhythm Of Creation || EP 867

We have long sailed through the shallows and superficialities of matter, motion and process and are now sailing into deeper waters in our search for the higher knowledge which you must have in order for you to become the omniscient Being of God’s intent for man.

We have directed our efforts toward the reversal of your thinking from outward motion toward inward stillness to awaken that divine Light of all knowledge, all-power and all-presence which centers every whirling thought- wave which constitutes your body.

Just how much of that Light we have awakened in you is dependent upon how much you have mastered the great art of meditation which gives you the power to transform sensed-effect to its Mind-cause.

To say this same thing in other words of more import, which you have not yet heard from us, we again repeat the following words: to unite the divided two into the united ONE.

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