Walter And Lao Russell Obtaining Higher Knowledge Of The Light || EP 847

It is a strange fact, but tens of thousands are now seeking higher knowledge of the Light, which indicates a transition condition in the human race during the last three generations. By “higher knowledge” we mean Cosmic knowledge.

You are one of these who seek that higher knowledge which lies dormant in all humans for you would not have desired these lessons which are awakening that knowledge within you as you are ready for it.

As proof of that fact, our writings and teachings of higher knowledge are meaningless to fully nine out of every ten people, which indicates that perhaps less than ten per cent of the enlightened people of the earth are inwardly driven to seek and find that inner Cosmic something which their Souls desire. That means that fully 90% of humans have not yet begun to awaken their spiritual and intellectual natures. The few among the many who are seeking are intensive and hungry for that unknown Light which is awakening in them. They feel that craving within them and seek it in many places, in many religions and cults and in many diverse teachings.

Many sincerely believe they have fully found that which their Souls have been seeking even when they have but felt a slight glow of that Light of their own divinity. These many are inspired and uplifted as succeeding slight illumining gradually transform them into Cosmic beings who have become aware of their Inner Selves. It is because the few who seek never know Just what it is that they seek that we must make its meaning clear to you so that you will better comprehend the import of these lessons.

Very few of the most enlightened people of the world have the slightest knowledge of what higher knowledge means. They would not understand you if you said to them that higher knowledge comes from Cosmic thinking toward one’s inner immortal MIND-SELF as opposed to the conclusions which we call knowledge which come from outer-sensing by the mortal BRAIN-SELF.

The human race has not yet advanced to that stage where even world intelligentsia would comprehend its meaning. That is strange but it is demonstrably true for the human race is still in its infancy.

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