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SHAKESPEARE’S Hamlet in his famed soliloquy pondered, “To be or not to be,” and thus faced squarely the primary challenge of life. Most people only exist, never truly are at all. They exist as predictable equations, reacting rather than acting, walking compendiums of aphorisms and taboos, reflexes and syndromes. Surely the gods must chuckle at the ironic spectacle of robots fancying themselves free, but still, when finally the embodied consciousness rises above the pain-pleasure principle of nature, then the true meaning of freedom is made apparent at last.

Uell Stanley Andersen (also known as U.S. Andersen and Uell S. Andersen) (September 14, 1917 – September 24, 1986)[1] was an American football player and self-help and short story author during the 1950s and 1960s. He is best known for his book, Three Magic Words.

Andersen taught the New Thought concept of “Universal Mind.” According to Andersen, the “Universal Mind is a vast and all-encompassing mental and spiritual being in whom all things and events exist.”[7] According to Andersen, the Universal Mind, or God, manifests — or literally reflects — the dominant belief system of all living things. When one understands this cause and effect relationship, it becomes possible to consciously use Universal Mind to shape the physical world.

In Three Magic Words, Andersen makes the argument that the physical world is derived from the mental. He argues that a sustained mental image, if backed by faith (i.e. a belief that the image is real, or will become real), will become reality.[8]

This can be done by using a “spiritual prototype,” or mental equivalent of that which one wants to manifest in the physical world. The concept of a “spiritual prototype” originated in the New Thought literature in the early 20th century. Specifically, Andersen said the following:

   All things and all circumstances must first be created on the mental plane. When such creation is clear-cut and born of faith and conviction, nothing can stop this image from becoming real. Once this image has come into your mind and you have accepted, you have done all that it is necessary for you to do. All the process of creation—time place, and circumstance—must be left in the hands of the all-knowing Subconcious Mind. The physical circumstance you desire may come from a direction you expect or it may come in such a way and such a manner as you have never dreamed. Don’t strain or urge or be impatient. Simply have faith and let go…You have nothing to do but create the mental image with complete faith, and with that simple act the process is completely done. Be assured that the image will become real in your physical world, for you are dealing with law and law alone.[9]

In other words, his philosophy is similar to that in the New Testament, which teaches, “As ye believe, so shall it be done unto you.”.[10] More recently, this idea is reflected in the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.[11]

Andersen argued that it was possible to prove his theory by conducting a few mental experiments, aided by means of meditation. After running these experiments, with complete faith in the outcome, it is possible to demonstrate—at least on a subjective basis—that there is a relationship between thought and physical reality.

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