Us Andersen – On The Secret To Great Health || EP 1159

So far we have covered many chapters in US Andersen’s classic book three magic words. Each ends with a beautiful meditation. Each chapter is dedicated to a different subject but all have one central tenet – The Universal Mind.  Andersen was particularly adept at teaching the power of the universal mind and your connection to it. Each carries deep and timeless lessons on the nature of consciousness and the truth of who you really are.

Health and well-being are the natural states of every form of life, for all things are rooted in Universal Subconscious Mind which is perfect. Every living thing is but an idea held in Universal Mind, made manifest in space and time, gifted with consciousness which seeks ever to know more about itself. There is only one intelligence, one mind in all creation, and all things are made from it. According as each thing realizes the perfection in which it is rooted, it attains to perfection itself.

Thus physical health proceeds from mental peace, and disease and corruption proceed from mental confusion. Disease is a product of the confusion attendant upon growing self-consciousness. So it is that man, the most intelligent of all forms of life, falls constant prey to disease and illness, while the lower forms of life exist in physical perfection, unburdened by mental confusion.

The lower we go on the scale of life the scarcer become the evidences of disease until at last we are forced to the conclusion that disease is a product of mental development, most certainly a product of evolving consciousness. Evolving consciousness comes with an increasing number of conflicts, which project themselves into Universal Mind, which manifests them physically in the form of disease and corruption of the body.

Man, who has come the full scale of self-consciousness but has not as yet evolved the greater consciousness of immortal Self, sees himself as an insignificant dot in a gigantic universe where he has not ordered his existence and cannot stay his death. His highly developed little ego cuts him off from the roots of his being, and he knows fear and futility and hate and bitterness, all of which set up conflicts between his emotions and his mind. These project into universal intelligence, cast his concept of himself from perfection, and return to him as gallstones, kidney stones, ulcers, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, cancer, leprosy, deafness, and so on, ad infinitum.”

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