Ursula Gestefeld- The Breath Of Life: A Series Of Self Treatments (Unabridged Audiobook) || RP 502

This book contains a series of healing affirmations and metaphysical self-treatments written in the latter part of the 19th Century by ex-student of Mary Baker Eddy, and independent Christian Science teacher and practitioner, Ursula Gestefeld.

These are beautiful prayers and affirmations that really resonated with me.

Ursula Gestefeld, along with Emma Curtis Hopkins, were once trusted lieutenants in Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science movement, but reacted against her authoritarian possessiveness and broke with her to became teachers of men and women who later founded movements of considerable extent and influence that have collectively been considered as New Thought groups.

Gestefeld is probably best known for her novel, The Woman Who Dares, a protest against the hypocrisy of marriage. The work portrayed a male-dominated society that used all means-legal, political, economic and religious-to enforce women’s sexual subservience to men.

By the turn of the century, Gestefeld had expanded her mental health theories to include material wealth. She was a frequent speaker in metaphysical movement congresses, served as member of the Executive Committee of the Metaphysical League, and was present at the formation of the International New Thought Alliance in London in 1914, and continued to write and lecture throughout the 1910s

The night of sense-consciousness is past, and I wake to the spiritual day–the eternal Now. In the light of God I see my self anew.

The shadows of the night are gone, and I am free from suffering, disease, and death. I am filled now with health, strength, and joy unspeakable.

There is no room in me for any unlikeness to the Infinite One, for that One vibrates in every part of my being from least to greatest, and fills me with pulsating, invigorating, deathless life.

I rise from the passivity of the night to the activity of the day, in which I work the works of him that sent me. I wash away the last remnants of clinging mortality from before my Vision and I see only the Son of God.

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