Unseen Forces: Nature Spirits, Thought Forms, Ghosts and Specters By Manly P. Hall (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 719

Unseen Forces: Nature Spirits, Thought Forms, Ghosts and Specters By Manly P. Hall (Unabridged Audiobook)

This book by Canadian-born mystical writer Manly P. Hall comprises of a series of lectures on nature spirits, thought forms, ghosts and specters, the dweller on the threshold.

I enjoyed his style of writing, the histories and from where these different philosophies come from and who wrote them, without pushing his opinon on you or the subject he is writing about. As I was reading I visualized myself sitting in this lectures and listening to him speak. Although this is a short read 5 chapters, it is filled with tons of knowledge.

Chapter 1 Children of the Elements

He explains what the Four Elements are, (according to ancient doctrines) explains who the Gnomes, Undines, Salamanders and Sylphs are and where they rule.

Chapter 2 Natural Principles, Natural Spirits,

He explains the Four Ethers and who rules them, the Four Initiations as per the ancient Oriental peoples.

Chapter 3 Thought Forms and Emotion Generated Elementals.

He explains how this is done. ” Thoughts are geometric outpouring of the mental body. They are germinated and vitalized through the union of the mental plane with the physical brain.gives birth to….. a Thought.”

Chapter 4 Ghosts and Specters,

He explains what they are and how they are formed.

Chapter 5 The Dweller on the Threshold,

He explains the Mental Body, the Astral Body and the Physical Body are. The Building of the Soul, the Passing of the Dweller, The Sins of the Fleash, the Three Steps; Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Attitude and the Sphinx.

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