Understanding The Law Of One (The Ra Material) On Energy Centers And The Kundalini || EP 391

The rising of kundalini has traditionally been symbolized as the rising and uncoiling of the serpent. According to Ra, the metaphor of the coiled serpent being called upwards is “vastly appropriate” for the seeker’s consideration because this is what the seeker is attempting. As described above, the inner light is calling and “uncoiling” the power of the cosmic prana upward. But here is where we enter into a very, very important cautionary note to this work of raising the kundalini, or drawing the serpent upward.

As an entity grows more polarized this locus will move upwards. This phenomenon has been called by your peoples the kundalini. However, it may better be thought of as the meeting place of cosmic and inner, shall we say, vibratory understanding. To attempt to raise the locus of this meeting without realizing the metaphysical principles of magnetism upon which this depends is to invite great imbalance. – 49.5

The group known as Ra was suggesting that as one seeks to open the higher chakras it is equally necessary to continue to give full honor, respect and attention to the health and the vibrancy of the lower chakras as well, and to appreciate and honor that energy which has come from the one infinite Creator, to the Sun, into the womb of the Earth, and then from the Earth up through the feet and the base of the chakra system at the base of the spine in infinite supply. There needs to be a continuing and equal appreciation of this energy and of all that it suggests of mortality and limitation; for, indeed, mortality is a limitation, and the presence of a seeker upon the Earth plane partakes of this mortality and this limitation.

It makes a much sweeter thing of being alive and aware to realize one’s limited tenure within the Earth plane. Instead of scorning things of the Earth because they are illusory, then, the one known as Ra is suggesting that one embrace and enjoy and take part in the things that are fleeting, relishing and celebrating the energies of each chakra. Sexuality, relationships, group relationships—all of these energies are worthy, all of these energies take daily, thoughtful maintenance in order for each chakra to shine and be completely open to the energy of the one infinite Creator as it moves from the Earth in upwards spiraling fashion. Only when this motion upward is fully seated and working well can the seeker then call through the gateway of intelligent infinity for that inspiration which comes from the infinite and invisible world of time/space. – Q’uo, Mar 22, 2008

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