Understanding Physics, Synchronicity, And The Knowledge Of Ancient Magicians In Reality Transurfing || EP 248

To conclude I would like to go a little further in strengthening the ground under the mind’s feet. There is so much in Transurfing that seems incredible that alas, one has to keep explaining to the mind that it is all indeed real. Whatever model had been chosen to serve as a foundation for Transurfing, its principles would still be valid. In other words, all the principles included here are invariant in relationship to the model.

The key principle expresses the idea that the energy of our thoughts not only has an indirect influence on our physical reality but a direct impact too. The formal line of science still refuses to acknowledge this phenomenon because so far experimental testing has yielded ambiguous results.

Regardless, you and I need to solve our problems now and cannot wait for the scientists to give their word of approval. We are all aware that the world is subject to the laws of causality in which every effect has its cause. Cause it usually understood to mean some kind of action. The problem is that thoughts are usually perceived as an instruction to a subsequent action and not as the transmission of a physical energy capable of influencing the world around us.

Nonetheless, the facts are stubborn and will eventually have their way. The unexplained phenomenon of outer intention has not been totally ignored by science. Carl Jung the great Swiss psychiatrist carried out research into phenomena linked to the interaction between thought and material reality. Jung analyzed hundreds of curious instances which appeared to be unaccountable coincidences with no visible cause.

This is the concluding section of the Realilty Transurfing chapters.  Here Zeland discusses physics and his model in the place of other models.

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