Understanding How To Ride The Wave of Fortune in Reality Transurfing || EP 92

In this episode, I continue a series on the Reality Revolution where I do deep dives on different chapters in Reality Transurfing.

The third chapter of Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland is called the wave of fortune.

I have mentioned the wave of fortune concept in previous episodes of the Reality Revolution but I really wanted to get a better understanding so I go over different passages in this chapter of reality transurfing in order to create a meditation or hypnosis to induce a transition into a better lifeline and waves of good fortune.

Even though I have read this several times, this episode helped me to better understand the techniques and strategies to ride the crest of a wave of fortune and how to maneuver through pendulums as your intentions are being realized.

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Welcome. Today’s episode of the Reality Revolution will be dedicated to the idea of the wave of fortune chapter three of the reality. Trans Surfing book is dedicated to the wave of fortune and I wanted to create a meditation that could propel us onto a wave of fortunate. I’ve mentioned it in the last few of my meditations, but I really wanted to go on a deep dive and see if I could educate you and myself in this process of Understanding Trans Surfing. And chapter three is the wave of fortune. So by now you’ve probably listened to, if you’ve gotten a chance, listen to my episode on space of variations, which is kind of more about chapter one. I have a meditation about pendulums and hypnosis actually and another episode about pendulums. And it’s interesting because when by deems Eland wrote the Book Reality Trans Surfing, which is a wonderful book and I recommend that if this is the first time you’re watching or listening to an episode or the reality revolution that you check that out. The Reality Trans Surfing is a very interesting book with lots of very interesting ideas and applications can be made with it and you can see phenomenal results in the way your life changes in a number of different levels. It’s very, and it’s the only thing I can tell you to do is just read the book and it’s one of those books that when you read it, you can read it multiple times. You find new and different things. I’ve read this multiple times, but when I go back it’s, I’m able to do a deep dive and it’s fun to talk about this stuff with all of you that are sharing this video with me. So maybe we can learn together and maybe we can use this information to create a really awesome meditation. So chapter three of the book is called the wave of fortune, and there is in Italics, your thoughts returned to you like a boomerang. And it’s the antiquity to the pendulum. So there’s a lot of discussion about the pendulum in the second chapter in the first chapter is the understanding this space of variations. So this is almost purposeful when you read it. Again, we’re learning about the way of a fortune after the pendulum, cause it’s kind of an answer to the pendulum. A lot of people wonder what’s the answer to the pendulum? And it’s not to be worried about the pendulum. It’s defined your wave of fortune and the pendulums can pull you along onto that wave. Now it says, now we can look at the task that Zealand said it earlier, of determining which type of pendulums could be described as constructive. It’s a real question as there w we have to live with pendulums all the time. There’s no way we can avoid them. And I guess people when they first started doing trend surfing became stuck in their homes because they were so afraid of pendulums effecting them. And if you listen to Trans Surfing and chill, there’s an episode of, it’s pretty good just talking about it. You can’t let it make you a mental sickness where you see pendulums everywhere. And it’s probably not good for an obsessive compulsive person. It’s understanding how much energy you’re putting into the pendulums and how much you’re getting back. So that was a good, um, understanding of it. But the, the, the wave of fortune is the, is the way to, is the answer to it. And he says, the answer is none. It sounds paradoxical, but it is true. I hope I have not offended the reader by asking a trick question. All pendulums have one and the same goal, which is to receive energy from their adherence. If the energy supply is cut off, then the pendulum swing stops and a pendulum is constructive only in relationship to itself, never in relationship to the inherent. And those are things that we need to remember when we’re talking about pendulums. And it’s not going to change in a matter of if it’s helps us or hurts us. So the interesting idea behind the wave of fortune for me is when I finally understood the way it worked, and we’ve all had those days where you have a string of bad things happen. In fact, it’s mentioned in the movie the secret, the idea that you have something happened in the morning and you radiate out this negativity. You have a flat tire, you’re late to work, you spill something on your jeans, you, you, you have, you ever notice you have these things happen. You have these days where there’s strings of things that happen. Now you’ve probably had strings of good things happen but you didn’t notice as much. Cause sometimes it’s easier to notice when bad things are happening. But imagine if you are able to understand why that happens. The force behind it, when you start having strings of different occurrences happen in a row, and that’s the propelling idea behind the wave of fortune is to get onto a wave where you use this, where you wake up in the morning and you use this idea to propel into a wave of a number of good things happening through the day and imagine this happening every day. I mean, it starts to build on itself like it exponentially. So all pendulums have this goal and it’s only constructive and your relationship to the adherence. So it’s just a mindless energy creature monster. That’s what the pendulum is. What could possibly can reconstructive or creative about the fact that your energy is being taken? Of course, different pendulums are destructive and aggressive to different degrees. It is difficult to imagine a beach volleyball club ganging up against a winter swimming club and a membership to the beach volleyball club is hardly likely to ruin your life. Of course, these types of pendulums are still need to feed on the energy of their adherence. If the members become bored playing volleyball, the life of the club would die in the pendulum along with it. However, this is nothing compared to the membership of a criminal gang where no one could lose one’s freedom or even one’s life. One might ask how a person can be giving their interview to the pendulum of the gym where they train. If whilst they are there, they are completely focused on getting fit. You’re focused entirely upon yourself whilst you’re training, but you’re still obliged to observe a certain set of roles at home. You can do whatever you like, but at the gym, all its members are required to act in a relatively same manner, to follow the established rules of the system and in this way make their energy available to the pendulum. If the clubs members suddenly leave, the pendulum will no longer receive its source of energy and therefore stopped swinging. That’s the example that he gives in understanding how that works. The question can be put in a different way. Do energetic structures exist that do not require your energy, and it turns out that they do [inaudible]. One is the wave of fortune. So he is describing the wave of fortune as an energetic structure, just like a pendulum that does not require your energy and gives you energy. It’s the wave of fortune one is the way we’re fortunate. We’re set up circumstances that are favorable to you personally. Every individual has their own wave of fortune. Sometimes you’re lucky with something, and then a whole cascade of other pleasant events unfold unexpectedly as if the son had really chosen to shine on you. A cascade of pleasant events may not always follow the first, but the first sign of good fortune pleased you and lifted your spirits and then a cascade of the same will definitely follow. So what’s happening is you get up, you stub your toe, and then you radiate out this negative spirit and that radiation rides like a wave into your general lifeline. And so you start to vibrate at that same thing of stubbing your toe. So what’s happening is when you have good things happen, you radiate out a certain thought energy that will bring you additional good things. They they unfold. Pleasant events unfold unexpectedly as if the sun had chosen to shine on you. A cascade of pleasant events may not always follow the first, but the first sign of good fortune pleased you and lifted your spirits than a cascade of the same. We’ll definitely follow. It’s your spirits and the way you’re feeling. So the wheel of fortune and the bluebird of happiness are not simply abstract metaphors. The wave of fortune is really a set of lifelines that are auspicious for you personally. The alternative space or the space of variation contains everything, including lines like golden veins that run through the information field. If you have found the outer line of a golden vein and catch onto a piece of good luck, you can slide by inertia onto other lifelines where events of a similar nature are accumulated and a new set of fortuitous circumstances awaits you. If, however, the first piece of good luck is followed by a streak of bad luck, it means that a destructive pendulum has managed to hook into you and draw you away from the golden vein. The wave of good fortune brings happiness without taking your energy. It can be compared to a c wave that carries an exhausted swimmer onto the shore. We’re being carried by the way forward. The wave of fortune will carry you on to happy lifelines like the pendulum. The wave has no interest in your fate, but it has no need of your personal energy either. If you want to, you can float with the wave and let it care you, but if you do not want to go with the wave, it will pass you by with no regret. It’s just a wave. The wave of fortune is a temporary formation. It does not feed on the energy of other beings and so eventually fades like sea waves break upon the shore. It will just fade out. It’s not staying around forever. You’re riding the waves of fortune. A new going to form when you radiate out that thought response. That reaction, the wave of fortune sometimes touches your life in the form of good news. The wave of fortune brings in information from other lifelines. In comparison with your current lifeline. The resonance of the information is perceived as good news. The task is to grab a hold of the rope and pull yourself onto the line that the information originated from. For there you will find not just good news but for two witnesses circumstances also. So what happens is you feel a resonance and he’s using energetic terms so you hear some information that resonates. Resonate generally means that it has a similar vibration. The word resonance is important. I do not know if that’s a Russian translation, but the resonance is of the information is perceived as good news. So you hear news that you perceive as good. The task is to grab hold of the rope and pull yourself onto the line that the information originated from. Where did the good news come from and move towards that lifeline polo. Take a rope and pull yourself over for there. You will find not just good news, but for today’s circumstances because that vibration is attracting you to it. It seems as if the wave comes and goes. Whereas in actual fact, the wave of fortune does not move, increase in strength or weaken. In this model, we have used the term wave as a metaphor, but it as has already been mentioned, a wave of fortune is stationary in the alternative space existing in the form of memorial rewarding lifelines. So you get written by the wave and it pulls you into a lifeline that then becomes stationary. In fact, it is the discontinuity created by moving among different lifelines that creates the impression of the wave as you either take hold of a form stroke of luck, embracing the blessing and inviting you into your life or distance yourself from it distracted by other pendulums because the other pendulums wants your energy because the wave has no interest in you personally. It is easy to lose sight of the wave of fortune will pass you by and set off on its own way. This is why people are inclined to believe that the bluebird of happiness is hard to catch. You do not actually have to make a huge effort to saddle a wave of good luck. It is a question of choice. If you accept the wave of fortune into your life, it will stay with you. If you allow yourself to be influenced by a destructive pendulum and become immersed in it’s negative energy, you will be distanced from the wave of good fortune. As they say, finder’s keepers, losers, weepers. The bluebird will happily pick grains from your hand. You do not have to catch the bird, but neither must you drive it away so you don’t have to reach out and try to catch the birds. Simply put the grains in your hand and that’s the wave of fortune. You don’t have to run to catch the wave fortune, but you can’t push it away. This is one of the most paradoxical aspects of the freedom of choice. People really can choose happiness and success for themselves and yet at the same time remain restricted by pendulums that lead them away from the wave of fortune. And here to Zeeland dis returns to a theme he discussed earlier to claim freedom of choice. You must be independent. You have the right to be free of the influence of other people’s pendulums. And now he says that you can claim this right. The next section of the chapter talks about the boomerang and understanding this kind of understands the mechanism of how these events occurred. Most people’s minds are filled with constant chatter. If the chatter is not controlled and negative thoughts begin to dominate. Very often as people we are most concerned with what we fear with what oppresses or displeases us. The human psyche has developed over a period of thousands of years under the influence of destructive pendulums. Think about that which have kept people in a condition of fear so that they can be manipulated and as a result people tend to have a very clear idea of what they do not want, yet have a very vague idea of what they do want. This is not a political podcast, but you see things like school shootings and that’s somebody that’s been sucked into a pendulum and is willing to kill themselves. And other people for Pendulum, whatever reason, and there’s millions of different reasons, but that is the fascinating thing that is happening. Be careful about what you give your energy to because it will take it much faster than you give it and so it’s about fear and people have a clear idea of what they do not want because of these pendulums of fear and they don’t know what they really want. And our job to fall this wave of fortune is to discover what it is you really want to align your will with a negative thought machine means to play the game of a destructive pendulum and radiate energy at its resonance frequency. So you get a pendulum that has a debt, a resonance frequency, which is a vibration that is negative and then you start to radiate at the same thing at the radiate, the energy of its frequency. This becomes detrimental to our health, to our life, to everything. It is entirely in your interest to replace it with the habit of consciously controlling your thoughts. Whenever your mind is unoccupied, when you’re traveling, going for a walk or doing work that does not require deep concentration, make sure that you program yourself to think positive thoughts. Do not think about what you have been unable to achieve. Think about what you want to achieve or what you will achieve. If, for example, you do not like the house you are living in, you’ll probably say to yourself, I’m sick and tired of this house. Everything about it irritates me. I’ll be so happy when I moved to a new place. I can’t help it. I just hate it. Now, if you say those things with thoughts such as these, there is no way that you will ever possibly receive what it is you want. Do you understand why? Look at the focus of those thoughts. Even if you’re definitely moving to a new home, you can be sure that the new home will have all the same problems that you’re listing and it’ll be a huge disappointment. That’s awaits you. Okay? You say, but I’m still leaving this old shed and moving into a luxurious mansion. So just not true. What disappointments could possibly await me [inaudible] the greater your enmity for the home you’re currently in, the more unpleasant surprises you can expect to experience in your new palace. You take it with you. You can expect all sorts of problems leaking, tap, peeling paint, crumbling walls, pestering neighbors, anything that maintains the parameters of your current negativity, it makes no difference whether you’re living in the old house or the new one. You may find a life path equipped with all the mod cons. No is what Zealand says, but you will be dissatisfied as you were before. The alternative space, the space of variations has no shortage of luxurious houses where you will feel like you’re living in hell. So a lot of you are trying to manifest a luxurious home, but you’re vibrating and on the supreme Quincy of something else. If you have nowhere else to move to, you are all the more likely to stay living in a space you cannot bear because your thoughts are unlikely to be attuned to the frequency of a lifeline in which you’re successful in finding the house of your dreams. You’re currently thinking about the things that you do not like and consequently radiating negative energy which matches the lifeline you are on now until you change the vibration of your energy. You will just have to keep putting up with the same line, changing your vibration, however, is not that difficult to do. You can do it first of all except this is how we’re going to change this vibration in the, in this example and you can apply this example to others as kind of, I think it’s a really great part of the book. It’s a common problem that we all think things we’re always dealing with and thinking about where we live for so you accept the current situation and let go of feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment. If you try to find little causes for joy in any situation, and this goes to two 50 the priestess where two-fifty says you the advantage and using this advantage, calculus, what is the advantage to me? And if you can find little causes for joy in any situation, even if you do not like your house, be grateful to it for having taken you in and looked after you. There may be rain and wind outside, but the house takes it all for you, keeping you warm and safe. Surely the house at least deserve some recognition. If in this moment you’re thankful for what you have, feel love for all the things that you’re helping you to survive. You will radiate a positive energy and I believe that’s the kind of energy that can push you onto a wave of fortune. Then if so, if you so desire, you can quite realistically expect an improvement in your circumstances. When you finally do move, make a point of thanking everything that surrounded you in your previous home, even things you plan to throw away deserve your gratitude and these moments, you’re transmitting positive energy into the environment which will return to you later. And I started doing this. Whenever I throw something away, I find gratitude for it. I try to send out positive anything that goes away from me, if it’s a dollar that I’m spending, if it’s anything I send out positive energy because it’s going to come back to you like a boomerang. The second thing to change the vibration is to start thinking about the house that you would like to have. And this is hard for a lot of people. It’s hard to do simply be being irritated by the things that surround you right now. But the goal is worth it. And I get people that email me or text me and they tell me about how terrible the situation is. And I know that 90% of that situation is that they’re looking around their situation and they see that they’re in a tough spot and they’re looking at what they’re in now and you’re finding yourself away to escape and imagine the thing that you want can be hard but well worth it. What is better to react to every external irritation like an oyster in a shell or to make a little effort and change your habits. Look through a state agency advertisements with photographs of houses. Go Window shopping in search of furniture and decorations and live the thoughts of what you want to have. Go. If you can find a realtor that will show you these houses, oftentimes you can, and it’s one of the best things that you could do. Live the life like it’s like you’re in that energy vibration. You may think it’s ridiculous, but it has actual results. We always end up getting things in situations which our thoughts are most strongly attached to and our thoughts always come back to us like a boomerang. There are so many examples that illustrate how a negative attitude can ruin your life. Imagine that you’re getting ready to go on a holiday in the south where it’s hot, but the weather where you live is terrible. You walk outside, cringing from the cold wind and getting soaked in the rain. Naturally, it is difficult to deduce much pleasure from this type weather, but you can at least take a neutral standpoint. Ignore the potentially destructive pendulum associated with it. If you openly express your displeasure, you are accepting the pendulum and pushing it to make it swing higher. The negative attitude can ruin your life. You’re getting ready to go on holiday. The weather’s terrible. You walk outside, cringing about the cold, okay? And then you can become associated with the negative destructive pendulum associated with it. Everything is a pendulum. [inaudible]. You say to yourself soon, I will be two in the south, exploring the sunshine and warm, warm seasons. So forget about this place. This kind of attitude is hardly likely to attune you to a lifeline filled with heavenly pleasures. You just will not ever get there. Do not be low old into a false sense of security simply because you have a whole ready bought your ticket. You could easily arrive and find there’s more bad weather or some other issue or reminds me of a time and I hit him when my mental outset was just like this and so then I took a trip to Maui with my family, but I, my business was at a point where I had to work in the hotel room the whole time while my kids and my family were playing and, and I had to sit, get stuck in a room where there was no ocean view and the wind was blowing so hard that it shook the room and I sat in a ship room doing work on my laptop. That’s what that reminds me of. Geez, I’m in Maui. Why aren’t I enjoying myself? Because my resonant frequency was attached on to some other lifeline that had pulled me into that direction. It’s not enough. Make sure you’re not taking a negative energy from without you. You have to make sure that you’re not putting out negative energy too. If you shout out at somebody because you’re irritated by something they have done, you can be certain that soon afterwards something will go wrong. Or some kind of annoyance or problem will arise. The parameters of the negative energy, you’re transmitting correspond to lifelines where you experience irritation and so you are inevitably carried in the direction of lifelines or the density of disappointments. And misfortune is higher than average. Do not fall into the trap of self-justification with the thought that particular irritation could not have been avoided. I have nothing to prove in what I’m saying. And Zeeland also says, simply observe for yourself every time you react negatively. Something else regrettable follows. This isn’t the biggest lessons for me and I’m still struggling with it. I used to be the absolute worst and I would respond in the moment with such negativity if it was in a relationship or a business relationship or something like that. And the number one thing that can help you on the wave of fortune that I can at least tell you in helping to coach people is your reaction is the most important thing. The way you react with every thought to every circumstance, to every event will guide your whole life. And if you want to go on a wave of fortune, all you have to do is adjust the way you react every time you react negatively. Something else regrettable will follow. No matter how justified your negative reaction is or not. Very clear condition can be drawn from all that has been said so far. You’re always on a lifeline that represents the quality of your energetic vibration. If you take in negative energy, you will experience disappointments in your life and if you give out negative energy, it will return to you like a boomerang. The form of disappointment. Now we can talk about Karma and Karma, maybe what’s going on here? On a very superficial level, when you read Sud Gurus books and writings on energy engineering and get a better understanding of Karma, it is much more complicated than that, but for this purposes of the wave of fortune teaching, I would tell you that it’s, you will have it come back to you, your negative reaction. There’s a section on transmission that is a part of the wave of fortune chapter, so he says, instead of playing the game of a destructive pendulum, seek out pendulums that benefit you in some way by their game. Acquire the habit of giving your attention to all that is positive and good. As soon as you see, read or hear something pleasing or encouraging, hold it in your thought and let it lift your spirits. Don’t watch the news. Don’t read the news. If you don’t have to, find something positive, go to a positive channel, a new house being built, something beautiful, some art being created, a beautiful song and hold it in your thoughts and let it lift your spirits and that is all you have to do. That’s pretty simple, but we don’t do it enough. Imagine that you’re walking through a forest where there are beautiful flowers as well as poisonous, which would you choose? If you pick a bunch of elderberry flowers and put them in a vase in your home, you will soon get a headache. What would be the point of that is the same thing as reacting to destructive pendulums. It’s better to pick a jasmine flower, admire its beauty and saver its aroma. Let in the things that are positive and you’ll be greeted on your path by evermore good news and are suspicious opportunity. Once you’ve experienced a brief moment of inspiration or joy, it is easy to get pulled back into the stresses of your daily routine. The feeling of elation is forgotten and the working day takes over to keep the festive feeling in your life. First and foremost, you have to remember habit makes us jump head first back into the monotony of everyday life. The negative pendulums make us forget whatever the good thing was that happened and we lose a sense of the pleasure it gave us. [inaudible] you have to support the little flame of enthusiasm and nourish the feeling it gives you inside. Observe how life is moving in a better direction. Take hold of any straw of happiness. You are offered and look for good signs in everything. At the very least, it will keep you from being bored. It is essential to remember that in every minute you give to reality creation and Trans Surfing practices, you’re consciously moving towards your dream, sitting the course of your own destiny. This in itself and parts of feeling of calm, confidence and happiness. It helps you to stay positive and once the feeling becomes a habit, you’ll constantly be riding the crest of the wave of good fortune. So we definitely want to make this meditation about our reactions and how, what kind of thoughts that we project out. That’s what we’re going to do for sure. Be Happy for all that you have in this given moment. And that is why the gratitude meditation is so simple and perfect and should be integrated into all your meditations and into your daily life and your daily routine. Be Happy for all that you have in this given moment. Being happy by definition is no empty invocation. Sometimes circumstances unfold in such a way that is genuinely difficult to be content, but nonetheless, from a practical point of view, expressing your dissatisfaction is highly disadvantageous. Want to get the hold of the lifelines that inspire you, but you cannot make the shift if your energy field is filled with the vibration of dissatisfaction. So good lifelines differ in that the circumstances you encounter fill your thoughts with happiness and contentment. [inaudible] good news is quickly forgotten because it gives us no cause for concern. In contrast, bad news evokes an active response because it poses a potential threat if you do not let bad news into your heart. And he is very specific about what and how the heart works. Having an entire chapter on linking the mind to the heart and in many ways to me, he’s talking about the subconscious mind. Also with the heart, you do not let bad news into your heart. You will not allow it into your life. Close yourself off to bad news and remain open to good news. It is important to note and carefully nourish any positive change in your life. For these are the messengers of the wave of fortune. You’re going to have tiny good things happen and just make them big, good things and that’s the messenger. As soon as you hear any even slightly encouraging news, rather than forgetting the information immediately afterwards as you would’ve done previously. Savor [inaudible] this wonderful new positive change. Think about it, discuss it, track it, make a big deal about it. Think the news over from all points of view. Take pleasure in it. [inaudible] make predictions and expect further improvement and this way the vibration of your thoughts. We will remain at the frequency of the wave of good fortune and you will be attuning yourself to its parameters. The good news will increase and life will get better to filter information in this way is neither a practical or practice of mission mysticism, nor is it a particularly quality of the human psyche. It is a nature of reality. The pessimist looks at the world through black tinted glasses and the optimist through rose tinted glasses. Either way, you shift to a different lifeline according to the quality of your thoughts. When you’re in the right relationship with yourself and your environment, you transmit harmonious energy into the world around you. You create an area of harmonious vibration around yourself in which everything unfolds successfully. The positive attitude always leads to success and creativity. Negativity by contrast is always disruptive and aimed at disruption. There is a certain category of individual who prefers to look for problems rather than their solution. We’ve all met them and you know somebody in your life like that. This type of person is always happy to discuss their difficulties and seek out new obstacles. People like this usually have trouble offering practical way out of a situation because they are programmed to search for difficulties rather than solutions. A determination to focus on problems will bring them to you in abundance, leaving you stuck with the situation that causes you grief, sadness, depression, criticism and targeting. The negative side of a situation will always bring fruits of corresponding nature. Cut out the criticism, cut out, targeting the negative side of of a situation. This does plenty of harm and not much good look around and you will find people like this in your circle of friends and acquaintances. This is not to say they are good or bad. They’re firmly hooked by a destructive pendulum and we see it on social media all the time. The majority of people respond antagonistically to any undesirable event that occurs in their lives as a rural. Any event which does not follow the original script is claimed undesirable. The opposite is also true. We can only perceive success informs forms that correspond [inaudible]. Two the expectations of the original script person might be terribly upset about being late for a plane, which then crashes. The opposite can also happen where personally it’s a unique opportunity, pass them by because it did not fit into their plans. The more negative your thoughts about life, the worse your life will become. This is as simple as creed for positive thinking, but there is a lot more to it. The more negative your thoughts about life, the worse your life will become. The more person worries about failure, the more readily new failures will appear in their life. As the saying goes as the call, so the echo, a person who chooses this way of being practices the opposite of Trans Surfing on a daily basis, they’re sliding down a lifeline that can only lead to their personal hell. Take the exact opposite position. Be Joyful in the face of failure and deliberately look for even the slightest blessing. You can always find something, maintain the perspective. The glass is half full. The rather banal saying that everything happens for a reason always stands true. If you decide to make it your tenant, you have to firmly hold your course in the direction of all that is good. Letting go of the old habit of getting upset and downhearted at any minor obstacle. If a person is strong, every failure they experience is taken to be a useful lesson, making them tougher and more experienced first joy and then everything else. Find joy in all parts of your world and you will transform it into a paradise. This is of course a very unusual way of behaving, but it fits. The unusual goal of becoming your own genie and making all your wishes come true. Unusual goals require unusual methods. It is difficult to practice this type of behavior at first because the old habit of reacting negatively to anything that disappoints us is so deeply entrenched. The most important thing to remember when you suffer a setback is that the setback has been created by a pendulum that is trying to get its hooks into you. Once you remember this fact, you can make a conscious choice as to whether you would rather vent your negative emotions and give energy to the pendulum or gain victory over the pendulum by leaving it without a scrap of your emotional energy. Once you can remember this, it is not that difficult to defeat a pendulum or still its sway as has already been said, pendulums pull on your emotional strings and your habits are the trigger for the mechanism that captures your thoughts. Even though you have just, we’ve just gone over this one concept in the way of the way before Chun and you began to set yourself the goal of not responding to any bitter pill. You might still fall into the old patterns of expressing a native reaction. I, I’ve let her read this like seven times. I still find myself doing this all the time. I fall into programs or maybe I’m falling into the script. I don’t know. [inaudible] however, you will become conscious of the fact that you forgot and that’s what part of it I always realize when I do it. Wow. I forgot and responded out of habit instead. And as soon as you can remember in time the situation will be under your control. You’ll laugh to yourself. Uh Huh. So it’s you again, my old pendulum. You won’t hook me so easily this time you’ll be free to accept or reject the pendulum consciously. You’ll no longer be the puppet [inaudible]. If you practice this technique consistently with time, you will succeed in replacing the old habit with a new one. Until that happens, pendulums will try to provoke you in all kinds of ways. You’ll notice how as soon as you start behaving differently, you are bombarded with unpleasant news and circumstances as if someone was deliberately trying to, for you do not give up on the whole. These will be small frustrations rather than anything more serious. If you do not give up and learn to remember, the victory will be quite impressive. Mind Zealand’s words here. If you practice this technique consistently with time, you will succeed and replacing the old habit with a new one. I’m reading this again for a reason. Until that happens, pendulums will try to provoke you in all kinds of ways. You will notice how as soon as you start behaving differently, you are bombarded with unpleasant news and circumstances as if someone was deliberately trying to force you. Do not give up. When you have bad things happen. Don’t give up there just small frustrations. Let them go [inaudible] another possible result is the next time you meet with the wave of fortune, Pentland will not succeed and distracting you from it and the bird of happiness will remain in your hand. [inaudible] in order to fully embrace the bird, you have to surround yourself with positive energy. You have to become a transmitter of positive energy as well as a receiver of exclusively positive energy. If you can do this, the world around you will very quickly change for the better and you will easily slide onto a more successful lifeline. And in the end, the wave of fortune, we’ll greet you, lift you up, and rush forward carrying you on to success. [inaudible] this does not end with learning how to ride the wave of fortune. This is just the first step. This is only the third chapter of the book, but to me it’s the one of the more magical chapters, the one that gives me hope, the idea that I want to work for the thing that I want to meditate about. The final section is on magic rituals. And he, he basically gives some different examples of the way that people follow rituals for the success. And to me, in many ways, he’s endorsing chaos. Magic. This is how chaos magic works. And so to, to conclude the chapter, he shares how attuning the wave of success works. And there are various situations in which people automatically make attempts to attune to this frequency, even though they may not be aware of what they’re doing on an energetic level. So we can use this for the meditation. For example, at the beginning of the day, traders in these talking about stock traders often give their first buyer a significant reduction. Intuitively they feel their first buyer is very important, so they give a good deal to the first buyer to secure the days. Trade traders often give their first buyer that significant reduction intuitively feel that their first buyer is important and they give a good deal to the first buyer. When I used to sell mortgages and I’ve sold different things, when you get that good sale in the morning and then you’d click through and get four or five more sales and the language of Trans Surfing there are tuning the vibration of a successful trading. It is difficult to simply hold the idea of a good day’s trade in mind, whereas the first sale instills the trader with real hope and faith as a result of which the attunement takes place of its own accord. Really, sales is one of the more fascinating places to see Trans Surfing in action on a regular basis. Totally interesting and very fun. When you understand it, it is difficult to simply hold the idea of a good day’s trading mind. Whereas the first sale instills the trader with a real hope and faith as a result of the intunement through action. The trader as mounted the wave of successful trading by radiating thought energy with corresponding parameters. The trader believes that their wares will sell quickly and buyers are immediately gripped by the vibration of this thought and obediently make a purchase. When the trader hints at the idea convinced that they have found a bargain. Another curious magic ritual is used by market traders who brush paper money across their wares. Of course, of itself, this action has no impact in an essence. There is no magic in this ritual. However, the trader believes in the power of the ritual. It will help them to attune to the frequency of the lifeline of successful trading. The attunement takes place on a subconscious level, the person performing the rituals only aware of the superficial visual side of the ritual, but nonetheless, for whatever reason it works. The ritual works as a theatrical GUAC requisite rather than as power unto itself. The key power involved is the thought energy of the person carrying out the ritual [inaudible]. That’s why these magical rituals fascinate me from the past. Not they actually work, but they resonated on a vibrational frequency. And then you can tune into these vibrational frequencies and it’s, everything is vibration and you can start your day off with a powerful morning routine. Try out the eight minute morning meditation. I have to start you on a wave of fortune. Just just the idea of it, bring it into your general consciousness and to tune it on a subconscious level. The ritual works as a theatrical requisite. People in different professions, they invent their own magic rituals, which they conduct to help them in various situations. People believe in them and apply them in order to attune to a successful lifeline and mount the wave of good fortune. The form, the ritual takes that the matters, but the result it produces. So whatever form, that ritual doesn’t matter, but it’s the result which is Really Trans Surfing. Right? So to summarize, we know the wave of good fortune is an accumulation of favorable lifelines in the alternative space. In the space of variations. A cascade of good luck follows only if you let yourself become imbued with the joyful energy evoked by the first stroke of luck. So one good thing happens. Stop and and really imbue yourself with the joy of this first stroke of good luck. So after listening to this, if you’re listening to it at night, when you wake up, some tiny good things going to happen, I promise I guarantee you, and make it great. Make that one good thing, wonderful and feel it and resonated in, in the moment. And a cascade of good luck will follow. If you let yourself become imbued with the joyful energy evoked by the first stroke of luck, disruptive pendulums will try to coach you away from the wave of fortune. So when you begin your wave and you express and radiate your joy [inaudible] there’s a pendulum that could come along and try to pull you away from it. When you overcome dependence on pendulums, you will win your freedom. And by taking and transmitting negative energy, you create your own hell. [inaudible] by accepting and transmitting positive energy, you create your own heaven. And Zeeland also explained that your thoughts always returned to you like a boomerang and pendulums cannot you off the wave of fortune. Once remembering has become a habit, simply remembering where your energy is and that you’re moving and the you’re remembering your reactions. The pendulums cannot throw you off and the habit of remembering is developed through consistent practice. Remember your reaction. And so I will create a meditation that will be largely focused on these principles that we’re going to move toward an accumulation of favorable lifelines in the alternative space. And we will have a cascade of good luck. Begin by maintaining joyful responses and reactions to single things. We can do this [inaudible] the reality revolution gives to you freely and expects nothing from you except joy. And that’s the joy I want from you right now. [inaudible] I’m always grateful when you join me on these sessions and thank you for helping me to go through this process and joining me in this learning process. And thank you so much for listening to any episode of the reality revolution. All episodes of the reality revolution can be found@therealityrevolution.com [inaudible] keep an eye out for the book, which is coming very soon though reality revolution, the mind blowing movement to hockey reality. [inaudible] can you to contact me? You can email me@mediaatadvancedsuccessinstitute.com [inaudible] to the reality revolution.