Understanding Balance and Excess Potential in Reality Transurfing || EP 94

In this episode I continued a series where I do deep dives on different chapters in Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing. Here I look at Chapter 4 Balancing.

This is a huge chapter in the book and this was a long analysis. I barely scratched the surface but it helped remind me of regulating different dualities and how importance can derail numerous aspects of your life.

Understanding the role of balancing forces in the thoughts you radiate and what you manifest can accelerate results for you and might be the key to allowing you to experience the reality that you want.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott, and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. Here we’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self and reality. My purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life. Welcome reality explorers. Today we’re going to do a deep dive on balance and in particular I’m going to read excerpts from Chapter Four of reality, Trans Surfing by Vadim Zealand. A wonderful book, and if you have never tuned into one of my videos before, I recommend that you read this book. It’s fascinating and I’ve been trying to do a kind of a deep dive to help educate those out there that haven’t maybe access this material enough and also to educate myself. I seem to learn a lot when I do these deep dives and read this stuff and go over it. It could because when I started to apply this aspect of the Trans Surfing model, it made a lot more sense, especially with it mistakes I’d made in the past times that I really had hoped things would happen. I, I wasn’t aware that I was invoking balancing forces. And once you, once you go over this chapter, a lot of it is so obvious. A lot of this information inherently, you know, for sure is 100% true. You see an example of balancing forces in your life all the time and you see it out in nature. You see it in everything that the earth does and the way that humans interact on so many different levels. And so I want to go over this chapter and, and I also want to go through the dualities, which is a part of this teaching. Even there are some dualities that they go through in this chapter, but I would love to expand on it because I think all of these dualities can result in imbalancing forces. Now that we understand it, uh, I’d like to explore that further if we have time. Maybe on another episode we’ll see, but this is where we really get the idea of the concept of excess potential and there is a quote that they use several times and that is taking care without worrying is the best quotation to summarize this chapter and excess potential. Everything in nature strives towards balance changes. Air Temperature are balanced by wind, differences in temperature or compensated by thermal exchange. Wherever there is excess potential of any energy form. Balanced forces emerged to correct the imbalance. We are so accustomed to such statements on the nature of things that we failed to ask ourselves why it must necessarily be so, or how exactly the law of balance works. Laws do not actually explain anything. They are just statements of fact. All laws of nature are secondary and derived from the law of balance. The law balance is primary, at least as it appears to be and it is impossible to explain why Librium should exist in nature in the first place or more specifically. Now I have an episode on importance and balancing forces and I kind of got sidetracked and talked a lot about chaos theory because I wanted to really analyze this assertion. Is there a law of balance? And there is opposing arguments about whether or not there’s a lot of balance and I kind of talk about that more, but I wanted to go more into the details of this on this episode. And there is definitely some kind of equilibrium effect and the outliers can show some chaotic effects, but when stepping back, you can realize they’re still balanced in action. [inaudible] the fact that we have become accustomed to something doesn’t mean it is the way method things necessarily are. One can only imagine what the world would be be like. We’re not for the law of balance and atmosphere, atmospheric jelly or an aggressive furnace. The unsightliness of such a world is hardly a reason to support the existence of the law of balance. And so we’re left to accept it as a fact and to wonder and admiration at the perfection of the world. Nonetheless puzzling over the question of what governs at all [inaudible]. We are used to the fact that there are good and bad spells in life and that success is followed by the feet. For this is all a manifestation of the law of balance. Success like misfortune destroys the balance. Complete balance is when nothing happens. Absolute balance doesn’t exist or at least no one has yet managed to [inaudible]. Sure. Oscillation is observed everywhere in the world, night and day, incoming and outgoing tides, birth and death. Even in a elementary particles are involved in a process of continuous birth and de Materialization. The question is, is it all dualist or more? Cause we can start to go into quantum models. We consider more than one force, but a lot of [inaudible]. What we see with balancing forces, it’s between two forces, but it can be between war. The entire world can be seen in the form of pendulums that oscillate, fade and interact with one another. Another [inaudible]. Every pendulum receives a jolt from its neighbors and in turn gives out its own. One of the main laws governing this country plex system is the law of balance. Ultimately, everything strives towards balance. You are also a kind of pendulum. If you take it into your head to destroy the balance and sway sharply in a particular direction, you will brush up against the neighboring pendulums, creating commotion all around, which will then turn against you. Balance can be destroyed by actions and also by thoughts and that’s important. Your thoughts can create. Balancing forces your thoughts alone and aren’t only because thought is followed by action. As we’ve discussed in previous episodes of the reality revolution, dawn radiates energy and in the world of material realization, everything has an energetic foundation. Remember, nothing is solid. Everything is vibrating particles and in the world materialization meaning these vibrating particles of cohered to create an object. Everything has an energetic foundation. Everything that occurs on an invisible level, it’s reflected in the world of visible material objects. It might seem as if the energy of our thoughts is not powerful enough to have an impact on the world around us, and if that were the case, everything would be a lot simpler. I know that you have had that thought that your thoughts really don’t ever leave your head, that they are useless and that they are just something that’s happening in your head, that there is no energy behind them. However, let’s not make guesses about what’s happening on an energetic level [inaudible] but a level that you can’t see otherwise. We could get entangled in and not have conjecture. For our purposes. It is enough to accept the simplified model of balance where excess potential appears. Balanced forces emerge to eliminate it. So what he’s saying is there is going to be some complexity in reality to this. These balancing forces can may be more complex, but it is powerfully effective to look at it in a more simplistic version. It has gives us a benefit when we consider it in this way. Xx potential is the key, and those are the words that are repeatedly loot used in this section. And excess potential is basically when it’s created by mental energy, when too much importance is given to a particular object. If it becomes important, that’s when the opposite potential occurs. And there’s a balancing forces. For example, [inaudible] Zeeland compares to situations in one situation. You’re standing on the floor in your house and in the other. You’re standing at the edge of a precipice. In the first case, the situation causes you know, concern. That’s the first case and you’re standing on the floor in your house. In the second case where you’re standing at the edge of a precipice. The situation is of grave significance because one step in your debt, one careless movement and the mistake is irreplaceable, so then it becomes on an energetic level. However, the fact of simply standing is equal significance. In both cases, you are still standing in both the cases, but the excess potential involved in that forward step will generally move you back words and there will be an energetic potential [inaudible] that standing above a precipice. Your fear heightens intensity and creates in homogeneous in the energy field. At this point, balanced forces emerge aimed at neutralizing the excess potential. You can even feel their influence on the one hand and inexplicably force seems to pull you downwards and on the other. Another force draws you to step away from the edge to eliminate the excess potential of your fear. Balanced forces are required either to drag you away from the edge or to cast you downwards and to be done with it. It is the impact of the balanced forces that you are experiencing in that moment when your butterflies arise and you’re standing on the precipice, you can feel the potential of it. And the more attuned you are to the energetic field of possibilities around you, you can feel resonant images of the, of the potential because it exists in the reality that you’re in. And it’s really funny. When I went to the Grand Canyon, I experienced this and my kids made fun of me, but I, you know, I had worked and one of the books we sell them in, in, in my bookstore is a book about p deaths in the Grand Canyon. And I could feel in the field around me, the excess potential and I could feel it with every step. I still enjoy the energy of it. And W W I felt very alive on the walk down the canyon. But there’s this excess potential. There’s no fence there and I could feel it in it. And so there is a way to, to tune in to this expo assess potential. We’re going to try to integrate into our upcoming meditation that we can do in the next episode. You can even feel their influence. The force pulls you downwards and another pulls you step away. You can feel it. And on an energy level we have all material objects or equal significance. It is we that attribute specific qualities to them such as [inaudible], good, bad, cheerful, sad, attractive, repulsive, kind, wicked simple, oh complex, et cetera. Everything in this world is subject to our assessment. The assessment itself does not create in homogeneity in the energy field, sitting in an arm share at home, you can make the assessment that standing there is safe, but standing at the edge of a precipice is dangerous at the moment of making the assessment. The [inaudible] situation you’re considering does not worry you. And so balance is in no way disturbed. Excess potential only appears in cases where the level of importance attributed to the assessment is excessive, so that energy that we tune into that becomes excess potential only appears when it’s given importance. The importance of that you can stand just right on the edge knowing you have full control and it’s not important. That’s hard to do. So X, we can eliminate x, x potential. By reducing importance, the amount of potential is increased if the assessment which is attributed huge value also greatly distorts reality. Generally speaking, if an object is very important to us, we are in capable of objectively assessing its quality [inaudible]. For example, an object of worship is always excess worth and an object of hate, excess detriment, an object of fear, terrifying qualities. Thought Energy strives artificially to artificially produce a certain quality there where in fact it is not present and as a result, excess potential is created which summons the wind of balancing forces. The bias of the assessment, which is a distortion of reality is two fold. The object in question is excessively attributed to either negative or positive qualities. However, of itself, an error of assessment plays no role in the matter. Note, the bias in assessment generates excess potential only if it is attributed to great meaning. It is only the importance that the assessment has for you personally than enables your energy to be transmitted to it. It’s the assessment that it’s important. If an object is important to us, we are in of objective really assessing it. So the number one thing when you in this can you go beyond just objects? But if there’s, if you’re looking at a car and that car is important, you’re going to, you’re going to [inaudible], you’re not going to be objective about it. Um, if you have ever had a band that you love and then somebody criticizes it, and just because you love that band, you’ve given them importance. You don’t see the truth of the situation that maybe that song that you just heard sucked. Sometimes that happens. And so an object of worship is it always attributed excess worth. [inaudible] an object of hate is excess detriment. I really do think this. This goes into dating, which, um, is very interesting. Um, if you’re dating someone and you make them too important, that’s a lot of times you know, you’ll then you create excess potential in the relationship and women are naturally sometimes or men and whatever side of the relationship you’re on. Um, notice it when you give importance and it becomes distortion in the field. That’s interesting. Access potential is invisible and intangible and yet it plays a significant, again, an insidious role in people’s lives. When balanced forces eliminate excess potential, they can generate a myriad of problems. Paradoxically, the end result is often the exact opposite of the original intention. And people do not understand why this happens. It is this phenomenon that sometimes makes us feel as if some inexplicably dark force had a grip on our lives. Like sods law is what Zealand refers to. We touched on or he believed he touched on earlier when we were discussing why people get what they do not want rather than what they do want. This is an example of what it is. We desire slips away. For a lot of people, the story of their life is all the things they really, really wanted. They could never have because they radiated out a level of importance to that thing that they wanted. Creating an an imbalancing excess potential that that is counterbalanced taking away the possibility of that reality curry. It’s pretty interesting [inaudible] some people believe that if you devote yourself fully to your work in you, you will achieve excellent results and if you look at this position from the point of view of scales and balances, it is obvious that immersing yourself so heavily in work is like placing your work on one dish of the Scales and absolutely everything else in the other dish. Naturally balance is destroyed and the consequences become visible all too soon. The result of prioritizing work to this extent will be the exact opposite of what you expected. If working harder means earning more money or improving your qualifications, that of course a little extra work effort, we’ll do no harm like everything in life. There should be good measure and proportionality like my dad always set everything in balance like Aristotle’s golden mean. Those old philosophers loved the idea of balance and it’s because we see it. If however you are constantly exhausted and have become your own slave driver, then it would be better to slow down a little or even look for a different type of job either way. The point is that any effort made beyond measure will inevitably lead to negative consequences. [inaudible] this isn’t what happens on an energetic level. Aside from work, everyone has their own set of values, be it home, family, leisure, pursuits. If you juxtapose all your other values with one value of work, you create a strong potential. Everything in nature strives towards equilibrium, which means that aside from your own will, other forces would come into play to mitigate the consequences of the access potential that you are creating. Balanced forces can work in all sorts of different ways. For instance, you may become ill, in which case there could be no question of working any harder. You may start suffering from depression, which would not be altogether surprising because you would have been so hard on yourself. The Voice of the rational mind shouts, come on. You got to earn money while the soul or subconscious object. Surely this is not what I came into the world for to suffer and torture myself. Why bring this on myself? And eventually you would become chronically tired and any plans to be more productive would have to be forgotten. And that’s the balancing force. You lose your will then your purpose, you get distracted, your mind pulls you away from that excess potential. He probably ended up feeling that you were banging your head against the brick wall, getting nowhere fast and you give up. When people do overly prioritize their work, there always seems to be someone else around who achieves more while making considerably less effort. And this is the truth. I saw people when I worked in the mortgage business, there was a period of time where we could work 20 hours a day. And uh, I saw people work 28, 24 hours a day, never sleeping, sleeping at their desk, and then people would come and work eight hours and triple their production. And I’ve seen this and you have to, you saw it in school, you saw Hyde in college, you saw it in wherever. You always saw that, that there’s somebody that came along those able to accomplish and do the same amount with less work, and it’s something that I had to learn that if I would thought that I had to do all the work and it was going to make it harder, there’s always a way to reduce the work. The only conclusion in the beer on is that [inaudible] you have to constantly reevaluate your relationship to work. When people do overly prioritize, there’s still gotta be an alternative. In reality, the number of problems a person experiences is reduced significantly when they lower their expectations and relax or detach from the outcome. And so you have to consciously reevaluate your relationship to your work. If you want to avoid creating excess potential, it is essential to have free time in which you can do the things you enjoy. People who do not know how to switch off and relax, do not know how to work well either when you arrive at work, detach yourself and give of your head and hands, but do not give away your heart. The work pendulum wants all of your energy that you can give it, but you did not come into this world simply to work for a pendulum. Your efficiency at work will be noticeably increased when you stop creating excess potential and free yourself from destructive pendulums. [inaudible] match detachment with integrity Zeeland puts in Italics, so while you detach you or keep yourself, keep yourself with inter integrity. Be careful not to make small errors or full pas, which would enable others to accuse you of being irresponsible or negligent. Whoa. It is important to carry out your responsibilities with integrity. Detaching yourself from a situation does not, I mean, behaving carelessly in a slack or slipshod manner. It means to act with a [inaudible] cold mind without creating excess potential at the same time as fulfilling the tasks required of you. This approach protects you from being drawn into unpleasant situations. There will always be people you know, or colleagues who continue to immerse themselves head first in their work and on a subconscious level. They will sense that although you act with impeccability, you are sufficiently emotionally detached not to put yourself on the line completely. They’ll notice that these conscientious individuals will instinctively feel the urge to trip their competitor up on some oversight. As soon as you make a mistake, they’ll be right there to criticize you. The sad thing is that the mistake, it’s likely to be something quite mundane and harmless. You might just be a little late for work or have forgotten something fairly minor. If you had sunk your head in the works and as they do, no one would make anything of it. However, once you change your attitude toward your work, little things give people the opportunity to accuse you of slacking or lacking in dedication. So this recent section here is a warning and it seems like maybe Zeeland had something like this happen, that you’re finding your flow in Reality Trans Surfing, and you’re going to find the best of all alternative to work with the least amount of time. Giving the most by not sucking in the work that you’re doing is a pendulum. And it seems very specific. The example he’s giving, right? Um, situations like these can also arise at home and among your friends. So it’s important in any city where you are detaching yourself to fulfill your responsibilities attentively and so it’s kind of a warning. You’ve got to practice this detachment, but you still want to fulfill your responsibilities because people are going to be looking at you noting, hey, this guy doesn’t work very much or this girl doesn’t work very much. What’s up with her and they’re going to look at you closely and they’re going to look for mistakes because you have it so easy because you’re creating your reality [inaudible] so it’s important in any situation where you were detaching yourself to fulfill your responsibilities attentively, thereby not giving anyone the opportunity to reproach you. It is the inner witness, the Guardian that enables you to act with integrity at the same time as holding back from throwing yourself headfirst into the race. The notion of the inner garden has nothing to do with a split personality. It is the part of yourself that stands in the background and observed what you were doing and how you’re doing it. I don’t know when he talks about the Guardian, if that’s his higher self if but in you when you read 78 days of Trans Surfing, the 78th day is create your guardian and he has a an assertion that he says if you don’t believe that you have a higher self but you do believe that your thoughts create reality, you can create your own guardian and so the idea when sometimes when I see him refer to the Guardian, I have that sensation that you, you start to act like you have a guardian that’s protecting you and he’s telling you it’s, you don’t have a split personality when you do this warning you from thinking that you’re crazy or anything like that. Using the inner guardian as a process to deal with these in detachments. So some might say you’re throwing yourself completely into your work is on the contrary, a wonderful [inaudible]. Of course it depends what your work is and that’s true for me when I do some kinds of work that doesn’t feel like work total immersion, your work is only justified from the point of view of balance. If it is connected to your personal goal. So if it’s connected to your personal goal, you’re not out of balance. If you’re putting in some extra work, the personal goal is also a theme that he looks at closely later. And if you love your work, besides it coincide, coincides with your personal goal that it can serve as the tunnel that leads you to success. Find a job that you really enjoy and it can, it doesn’t mean that that’s your success, but it can be the tunnel that leads to your success. [inaudible] so the personal goal is a theme and it’s a theme of the book when he talks about things like the way before fortune and goals and doors, but the kind of work that nourishes you in the nourishes your energy, brings you and inspiration and fulfillment. That’s the kind of work that he’s talking about that can lead. That can be a tunnel that leads to success. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who can confidently say that they feel this way about their work, then you have nothing to worry about. And it took me awhile and I’ll try to give some my personal examples on Trans Surfing to find a scenario or situation where I was living the life that I wanted. I could do what I want when I want by applying these principles I had control over my life. So the next section is resentment and judgment. And Zeeland begins with the, with the resentment of self. And he explains that this feeling arises when people are unfulfilled by their personal achievements and qualities and find it hard to accept their own weaknesses. And it’s quite possible to be conscious of your own shortcomings without inflating them into a complex [inaudible]. If you are intensely focused on your own foibles or problems, excess potential will be created. So if you’re focused on some problem or thing that you have, you’re creating excess potential. [inaudible] balanced forces immediately get to work to eliminate the potential. Their action can be focused either on developing certain new qualities or in battling with the original weakness. People have a tendency to work with one another depending on their nature. Most often a person chooses to battle with the less attractive parts of themselves and their position turns against them. There’s no point in trying to hide weaknesses and overcoming them can be tricky. Trying to hide them only creates the opposite effect, which makes the situation even worse. For example, when a shy person makes an effort to hide their shyness, they come across as very held back or on the contrary, accessibly cheeky. If a person is dissatisfied with their achievements to the degree that it serves as motivation for self-improvement, then the balance is not disturbed. So if you have some short comings that you, hey, I can fix this, I can work this out, then you’re not, then you’re over becoming the balancing force. The outside world is not affected in the inner shift towards balance is established to be a positive action. So it’s just a, if you are making self-improvement your goal, then it’s a good thing. And if a person starts upsetting themselves, beating themselves up, or even worse, punishing, then destructive dialogue between heart and mind is created. The heart is self sufficient perfectly and does not deserve to be treated. So harshly, all shortcomings that a person acquires or shortcomings of the mind and not the soul. You could write a whole book on just the connection between the heart and the mind. [inaudible] suffice to say, that conflict between the heart and the mind is greatly undermining [inaudible]. If reason dominates and the sole closes in on itself, life can become chaotic to avoid having to turn to a psychotherapist further down the road, let yourself go and forgive yourself for your perceived imperfections. Even if you have not yet learned to love [inaudible] yourself, you can at least refrain from refueling, the inner battle of self criticism and accept yourself the way you are. Only then in the heart be the mind’s ally and what a powerful ally it is. Okay. You said if I let go and leave all my imperfections in peace, how then when I acquired the better qualities I wished to have? I do not want to stop developing. This is not about having to give up the striving to embody whatever qualities you admire. It is about giving up the war with self over your perceived imperfections. When you wage war on yourself with constant criticism, you waste energy by supporting something which is not so much futile as harmful because of the xx potential it creates. When you finally stopped battling energy is freed up. That can be channeled into self-development, although this may all sound incredibly simple, many people doing it fact use up a colossal amount of energy battling against themselves, trying to hide their shortcomings. They are like titans committing themselves to a lifetime of carrying heavy load. All they have to do is lay down the heavy burden and be themselves and then life would become noticeably easier and simple. Energy could then be transferred from battling with imperfection to developing more worthy qualities and the quality of this new energy would correspond to lifelines where positive characteristics outweigh weaknesses. Think about it. How can you shift to a lifeline where your body is in good shape? If all your thoughts center on your physical shortcomings, you ended up getting what you decisively do not want. When you are dissatisfied with yourself, you enter into conflict with your soul, and when you’re dissatisfied world around you, you end up entering into conflict with a large number of pendulums. As you know, there is absolutely nothing to be gained from succumbing to their influence and waging war on them does not even bear thinking about dissatisfaction represents an energetic vibration whose frequency matches lifelines or the thing you’re dissatisfied with is ever more clearly present. Mm. Being told to these lifelines makes you become even more dissatisfied and the vicious circle continues until you reach a lifeline where you’re old and ill and capable of changing anything for the better with comfort only to be found in grumbling at the world together with others who are the same, and sharing memories of how much better things used to be the good old days. Every generation is certain that life is worse today than it used to be, but the truth of the matter is life has only become worse for one generation or more specifically for those amongst that generation who wallow in their own discontent. If life were gradually getting worse with every generation, there would come a point at which humanity would be doomed to a living hell. Uh, sorry. Image is it not? Wallowing is one aspect of Discontentment that makes sense. Life appear as if it is gradually getting worse. The other side to the harmful habit of expressing intolerance is that it disturbs the balance. Lack of acceptance creates excess potential in a person’s energy space, irrespective of whether the response is justified or not. Excess potential generates balanced forces that strive to restore equilibrium. It would be wonderful if the impact of these forces changed every situation for the better. Unfortunately, it is often the other way around. Balanced forces besieged you so that your complaints about life will have as little weight as possible. This is much simpler than changing all the things about life that you’re dissatisfied with. Imagine what would happen if a leader fervently expressed their displeasure a displeasure at everything taking place in their country. It would not matter whether the leaders intentions were good or bad. History is filled with examples of political leaders who have behaved in such a way and have either been removed from government or physically annihilated as a result. Generally speaking, when a person creates excess potential, the impact of balancing forces is aimed at reducing their influence on the world. This can easily be achieved in many ways such as social status, work, income, home, family, health, et cetera. Now you can see why the older generation lives the life it does. If you take [inaudible] pleasure in life, it might seem logical after what has been said above that balancing forces could be motivated to ruin everything or push you away, but this is not how things work unless of course joyfulness has been reduced to foolish rapture or wide eyed enthusiasm. First, a happy person transmits creative energy, which shifts them on to positive lifeline. And secondly, creative energy does not create the destructive potential that balanced forces strive to eliminate. It is no coincidence that different philosophies and religions have pronounced love in the universal meaning of the word to be the force that created the world. Balanced forces are a product of the same creative force. They’re saying, he’s saying balanced forces are the same product as love. They simply strive to maintain order and are not capable of turning against the very energy that created them from the point of view of Trans Surfing. The habit of expressing displeasure at little things is harmful and undermining. Please see the episodes on the wave of fortune. That one initial point where you expressed displeasure or a negative attitude can lead to a wave coming back to you. Where has the habit of taking pleasure in tiny details is empowering. I’ve been doing this more and more and really acting like every bit of news I have is just wonderful. No matter if it’s true or not and it works for this reason, the technique is aimed at substituting the former habit with the ladder and that’s where we’re trying to make tiny pleasures and little details. The technique is simple. Our Banal, it sounds every cloud has a silver lining. Zealand talks about this in two 50 the priestess with the advantage [inaudible] and using and looking what is the advantage that calculus, that algorithm that we use and encountering moments in our life, we always look for the advantage in them. [inaudible] and here he’s saying if you set yourself the task of looking for the positive in every negative situation you encountered, you will find that is not actually that difficult to do. And I know this sounds cliche and it goes back to all the positive thinking books that you’ve heard. And so there’s a part of your brain that clicks off saying, yeah, I’ve heard that before, but this is very specific, talking about the incredible harm to it and saying it’s not difficult to find positive in every negative. And once I’ve tried, I can find it. It can even become a kind of game. So we should probably try to, yeah, great that into our meditation, finding the positive in the negative. And if you play the game consistently, the old habit will be replaced by the new one which would be of great benefit to you personally, but a nightmare for destructive pendulums [inaudible] if something terrible happens, which would be a natural to see positively follow the example of King Solomon King Solomon War ring with the inscription. This too shall pass on the inside edge of the rings so that no one else would see it. When the king suffered misfortune or came up against the complex problem, he would turn the ring over and read the words of the inscription. The habit of expressing disapproval has developed under the influence of destructive pendulums that feed on negative and your energy. Once looking for the positive in life has become a habit you’ll generate. Yeah, positive energy which we’ll build up into powerful flow carrying you on to positive lifelines. So we want to reduce the importance but generate positive energy. And if you’re inspired by the prospect and have consistently practicing the technique of substituting one focus with another from time to time, you will notice that it is taking less conscious effort and that the habit is becomes more deeply rooted. You will eventually forget all together that you once had a habit you wanted to change. And so that’s what we’re aiming at with our balancing meditation. And as soon as you weaken pendulum and we’ll find a reason to upset you, and you will observe that once again, you’ve given it your energy. So we gotta train our minds to how we access this. If your intention is strong, you will get there and eventually destructive pendulums. We’ll leave you alone. All you have to do is keep reminding yourself of your original intention. We are all guests in this world and no one has the right to judge that which they did not create. This statement should particularly be taken in the light of relationships with pendulums, as has already been said. You only make things worse for yourself if you start fighting a destructive pendulum that is causing you resentment. You do not have to play the obedient sheep, but neither should you enter into an open confrontation with the world around you. If a pendulum conflicts with you personally, you can apply the methods of defeating or or stilling it that we talked about in previous episodes. When the pendulum tries to draw you into a fight with another pendulum, try to remain self-aware and ask yourself whether doing so would be of any personal benefit. Returning to the metaphor of visiting an [inaudible] exhibition with pictures that you do not like the same, make yourself at home, but don’t forget you’re a guest is very fitting. No one has the right to judge, but everyone has freedom of choice. If you fervently express your discontent, the pendulum’s benefits, but if you quietly walk away and visit a different exhibit, you will benefit. Look at these pendulums like it’s just an exhibit. If you, you might ask, but what if there is nowhere else to go that there is no alternative is a misconception instilled by the pendulum. And this book is dedicated in this podcast and the book reality trends. Surfing is dedicated to the task of ridding the listener of this false limiting belief. [inaudible]. One of the common things I will get into emails or messages, I get a get an email from somebody from another country and they say I’m in the worst, poorest, most difficult situation and I can’t escape and that is a misconception. They go on and talk about dependent relationships. Idealizing the world is the reverse side of the coin of dissatisfaction. When you idealize the world, take on a close rose colored tent and much of it appears better than it really is. As you know, when a person sees something that is not really excess, their expert says potential is created to idealize something means to overestimate it, to place it on a pedestal to worship it or create an idol to it. [inaudible] you know, one of the warnings in the, in the Old Testament in the vital repeatedly, it’s not to create idols. Maybe it was so you don’t create balancing forces in your life. People might’ve thought it meant one thing, but it’s actually on a fundamental level the way that you use your energy. However, per paradox, colon may sound love is in essence, dispassionate and unemotional. Unconditional love is admiration without worship or the need to possess. In other words, it does not create indep interdependent relationships between the one doing the loving and the object of their love. This simple truth helps to determine where love ends and the idealization begins. Imagine walking through a mountain valley filled with greenery and flowers and you’re thrilled by the incredible lamb scape you breathe in the fresh air and the aromas and your soul is filled with happiness and tranquility. That is love. When you begin to [inaudible] pick the flowers, gripping them in your hand, pretty getting that they are alive and the flowers slowly start to die later. It occurs to you that you can make perfume and cosmetics from the flowers, sell them, or even create a a flower faith and worship them like icons. This would also represent a form of idealization because either way dependency would be created between yourself and the object of your love. In this case, the flowers, and at this stage there is no trace left of the love that existed in that moment of simply enjoying the vision of the flower filled valley. Can you see the difference? Love generates positive energy, which carries you on to a corresponding lifelines. The word lifelines is repeated use and it’s the biggest warning in the moment. When you generate love and positive energy, your goal is bigger than just that moment because it’s taking you to a corresponding lifeline. Idealization, on the other hand, creates excess potential, generating balanced forces on mitigating its impact. The effective balanced forces is different depending on the situation, but the result is always the same. In general terms, it can be described that balanced forces debunk myths. Depending on the objects and level of idealization involved, the debunking may be stronger or in effect, but balance is always restored. When love changes into a dependent relationship, it is inevitable that excess potential will be created because the desire to possess something creates an energetic drop in pressure dependent relationships are determined by a statement of questions such as if you this, then I that there are endless examples of cadet of the conditions, people right place on relationships. If you loved me, you would drop everything and come with me to the end of the world. If you won’t marry me, it means you don’t love me. If you praise me, I will go out with, if you don’t give me your spade, I’ll drive you out of the sand pit. [inaudible] as soon as one thing is compared to another or juxtaposed with another balance is destroyed. We often hear that we are like this and they are like that as an expression of national pride, but in comparison to which nations and where does this feeling of insecurity come from? Whenever contrast is made, be it positive or negative balanced forces, we will eliminate the excess potential that it creates. The impact of balanced forces will primarily work against the person creating the potential. Their actions are either aimed at pulling the parties involved apart or uniting them, which in lead turn leads to a clash or mutual agreement. So if you’re creating the access potential, the results will be aimed at you. All conflicts based on contrast and contradistinction and initial statement is made such as they are different to us. Then the statement is developed further. They have more than we do. Let’s take some of their, they have less than we do. We must give them some of our hours. They are worse than we are. We must change them. They’re better than we are. We must fight them. They don’t behave like we do something. We’ll have to be done about it. All of these comparisons in their various guises lead to conflict. They originate with feelings of discomfort within one individual and end in war and revolution. Balanced forces can eliminate contradictions via confrontation and via acceptance, but given the fact that pendulums can feed on aggressive energy more often than not, pendulums often nudge the situations toward confrontation. He gave us several examples on different kinds of idealization and to summarize, the best thing I can say is you don’t want to idealize and he does give suggestion. The best principle and bring out children is how do, how do we avoid that? And I, when I was discussing this with a friend, hardest thing they said is, well of course you’re going to treat your children important and you’re going to idealize your children. Now he does address this. It says the influence of balanced forces can be seen especially clearly in children because children tend to be more sensitive to energy than adults and behave more naturally. And if a child is praised too much, they will start being deliberately naughty children respect and even ended up despising adults that let the child twist them around their little finger. If a parent does all they can to turn their little boy into a well brought up goody two shoes, the child will probably end up breaking out and getting involved with some kind of street gang. And if a parent tries to create a Wunderkind out of their child, the likelihood is they will lose all interest in their studies. The more the parent burdens the child with afterschool clubs, activities and private lessons, the more likely the child is to grow up with adult personality. The best principal in bringing up children is to behave towards the child as if they were yes. [inaudible] I. E. Giving them attention, respect and freedom of choice without creating excess potential and without letting them run the show or make your life a misery. The relationship should be constructed on the analogy that you two are no more than a guest in this world and if you accept the rules of the game without going to extremes, you’ll be free to choose from all that exists in the world. Healthy relationships are as common as unhealthy relations and chips and there is a certain balance in the existence of both hate exists and sodas love. A quality of healthy balanced relationship is that it does not produce excess potential. Potential emerges when there is a noticeable bias in an assessment. With regards to the nominal value, evaluations are relative on the scale of distortion. Zero can be considered unconditional love. As you know, unconditional love does not support dependent relationships, nor does it create excess potential. This kind of love, however, is extremely rare. Normally, possession dependence and overvaluation are mixed into love’s vessel. It is difficult to resist feelings of possessiveness and quite natural that one should want to know that you have the person you love as long as things do not go to one of two extremes. Now, the first extreme is the desire to possess the object of your love. If the person is only vaguely associated with you and might not even [inaudible] your desires. Of course, you understand, I’m not only talking about the physical aspect of possession, this is what happens in the classical case of unrequited love, which always leads to much suffering [inaudible]. However, the mechanism at play here is not quite as simple as you might think. Remember the flower metaphor. You have to wonder among the flowers, admiring their beauty, and you may have wondered whether they love you too. I try to imagine what the flowers think of you. All sorts of strange ideas will enter your mind such as fear, anxiety, dislike, and indifference. You may wonder what reason the flowers would have to love you because perhaps you desperately want to hold them in your hand, but you cannot because they’re growing in a flower bed, oh, or for sale, but are very expensive. What one experiences at this stage is no longer love but dependency. And with that negative emotions begin to creep in. And this dependency, I’ve had relationships where one person was more dependent than the other and it created excess potential. Codependent relationships are difficult to maneuver through and you have to be careful of the excess potential that you create. If you’re in one. So were you wearing in one place in the object of your love is in another and you’d like to have the object of your love with you. You’re creating an energetic potential. One might think that excess potential would draw the desire to object to you like air mass. That shifts from an area of high to low pressure, but that is not how things work at all. It makes no difference to balance forces. What method is used to reestablish equilibrium and so they may place the object of your love and neither further distance from you, thereby neutralizing the access potential and breaking your heart at the same time. If at the slightest sign of disappointment in love, person is declined to dramatize the situation even more with thoughts that the person of their dreams does not love them, they will be poured, pulled towards lifelines or reciprocated. Love is a rare phenomenon, so your response again is important. Just like the wave of fortune, your response of disappointment can be enough. The stronger your desires to have something or to experience reciprocated love, the stronger the action taken by balance forces will be. Of course, if they choose a path that brings you and your loved one closer together than the story will have a happy ending. That direction. Balanced forces will ultimately take an easily be determined at the very outset. If you are preoccupied or obsessed with the need for your feelings to be mutual, and yet nothing seems to be going right, you need to change your tactics. Try loving without expectation of reward. If you do this, the unstable vibrations of balanced forces can be drawn closer and made to work for you. Otherwise, the situation may go snowballing out of control until it is practically impossible to change anything. There’s only one solution in a situation like this. If you want your love to be mutual, you have to love simply without thought of whether you were loved or not. Firstly, in taking this approach, you avoid creating excess potential, which means that the 50% probability that the [inaudible] forces will work against you as avoided. Secondly, when you are not obsessed with the idea of whether your feelings will be reciprocated, you’re free of dramatic and uncontrolled thoughts about Rick unrequited love that pull you into a corresponding lifeline. Quite the opposite. If you simply love without thought of possession, dependency is avoided and the parameters of the energy you radiate will correspond with those lifelines where were quieted love exists. If you’ve already discovered requited love, then you have no reason to be concerned with the issue of ownership and possession. Imagine how greatly your chances of being close to the one you love will increase for having given up. The notion of possessing them besides unconditional love is very rare and attractive quality, and so if you can embody it, you will automatically draw people to you. So we want to try to embody a positive frame and unconditional love for our meditation. Those would be two very important things. Second extreme concerns, the right to toe ownership, which is of course jealousy. In this case, balanced forces have two potential means of action. If you are already in a relationship with the person you love them, the first means of action it is to be is to being you even closer together. Some people enjoy an element of jealousy in their relationship. The other option is for balanced forces to destroy or whatever gave rise to the jealousy. I. E. The love itself in this case, the stronger the jealousy, the deeper for the grave addicts or the love being shared in the relationship. You’ve had the beginning of a relationship and you didn’t really know enough about this person and they may not be around. You start to get jealous and you start expressing your jealousy and then the access potential occurs. The dynamics of love which becomes expressed as jealousy are just the same as the shift from simply savoring the aroma file, wild flowers to wanting to produce perfume. All of the above relates to is as much to women as it does to men, but this is not the final word on the matter. I will try to return to this question on another podcast. When we look at other concepts that underpin transfer fee, everything is so simple and yet the same time so complex, complex because a person in love loses their ability to rationalize and so the recommendations that I have discussed so far will probably fall to the wayside. I shall not, however upset myself with these things because I resist the need for recognition of anybody listening. Based on this teaching. He then goes on to discuss the duality of contempt and vanity. Judging other people is a very powerful way of destroying balance [inaudible] particularly when we have contempt for them on an energetic level. There are no good or bad people. There are simply those who observe the laws of nature and those who unsettle natures status quo. The latter always eventually succumb to the power of balanced forces which strive to restore balance. Of course, situations often arise in which a person deserves to be judged. The question is whether you should be the one to judge them. There is no superficial question. If someone inquires injures you personally, then you they have probably also destroyed the existing balance. In this case, your judgment is less likely to represent a source of unhealthy excess potential than it is a tool for balancing forces striving to restore balance. If you say what you think and take any necessary reasonable measures, the disturber of the peace will get what they deserve. [inaudible] if however, the person you judge has done nothing specifically to hurt you, then it is not for you to make accusations. Look at it from a purely practical point of view, it would be pointless to feel hatred towards a wolf. You saw tearing a sheep to pieces on television. It is our natural sense of justice. It impels us to judge others, but what originates as an innate feeling can quickly turn into with many over the years turning into professional prosecutors, most of the time you cannot know what caused a person to act the way they did, and who knows? If you had been in their shoes, maybe you would have done something even worse. This kind of judgment creates excess potential in your energy field, which is hardly surprising because we tend to believe that to the same extent that the accused is bad, we are the epitome of goodness. If the accused has warned and hubs, then you must be an angel, right? Nonetheless, because we have not actually grown a pair of wings yet, the forces that strive to balance, to restore balance are called into play. Their action will be different depending on the situation, but the result is essentially the same. You get a slap depending on the force and form of the judgment, the slap may range from being hardly noticeable to so hard. You are swiped into one of the worst possible lifelines you can imagine. Mm. It is easy to imagine the different forms that judgment takes and the consequences of how it. However, for clarity, there’s some examples that Zeeland and gifts, whatever happens in life, never scorn anyone. It is the most dangerous form of judgment because you find yourself in the shoes of the person you scorned for balanced forces. This would be the most simple direct means of restoring the harmony lost as a result of your bias and judgment. You scorn somebody and then you end up doing the thing that you end up getting accused of the thing that you were [inaudible] you scorned people for. If you have a contempt for beggars and traps, you too could one day lose all your money on your home as well. A way of restoring balance. So he’s saying that the fundamental force of balancing forces, it goes all the way to you despising somebody, a beggar, and then you ended up becoming a beggar because it’s such a simple way for balancing forces. If you have disdain for people with physical disabilities, you could just as easily have an accident and if you turn your nose up at alcoholics and drug addicts, you could end up in their shoes too. People are not born into these roles. The circumstances of life create the role. Why then should you be immune to such circles stances, never judge your work colleagues. Whatever they do at best, you will find that at some point you’ll make the same mistake they did. At worst, a conflict could arise which ends with you losing your job, even if you are not to blame. If you judge a person for how they’re dressed, you could have you could yourself end up one rung lower than them on the ladder of good and bad simply as a result of radiating negative thought energy. There’s nothing wrong with a person taking pride in their achievements or loving themselves. A general love for oneself is healthy and harms no one. Balance is only destroyed if an overinflated sense of one’s own worth is juxtaposed by a superior attitude to the weaknesses or shortcomings or humble achievements of others. Balance is only destroyed if an overinflated sense of one’s own worth is juxtaposed by a superior attitude to the weaknesses. Shortcomings are humble achievements of others. Then healthy self esteem becomes arrogant, pride and vanity. The action of balance forces will again result in a slap on the cheek are these balanced forces Karma on some explanations of Karma, it could be contempt and Vandy are the devices and man and animals do not embody these characteristics in their behavior. They are led by the consistent purpose of fulfilling nature’s will. Perfectly nature is more no more perfect than the human mind. Nature is more perfect. The wolf like all predators feels no hate or contempt for its prey. Try feeling hater contempt towards a lamb chop. People however, build their relationships with each other on masses of excess potential. The Majesty of animals and plants lies in the fact they are unaware of their greatness. Conscious awareness as given many advantages, but it also brings with it the rubbish of feelings like guilt, inferiority, vanity and contempt. And he then goes on to have a section on superiority and inferiority. And if you act like you’re too superior, you will be shown your inferiority. And on the other hand, if you act like you’re inferior, you’ll be sometimes showed your superiority. People compare themselves to the world around them as a means of establishing a sense of their own self worth. However, this type of self-assertion is as a losery, as a fly trying to force its way through a pane of glass when the window next to it is wide open. Another example he always goes to and when a person strives to prove their importance to the world, energy is wasted on porting excess potential. Okay. Working on self-development on the other hand creates real virtues and no energy is wasted and no harmful excess potentials created. Now this answers an argument that I had with somebody that said, well, aren’t you? By Practicing Reality Trend Surfing reality tech techniques in and of itself, giving yourself a level of importance. And he’s saying there’s a distinction. When you work on yourself, self-development, there it’s, it creates virtues and no energy is wasted and there’s no harmful excess potential. So this example does not create balancing forces. You might think that the amount of energy spent on making a comparison is minimal. In fact, the energy involved is more than enough to support a relatively powerful charge of excess potential. What determined is the church is how you direct your energy. If your goal is to develop certain qualities in yourself, then this intention will propel you forwards. If, however, your goal is to demonstrate all your regalia to the rest of the [inaudible] world, your wheels will spin helplessly as if caught in a deep rut going nowhere, but creating an irregularity in the energy field. The world will be stunned by the shining regalia and the balanced forces will take effect. The forces do not have a lot of choice. They can either freshen up the colors of the external world, which has been paled by comparison or reduce the shine of the misplaced star. The first option is of course far too labor intensive and so it only leaves the second. Balanced forces have numerous ways of doing things. They do not have to deprive the ambitious star of its regalia. They can simply send them on an unpleasant situation to bring them down a peg or two. We often perceive problems, obstacles, and misfortune to be integral parts of the world we live in. No one is at all surprised that difficult, these small and large accompany them throughout their lives. We’ve all adopted the view that this is the way of the world. In actual fact, misfortune is an anomaly and not a normal phenomenon. Often it is not possible to find a logical explanation for why a problem occurred and why it happened to you. In particular, the majority of unpleasant moments we experience are generated by actions of balanced forces as part of their function in eliminating excess potentials created by you or those in your immediate environment. Most people are unaware of the fact that they have created excess potential and the balance forces exist and so interpret the problems they faced to be manifestations of some dark, unavoidable force. You can eliminate the majority of the problems you usually face if you relieve yourself of the colossal effort of supporting excess potential. A huge amount of energy is wasted on excess potential that often produces a result which represents the complete opposite of your original intention. To free yourself from the action of balanced horses, you have to stop like a fly against the pane of glass. Switch your intention from an increasing your own sense of self importance to developing the qualities that you admire. You have to let go of any lurking idea that you’re capable of controlling the external world. You can choose your reality but not control it irrespective of your place on the social ladder. If you believe you can manipulate the world around you, things will definitely go wrong because attempts to change the world destroy the balance. Interference with the workings of the world has a negative effect on the interests of the majority. Trans Surfing enables you to choose your destiny without compromising anyone else’s interests. This is ultimately much more effective than storming ahead and overcoming all the obstacles in your way. Your fate is truly in your hands, but only in the sense that has been given to you to choose it rather than change it. Many people have suffered failure because they’ve taken the idea of creating your own destiny. Literally there is no place for battle and Trans Surfing so you can lay down the weapons of war with relief. Refusing to behave with superiority has nothing to do with self-deprecation. The lidding we own health worth is just the other side of the coin. On an energetic level, it is irrelevant which extreme of the complex you embody. The size of the potential created is in direct proportion to the extent with which a person’s evaluation of the world differs from reality. When balanced forces encounter self-importance, they knock it off it’s pedestal. In the case of an inferiority complex, they force a person to raise their falsely reduced sense of worth. Balanced forces act directly and without concern for the subtleties of human relationships. And so often once they start having an impact, a person begins to act less naturally highlighting the aspects of themselves. They would prefer to hide all the more. For example, teenagers can be defiant as a way of compensating for their feelings of insecurity. Shy people can act in an overly overt fashion in order to hide their shyness. People with low self esteem want to put their best side forward and so often behave in a manner which is effected and tense. Whatever your psychological makeup, makeup, trying to battle against a complex can be more complicated and lead to more unpleasant circumstances than the complex itself. Trying to hide a complex or battling against an inferiority complex is futile. The only way of mitigating its consequences is to eliminate the complex altogether, which has no easy tax task at this stage. It is enough to establish the fact that a preoccupation with your own shortcomings in comparison to the qualities of others has the same effect as desiring to illustrate your Comparative Eminence. The result will be quite the opposite of what you originally intended. Do not think that others around you attribute to your shortcomings the same meaning that you do. Everyone is mostly concerned with themselves and so you can freely relieve yourself of a huge burden. Excess potential will dissipate. Balanced forces will cease from an accentuating the situation and the freed energy can be used for self development. Rather than fighting your flaws or trying to hide them, they can be compensated for with other qualities. Charm can compensate for a lack of physical beauty. There are people who are relatively unattractive in their external parents, but who enthrall others with their words. Self confidence also compensates for physical flaws and many great historical figures or no picture to look at. The inability to communicate freely can be compensated for by being a good listener. As the saying goes, they’re all lying, but it doesn’t matter because no one’s listening. Your eloquence may interest people, but only to a lesser degree. Everyone just like you is focused on themselves and their problems, and so a good listener who will let you pour your heart out to them is a real treasure to those who are genuinely shy. Take my advice. Guard this quality like a precious jewel. Believe me, there’s a hidden charm to shine us. When you let go of fighting your shyness, it will come across as clumsiness. You will notice how people begin to find you more attractive. Here’s another example of how one quality compensates for another. The condition need to be cool often causes people to imitate those individuals who have already achieved the status of being cool, mindless, mindlessly copy someone else’s script creates nothing more than a parody. So you see somebody call on TV and you act like them and then it just becomes a parody. Everyone has their own script and all you need to do is choose your own Credo and live by it to imitate others in an attempt to gain. The status of being cool is like using the method of the fly beating itself up against the window pane, which is another third time. It’s Zealand, as mentioned, the fly and the window pane. For example, in a group of teenagers, the leader will be the one who lives according to their own beliefs. The leaders therefore free not to take advice from others on how they should act. The leader does not need to imitate anyone. They simply have a worthy opinion of themselves. They know what they’re doing. They do not need to suck up to anyone or prove anything to anybody. The leader is therefore free of excess potential and receives the deserved advantage in any group. The leaders always the person who lives according to their own beliefs. [inaudible] when a person has freed themselves from the burden of excess potentials, they have nothing to prove. They have an inner freedom, a self sufficient and more energy than those around them. These qualities give them the advantage of becoming leader. Can you see where the open window is and he says that in relation to the fly, maybe you think that these types of dynamic do not concern you and that you don’t suffer from issues like these. Do not deceive yourself. Everyone to some degree or another has a tendency to create excess potential and the energy fields around them. But if you follow the principles of Trans Surfing, complexes of inferiority or superiority will simply vanish from your life. Love to hate. [inaudible] is the next chapter or the next section in this chapter I want never gets. There’s a truth in this childhood ammunition, although they’re here, Zeeland wants to reflate phrase it. The stronger you want something, the less likely you are to get it and that’s important. That word want. It’s a highlight. When you want something so much that you are willing to place everything on the cards to get it, you create a huge excess potential which destroys balance. Balanced forces can then throw you onto a lifeline where there is no trace of the object you desired. On an energetic level level. A person obsessed with desire is like a wild boar trying to catch a bluebird. The bore wants the bird badly, licking its lifts, snorting loudly and rooting the ground in anticipation. Naturally the bird flies away. If on the other hand, the board’s simply wandered around somewhere nearby as if indifferent, it would have got a good chance of grabbing the bird by its tail. Zeeland gives three types of desire. The first is when a strong desire transforms into the determined intention to have something and do whatever is required to get it. Then the desires filled. The potential created by the desire is dispersed because the energy it is fueled into action. The second type of desire is inactive and tormenting and represents excess potential in its purest form. It lingers in the energy field in a best case scenario. It wastes the energy of the suffering carrier and in the worst case scenario attracts all kinds of unrelated problems. And the third kind of desire is the most insidious. This type of desire becomes dependent on the object of the desire. Attaching great significance to the desired object automatically creates a dependent relationship and strong excess potential, which in turn calls into effect equally powerful balanced forces. And so you see a lot of boards that talk about Lord Law of attraction and a lot of people out there talking about finding their specific person. And while I believe that it’s possible for you to create a script where you meet that specific person, it’s incredibly difficult because you create balancing forces. When you, when you, when you give them significance and you create a dependent relationship on the strong excess potential which insured calls into effect, equally powerful balanced forces. Usually the person’s thoughts run along the lines of, if I achieve this, my situation will improve dramatically. Or if I don’t achieve this, my life will lose all meaning. If I do this, I’ll prove to myself and everybody what else, what I’m worth. If I don’t do this, I’m worth nothing. Or if I got this, it would be great. It will be terrible if I don’t get this. And so on. Once you become dependent on the object of your desire, you’re drawn into such a violent whirlpool that will exhaust yourself in the struggle. Eventually, when you realize that your efforts have led to nothing, you will let go of the desire. Balanced forces will have restored equilibrium, remaining completely indifferent to your suffering and all because of a strong attachment to the fulfillment of the desire. So if you really want something, you have to try to avoid incurring these balancing forces by not wanting it too much. This is what happens when a desire is placed on one dish of the Scales and absolutely everything else is piled on the other. Only the first type a desire can be fulfilled because desire is transformed into pure intention. Three of excess potential. It is a common view that there is no such thing as a free lunch and everything has to be paid for. In truth, we pay only for the excess potential we create in the alternative space. Everything is free. Since we are already using these terms, it could be said the absence of importance and dependent relationships are a kind of payment for the fulfillment of desire. The energy of pure intention is all that is required for you to transfer to a lifeline where the object of desire becomes a part of your reality. [inaudible] hopefully I’ll get a chance to return later to the subject of intention maybe on a different episode. For now, we will simply note that pure intention is desire and action without the attribution of importance. For example, going to the shop to buy a newspaper is pure intention because it is in no way inhibited. The greater an event is valued, the more likely it is to fall through in some way. So if you attribute huge value to what you have sooner or later, balanced forces, we’ll take it from me if you want to receive is hugely important to you. There’s very little chance of you actually getting it unless you lower the stakes. For example, you’re mad about your new car, you blow the dust off it, cherish it, fear it may get scratched [inaudible] and generally works. The huge value you place on your car creates excess potential because in the reality information field, its true meaning is close to nil balanced forces. We’ll soon find a clumsy driver to cripple your car or may bump into somewhere by [inaudible] being overly cautious. Now haven’t you ever seen this? Your friend that loves their car and they instantly get it nicked by something happens all the time. All you have to do is level out your attitude towards it. Treat it as a relatively ordinary object that it is. And the chances of it being damaged will be sharply reduced. Treating your car or something ordinary does not mean carelessly. You can take perfectly good care with a car without idolizing it. Now another thing that the two more aspects that he talks about in this very long chapter is guilt and money. Guilt is pure excess potential in nature. There are no notions of good or bad for balance forces. Both good and bad deeds are equivalent. The important thing in either cases to restore balance if excess potential arises, if you’ve behaved badly, become aware of it and then started to feel guilty, you will create it potential. If you’ve acted well, became aware of it and started feeling proud of yourself, then you will also have created potential. Balanced forces have no concept that some things would should be rewarded and others punished. They simply eliminate the in homogeneity in the energy. It’s important to understand, so you are also creating potential when you become aware of feeling proud of yourself. Now I have said I’m proud of this podcast. I’ve been proud of things throughout my life and if I delicately go back, there’s usually a balancing force that occurs. The payments for feelings of guilt will always be punishment in one form or another. If you do not feel guilty than punishment might not be forthcoming. Unfortunately, feelings of pride that you experience when you have done something good will also lead to punishment rather than reward because the purpose of balanced forces is to eliminate the excess potential of pride, whereas a reward would only enhance it. An induced feeling of guilt, I. E. Guilt you feel when proper people are expecting you to feel guilty creates excess potential squared as well as your own conscious bothering you will also have to bear the anger of righteous as well. Finally, the greatest excess potential is generated by people who experience unwarranted feelings of guilt caused by an innate tendency to always take the blame cousin dies that you haven’t seen in years and you blame yourself because you didn’t go see her or whatever. When you attribute that and take the blame in this case, there’s absolutely no point in suffering pangs of conscience because the reason for the guilt was made up in the first place. Having a guilt complex can ruin your life because you will be constantly subject to the impact of balanced forces appearing in order to eliminate the bias of guilt for imagined crimes. Feelings of guilt will always produce a script that includes punishment. Whether you are conscious of what is happening or not, your subconscious follows the script and makes you pay. In a best case scenario, you’ll get away with a few cuts or bruises or some kind of problem will arise. In a worst case scenario, you could have an accident with serious repercussions. This is what the feeling of guilt does. It brings nothing useful or creative only destruction. It is better to avoid doing anything that would later cause you to feel guilty. Then to torture yourself with a guilty conscience. Once you can say to yourself that you can not actually have done anything wrong, it is totally futile to continue torturing yourself with a guilt complex. The 10 commandments are not so much morals in the ethical sense as a recommendation for how to maintain balance. It is we, with our basic childlike outlook, we have interpreted the commandments as if they were a mother warning us not to be naughty, otherwise she will make us stand in the corner. On the contrary, nothing is said about punishing people who get up to a little mischief. People create their own problems by destroying the balance and the commandments or simply a warning. As we said earlier, guilt is like a thread that pendulums and especially manipulators can use to control you. Manipulators are people who act according to the constructs of you have to do what I tell you to now because you are guilty or I am better than you because you are in the wrong. A manipulator tries to impose a feeling of guilt onto their charges to gain power over them or for their own self assertion. On the surface, these people can seem very proper in their views. What is good and what is bad was established long ago. They always say the right thing and their actions are impeccably correct. However, in fairness, it should be said that not all people are respectable and decent, have a tendency, but to manipulate the need to lecture and guide is a consequence of doubt and uncertainty that plagues a person’s soul. They skillfully hide their inner struggle from themselves and those around them lacking the inner strength that truly decent people possess. The manipulator seeks self assertion as the EXP at the expense of others and the need to lecture and control stems from the desire to strengthen their own position, which they do by belittling their adopted ward. As soon as a person indicates they’re willing to absorb guilt, a manipulator will stick to that person like glue and feed on their energy. We’ve talked about how pendulums do this and manipulators do it. If you have a tendency to justify yourself start letting go of it. Once manipulative individuals realize they no longer have a way of hooking into your energy, they will leave you alone. Guilt goes hand in hand with an inferiority complex and if you feel inferior in any way, it is because you’ve compared yourself to others. It is as if you create trials where you play the role of judge over yourself and in reality only feels as if you are the judge. The true dynamic works out slightly different if you have a natural predisposition to take blame upon yourself, irrespective of what the blame is about. It follows that you can also be found guilty and punished by comparing yourself with others. You place them in a superior position of authority. And in so doing, you’re enabling others to suppose what they are somehow better than you. And the likelihood is that other people do not actually believe that they’re better than you. But if you have come to this conclusion yourself, you end up playing the role of the judge in their name. By assuming the role of guilty party willingly giving yourself to the court, you are effectively inviting other people to judge you. Now the money section is very important. There is a discussion about boldness indicating an absence of guilt, about power and courage. In that same chapter about guilt and I recommend that you go and read the whole thing and learn about a discussion about forgiveness and why it’s important and learning to ask for forgiveness and forgiving ourselves and how manipulators use forgiveness and then releasing feelings of guilt being the most effective way. And then there is a discussion of money and it is almost impossible to avoid a dependent relationship on money because we’re talking about balanced forces for an hour and 35 minutes into this, but I think this is still important and I still want to include this is impossible to avoid dependent relationship on money because it’s very hard to love money without wanting more of it. All you want on can do is to attempt to limit the aspect of dependency to a minimum. Be happy if money has come to you, but never kill yourself, worrying about not having enough money or spending it otherwise you will have less and less of it. If a person does not earn much more money, they probably make the mistake for complaining that they never have enough because the parameters of this type of thought energy correspond to lifelines in which there is no wealth. It is particularly dangerous to give in to an anxiety that your income is gradually decreasing. Fear represents the most energetically intense emotion a human being can experience, and so when a person fears losing money or not earning enough, they activate the most effective method there is for shifting to lifelines where they really do have less and less money. Free yourself from the money trap. It’s difficult, but it can be done first. The cause of the excess potential has to be eliminated, which will either be strong dependency on money or a very intense desire to have money. Start by accepting and enjoying what you already have. Remember that things could always be worse. You do not have to stop wanting money entirely, but you can relax about the fact that it is not rolling in with the force of a gushing river. Take the position of the gambler who could at any moment just as easily hit the jackpot as lose everything. For pendulums money is a universal means of rewarding. Their adherence is the activity of pendulums that has led to the widespread idolization of money. Money helps us to provide a good life for ourselves and the material world. Almost anything can be bought and sold. All pendulums use money as payment and there is hidden danger in this. Having taken falsely glittering bait, it is easy to switch to a lifeline that lives far away from your fortune, from your true happiness and pursuing their own interests. Pendulums have created the myth that in order to achieve your goals, you have to have money and as a result people replace their original goal with artificial substitute of money as an in between. And money can be gained from different pendulums and so people shift their focus from the goal to money and come under the influence of the pendulum that is alien to them. Don’t make your goal the money, make your goal, all the stuff that money would bring you. It opens up more possibilities and makes it easier for your manifestation to happen. This state of affairs is very profitable for the pendulum, but not so profitable for the individual who becomes dependent and loses their way. No one will ever make a lot of money working for a pendulum that functions outside of the context of their true purpose because they had just ended up serving someone else’s objective. Money is not the goal, nor is it really even the means to achieving the goal or reaching the goal. It is simply an accompanying attribute. The goal is what a person really wants in life, such as to have their own house and grow roses, travel the world, visit faraway places, catch trout in Alaska, go skiing in the Alps, raise horses on their own farm, enjoy life on their own island. Become a movie star or an artist. It is true as certain goals can be achieved if you have a sack of money, so this is what the majority of people do. They go after the sack and I am guilty of this. I want to do x, x, and X. Next it’s going to cost me about a hundred thousand okay, I’m going to try to get 100,000 by focusing on the money they put the goal itself on the back burner. It’s not all the experiences that you’re happy according to the principle of Trans Surfing. This is like trying to get into a lifeline where sack money awaits, but you find it’s almost impossible to get because you are working for someone else’s pendulum and in the end the person loses out both on the money and their own goal because their thought energy is focused on substitute for their true purpose. We can draw one general conclusion, which is that if you have placed the likelihood of achieving your goal on the condition of getting rich first, drop the condition fast. Let us take an example. If your dream is to travel around the world and obviously it’s requires a lot of money to fulfill your dream, you do not think about the money, keep your thoughts on the original goal and the money will come to you because it’s an accompanying attribute to the goal. It is really very simple. It sounds unlikely. I know, but I’m telling you that this, this part of the trans that sounds like magic. It’s true. It’s worked for me. It sounds unlikely. I know this, but it’s really how things work and as soon you realize that for yourself and pursuing their own end pendulums have turned everything upside down and it is not. That goal is achieved with the help of money, but rather the money that follows on. As you create the path, your goal, you can see just what a powerful influence pendulums have and how many seeds have been shown for myths and misunderstandings. Hearing me say that you may objected. It’s obvious. Obviously the first person becomes a large industrialist or banker or film star and then they became a millionaire. It is. It is true that those who became millionaires are those who think not of wealth, but if following their own goal, he’s saying, go back and look at the people that made the millions and they were not focused on the dollar amount. The majority of people think and do the opposite. They either served someone else’s goal, replacing their own with an artificial substitute or renounced their own dream entirely because the condition of having to be rich first seems unachievable. In actual fact, there are no limitations too. Well, you can desire anything you want. If it is truly yours to have, you will receive it and if the goal has been imposed upon you by a pendulum, you will not get anywhere. We will, you know, and we’ve talked about goals and I’ll probably talk about getting goals in another episode. Money is nothing more than an accompanying attribute on the path to your goal. Bootsie Greenwood mentioned this on an interview that he did where he didn’t focus on the money and that still works out. Do not worry about the money and then we’ll come to you if its own record. The most important thing now is to reduce the importance of capital to a minimum so that you do not create excess potential. Think only of the thing you wish to achieve. At the same time, you should be attentive to the money and treat it carefully. If you see a small coin on the street and are too lazy to pick it up, it suggest that you do not respect money at all. What this is, I learned this a long time ago in every coin that I get is like a matte to me. When I find it and you find that coin, treat it like it’s magic, like it’s a magic amulet and you find a coin. Bring it home and put it in a special place. That’s something that you can do and you can take care of them and you can talk to them. It’s a wonderful thing to do. The money pendulum will hardly be well disposed towards you if you treat its attributes carelessly, neither should you worry about spending money because this is a necessary part of fulfilling your mission. If you’ve made the decision to spend money on something, I have no regrets. When you try to save up a handsome sum and spend as little as possible, you create some strong access potential because energy has been built into one place and in this case it’s highly likely that you could lose everything. Money shouldn’t be spent wisely to keep a flow going as potential appears. There’s no flow of energy. Wealthy people support charities with good reason as it reduces the excess potential of their accumulated wealth and then he goes over the most ambiguous part of balanced forces and that’s when we get to perfection and there’s risks. When you become a perfectionist. There’s balancing forces that occur and that’s very good. And then he looks at the idea of importance and this is the most common cause of excess potential importance itself. Importance arises when something is attributed. Excess meaning and importance represents excess potential in pure form. In the process of eliminating importance, balanced forces create problems for the person that created it. Two forms of importance exist. Inner and outer. Inner or personal importance represents an overestimation of your own virtues or shortcomings. The formula of inner importance goes along the lines of I’m an important person or I do important work. When the Arrow of perceived personal importance goes right off the scale, balancing forces get involved and that hot shot gets a disappointing slap. They’ll discover that their work is either not needed at all or it was done badly puffing up your chest and sticking your nose in the air is only one side of the coin. The other side is excessive modesty or self-deprecation. There is a balance. The reader already knows. This leads to the amount of excess potential is the same in both cases and the only difference being it’s positivity or negative value. Outer importance is created when a person attributes huge meaning to an object or event taking place in the external world. And in this case the formula goes such and such means an awful lot to me or it’s really important for me to do such and such. Projected importance creates excess potential and pendulums use importance to create potential [inaudible]. He then goes on to talk about from battling to balance and by reducing importance that you can eliminate many of these problems [inaudible] and he does say at the end if you’ve driven yourself to a place where it’s impossible to live in balance with the world around and you think hard about how to take that crucial step to change your surroundings and if you feel that you have nowhere to go, this is an idea that is instilled in you by the pendulum that’s trying to keep you under its control. There’s always a way out, sometimes more than one. Remember the fly on the glass pain that did not spot the open window. Sudden movements that are badly thought out should be avoided. The best possible solution to any problem will come to you as soon as you reduce the level of importance you project onto it and free yourself from the influence of destructive pendulums that prevent you from living in peace. You are already familiar with the two means of freeing yourself from a pendulum defeat and stepping stone, stopping it sway. It is essential to observe the principle of balance. So to review. Excess potential is only created when you attribute importance to your assessment. Only the importance you personally attribute to something imbues your assessment with energy and the force of excess potential created increases. If your assessment represents a distortion of reality. The impact of balanced forces is aimed at eliminating excess potential, and the action of balanced forces is often the opposite of the original intention that created the potential. And when renting yourself out and structured inner guardian to be, to help you remain impeccable, trying to avoid a pendulum renting yourself out and use your guardian to make sure that you [inaudible] impeccable action so that people will notice you will not try to create balance forces to mitigate the way that you work. Act discount content and judgement will always turn balanced forces against you. It is essential that habits of negative response be substituted with a transmission of positive energy. Unconditional love is admiration without worship or the to possess setting conditions and making comparisons leads to dependent relationships. Dependent relationships create accessment potential idealization and overestimation always end in disillusionment and to experience reciprocal love, you must let go of the right to possess. You always have to pay for expressions of contempt and vanity. Let go of the need to assert your superiority. Striving to hide shortcomings creates the opposite effect. Your positive qualities compensate for any inadequacies. The greater the importance of your goal, the less likely you are to achieve it. Desires are realized when they are free of excess potential created by projected importance and dependency. Treat your desires like you went to buy a newspaper, not like you’re going to buy the most important car of your life. Let go of feelings of guilt and the need to justify your actions to let go of guilt. It is enough to give yourself permission to be yourself. No one has the right to judge you. You have the right to be yourself. Money comes of its own cord as an attribute on the path to your goal. Greet money with love and attentiveness and part with it without regret and having let go of inner and outer importance. You acquire the freedom of choice and the projection of importance is the only obstacle on the way to fulfilling your desires. Do not try to overcome obstacles, reduce the amount of importance you project onto them. Take care without worrying, which was the quote we gave you at the beginning. So it’s very interesting. This has been a long one and it’s a long chapter and I did not read it all. I’ve tried to go over some of this and give you my teaching. This is a doozy and it’s really important. I have noticed this in my reality creation and in particular when working with people that are trying to get into relationships and in money situations, the importance aspect is always a factor. And so being coming aware of this is important. So I’m going to create a meditation, maybe a guided hypnosis to reduce the importance, become aware of the excess potential so that when we make these decisions we reduce our balance forces and I will see if we can integrate that into our teachings to help us to overcome the problems of importance and balancing forces. If you’ve stuck with me this long, I greatly appreciate it and I hope that it helped you to learn some of these lessons that I’ve found to be important. And maybe the next time we’ll go even deeper on this stuff, but that stuff alone is two hours worth of material. This book is phenomenal and these teachings are phenomenal and I’d love to get your feedback when I post this on my Facebook group. I’d love to hear your comments and feedback and I’m here to answer any questions. All episodes of the reality revolution can be found@thourealityrevolution.com for coaching. Go to my website@advancedsuccessinstitute.com it’s always a blessing when you join me on these teachings, on my meditations at any time, and I offer my energy of love to our own pendulum and I allow you in all ways to take this energy with you as you go. And I greatly appreciate the time that you spent with me today. It’s not that important, but you’re important to me. And if there’s balancing forces from that, I’m fine with that. So have a good one. Look forward to meditating with you soon. Welcome to the reality revolution.