U.S. Andersen On Intuition || EP 683

We are using the word intuition to cover a good deal more than the occurrence of “hunches.” Under intuition we are classifying all the mysterious and apparently unexplainable phenomena which pass largely unnoticed in our world: clairvoyance, thought transference, materializing and dematerializing objects, levitation, contact with the spirit world, in addition to an instinctive grasp of the laws of construction (such as in mathematics and music). Intuition describes our recognition and use of the great truth that mind is greater than matter and that the Universal Subconscious Mind contains the knowledge of all things and all times, is the substance from which everything is made, and is responsive to thought and desire.

This is a world in which the heart rules and never the head. The Conscious Mind of man has concerned itself with the frivolous ends of existence and has created a great Lock against the powers of the Subconscious Mind. The heart knows the truth of all things. It is the heart that is the seat of intuition, man’s hope to arrive back home in the midst of and encompassing all the magnificent truth of his unlimited power. Heed the voice of the heart. Close your ears against the promptings of the Conscious Mind. The heart knows the way. In the innermost depths of your being it whispers the truth every minute of every day. Intuitively it perceives. Intuitively it communicates. Leave to your Conscious Mind the doing of that which is Caesar’s; leave to your heart the doing of that which is God’s. Thus it is that as you proceed, you will find yourself being led more and more by your heart.  

The truth of a feeling that rises within you will ask for no argument or examination. It will come to you as a whole thing, and you will ask of no man whether it be fact or fiction, truth or fantasy, a good idea or poor. It will be a light that never was on land or sea, and you will follow it, for it will have penetrated to your soul. It will be a great deal more than that which up to this point in your life you may have termed a “hunch.” It will be a great deal more than what you might formerly have thought to be a “lucky guess.” It will take root deep within your being and become one with you, and you will take the paths of your life with unshakeable vigor and faith to see that it is effected in the world about you. Thus success will come, thus health, thus love, thus peace, thus a grander purpose and sweep than ever existed on earth alone, for it will proceed from the heavens.

Slowly we are moving through the maze of complexity that surrounds our existence. Slowly we are dissolving the illusions and half-truths that inhibit our minds and our powers. Gradually the clutter is being cleared away so that we may perceive the great and edifying truth in all its simplicity. The age is at hand; the dawn is near.

Uell Stanley Andersen (also known as U.S. Andersen and Uell S. Andersen) (September 14, 1917 – September 24, 1986) was an American football player and self-help and short story author during the 1950s and 1960s. He is best known for his book, Three Magic Words.  

In Three Magic Words, Andersen makes the argument that the physical world is derived from the mental. He argues that a sustained mental image, if backed by faith (i.e. a belief that the image is real, or will become real), will become reality.

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