U.S. Andersen Evil Is An Illusion || EP 660

As the first step in our discussion of evil, let us sensibly get rid of both the devil and hell. Make up your mind that the intelligence that exists behind the universe does not destroy itself! The pain-ridden idea of hellfire as a place of punishment for sin is man’s own morbid idea; evil is man’s own morbid idea; disease and suffering are man’s own morbid ideas.

God does not know of the existence of these things. Since He created man free, He has left it up to man to conceive his own situations. And man has thought into existence all evil! It is ego-absorption that colors everything in terms of good and evil. Never was this brought home to me more thoroughly than in the pre-dawn hours on the bridge of a destroyer on patrol in Nasugbu Bay, Philippine Islands during World War II. A forty-millimeter shell had just struck the chest of a Japanese attacking in a suicide boat. He seemed so close that I might have reached out and touched his hand. The shell exploded, and he disintegrated before my eyes. The scene was seared into my mind.

Throughout the battle it kept insinuating itself. This was the first violent death I had witnessed during the war. Surely this was an evil thing – that a man should die at the hands of other men. Yet a great cheer had gone up when he had been killed. Had he managed to drive his explosive-laden boat into the side of our ship, we would have died instead. So we took his life and rejoiced. But was not that evil to him?

Certainly his family, friends, and loved ones did not rejoice. Surely they were overtaken by the despair that everyone calls evil. Good for us, evil for him; we rejoice, his family despairs. But was it good or evil? Was there even cause for rejoicing or weeping? Who judges? Whose judgment is adequate? As we skirted the coast of Samar next night, I stood on the fantail of the ship and watched the wake spreading on the sea like a path of frost in the moonlight. Some of the night and the stillness seemed drawn into me. Then the word came.

Uell Stanley Andersen (also known as U.S. Andersen and Uell S. Andersen) (September 14, 1917 – September 24, 1986) was an American football player and self-help and short story author during the 1950s and 1960s. He is best known for his book, Three Magic Words.

Andersen taught the New Thought concept of “Universal Mind.” According to Andersen, the “Universal Mind is a vast and all-encompassing mental and spiritual being in whom all things and events exist.” According to Andersen, the Universal Mind, or God, manifests — or literally reflects — the dominant belief system of all living things. When one understands this cause and effect relationship, it becomes possible to consciously use Universal Mind to shape the physical world.

In Three Magic Words, Andersen makes the argument that the physical world is derived from the mental. He argues that a sustained mental image, if backed by faith (i.e. a belief that the image is real, or will become real), will become reality.

Andersen argued that it was possible to prove his theory by conducting a few mental experiments, aided by means of meditation. After running these experiments, with complete faith in the outcome, it is possible to demonstrate—at least on a subjective basis—that there is a relationship between thought and physical reality.

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