Transurfing To Win Back The One You Love ||EP 195

Very often I hear from people who are desperate to bring back the one they lost, the one they love. We hear a lot of discussion about manifesting a specific person but often times this is someone living in the past trying to bring back the one they lost. Look I get it. I have been there. When the mother of my children left me I would have done whatever it took to get her back. If a wizard had appeared and gave me a magic spell I would have given everything. I know the pain and heartbreak Can we bring back the one we love. Well this question was asked of Vadim Zeland in the book Reality Transurfing and his answer may help you if you are dealing with this. This episode takes a transurfing perspective of this question and we attempt to find the answer.

#realitytransurfing #specificperson #manifestlove

Music by Mettaverse

432Hz ✧ Relaxing Ambient Music ✧ Tibetan Singing Bowls ✧ Rain and Thunder ✧ Study Music

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