The Wheels Of Truth By Dr. Joseph Murphy (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 933

If you think you know all about Joseph Murphy, believe me you don’t.  This book, possibly his first book is profoundly different than many of his other writings and is much more similar to the writings of Neville Goddard.

In WHEELS OF TRUTH, Joseph Murphy gives expression in a clear and lucid style to the fundamental principle of universal truth … that God is the first Cause and that to Him the conception of time and space does not apply. Furthermore, that the universe is but an emanation of God and the Law the intelligent purpose at the heart of things.

It is not the skill in presentation alone which makes this book an ever recurrent inspiration; its contemplative content touches the heart strings and plays upon them the melody of eternal hope, bringing ever nearer the ultimate Path leading to peace and joy, of faith and accomplishment. This is the everlasting heritage.


Muted Rain – amaranth cove

suspended belief – amaranth cove

out of step – amaranth cove

for a moment – amaranth cove

infinite sustain amaranth cove

when we were friends  – amaranth cove

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solar flare – Christopher Moe DItelvsen

In dreams -hushed

pillars – hushed

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balance – amaranth cove

vague – amaranth cove

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inevitable you- amaranth cove

envision- amaranth cove

reconstruct – amaranth cove

passing souls – amaranth cove

final transmission home – amaranth cove

obsidian – amaranth cove

no goodbyes – amaranth cove

cracks in the wall – amaranth cove

hidden imagination – amaranth cove

the story of us – amaranth cove

loss and love – amaranth cove

free from – amaranth cove

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Intro: 00:00

Forward 00:44

Chapter 1 The Sphinx 2:16

Chapter 2 Tuning In 25:10

Chapter 3 Relaxation 32:25

Chapter 4 Dreamer Awaken 44:15

Chapter 5 The Man Of To-Morrow 52:41

Chapter 6 Children Of Light 1:04:31

Chapter 7 The Voice In The Wilderness 1:11:55

Chapter 8 Sleep – The Sabbath 1:24:05

Chapter 9 The Temple Not Made With Hands 1:31:35

Chapter 10 The Temple Completed 1:45:43

Discussion 1:52:57