The Subconscious Speaks By Erna Ferrell Grabe and Paul C Ferrell (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 940

In this book, which is comparable to classics like The Door Of Everything and the Impersonal Life we hear the actual voice of the subconscious itself.

The Sub-conscious reveals the nature of the Conscious mind, the Subjective mind, and the Universal Subjective mind. The Subjective mind is “the secret” which you can use to change every aspect of your life. The Sub-conscious Speaks reveals the most powerful law in the universe… a common truth that lays at the core of the most effectual philosophies, teachings and religions in the world. Though “the secret” of the Subjective mind, every human being has the ability to transform any weakness or suffering into strength, power, happiness, health, prosperity, and abundance.

Some of the affirmations shared by the subconscious in this book

I command the power inherent within me, to hold this thought in mental concentration until it is manifested to me.  

(Suggested to say daily)

I’m in touch with a power that knows all things, that is all the power that exists. This power is available to me whether I understand or not. It is in operation at all times, whether I use it or not. It can provide me with everything I need, if I call upon it.

I now decree for myself the money necessary to meet my every need. The house in now free from encumbrance in the realm of the universal and what exist in the realm of the universal must manifest in the realm of the material.

This poverty in my life is the result of a mental concept. I have held in mind the idea of lack, and that is all that has caused poverty to manifest in my affairs. I now deny that there is any idea of poverty in my mind and I deny that there is any lack in universal mind.

What appears to be poverty in my life is simply an absence of plenty. There is in reality no lack of anything in the universe. I alone have the power to decree lack for myself. This law was in reality caused by a belief that lack exists. This belief was an erroneous belief. I know realise that there is no lack and that what appeared to be lack in my life was due to this belief which caused an absence of supply. God’s substance is all about me, that I have the power to cause it to manifest in any former manner, readily.  

The universal is always ready to respond to my decree and I now decree for myself these things that divine mind has decreed. That I may call into existence and I now command the power inherent within me to hold in metal concentration these things until they are manifested for me. [The man should then name the things he has in mind and see each thing in his possession.

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Brian’s Intro 00:00

Introduction 1:00

Preface By The Subconscious 4:34

Mind 5:34

Using Conscious thought in Definitely Creative Manner 19:33

Success-Failure 33:28

Effect Of Mental Attitudes of the Conscious Mind Upon The Sub-Conscious 43:22

Fear 49:20

Health 55:15

Confidence In Self -Faith In God 106:47

Conclusion 1:17:37