The Mirror Principle in Reality Transurfing and Tufti The Priestess | EP 69

One of the most popular and interesting subjects in Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing and Tufti the Priestess is the mirror principle. According to Zeland, The whole world can be seen as a gigantic dual mirror. On one side of the mirror lies the physical Universe and on the other side of the mirror lies the metaphysical alternatives space.

All around you is an intelligent 3-dimensional mirror that reflects back to you but tries to hide that it is a reflection. Once you realize what this truly means reality becomes yours to compose. The other side of the mirror is the alternatives space where anything is possible.

Where does the mirror end? How does it work? How do we use the mirror principle in our every day lives?

Your actions and thoughts are reflected back to you in incredible ways allowing you to work magic on the outer world.

The word mirror is mentioned 326 times in reality transurfing. When I started to apply these teachings in my life it really helped me to understand the actions I needed to take to manifest my dreams and achieve my goals. But the mirror principle is still difficult for me to conceive and understand so in this episode I did a deep dive and discuss the mirror principle in all of Zeland’s books.

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Welcome. I’m so excited you get to join me today on the reality revolution. We are going to talk about the mirror principle. What I want to do, my intention for this episode is to dive deep in to the mirror principle. In Trans Surfing, if you study reality trend surfing or two 50 the priestess or any of Vadim Zealand’s writings, you will know one of the most important concepts is the mere principle, and to be honest, the mirror principles a little bit complicated, a little bit confusing, but clearly it is very important. It has mentioned the word mirror is mentioned 326 times in the Book Reality Trend Surfing, it’s mentioned 128 times into 50 the presets and it’s mentioned 126 times in 78 days of Trans Surfing. Clearly mirror mirroring and the mirror universe and the idea or understanding of the mirror is one of the key principles of Trans Surfing. Yet we don’t talk about it enough. The concepts are simple, but what I want to do is go through and I have some passages from all these books and I want to discuss some of these and how it’s applied in my life and just by bringing up some of these writings we can learn more about it and discuss it. I don’t fully understand this, I’ve applied it and I’ve already seen huge changes and keeping the idea or understanding of the way the mirror works just in the back of my mind has completely changed my behavior and I have received great results from it. It’s a good way of thinking and understanding the world around me, so I’m highly recommending that you consider this concept. Keep it in mind when you are going about your daily grind, whatever you’re doing, whenever you’re taking action on things or even meditating. I do plan on creating a mirror meditation to focus in and on the idea of the mirror universe. Before we do that, I want to go through some of this stuff and I want to dive deep on the mere principle on Trans Surfing and hopefully by doing this together we can learn some of this better. And so one of my favorite passages is in 78 days of Tran surfing and it’s a message to the creator and it’s one of the the first times where I really love the reference to mirror and so it says once in the distant past or perhaps it was in the future, it’s difficult to say for certain the universe forgot itself. Nobody knows why. It is simply the nature of the universe is that from time to time they forget themselves. She probably dozed off and could not remember her dream and she woke up what existed before her dream. The dream before that perhaps maybe the universe was the dream, one way or another, the dream that could not remember itself was transformed into nothing. Could it have been otherwise? Who am I? Nothing asked itself. You are a mirror, mirror, mirror reflection responded in a gazillion flecks of light. Who are you mere asked? I am the reflection in you. Where did you come from? I was born of your question, but I cannot see you. I cannot even see myself. How can I be a mirror? I am nothing. Exactly. Reflection answered. Emptiness is in essence the most premorbid, Yael and infinitely multidimensional mirror of all because in the void nothing reflects nothing. What do I look like? You don’t look like anything. Am I big or on my small? Yes. What do you mean? Yes? You are both. You are as you imagine yourself to be. You are both infinitely big and infinitely small at the same time because infinity and a dot are the same thing. I was strange, so where am I right now? You’re in the variant space. Reflection, answered variance of what anything at all. The space also appeared as a result of your question. Everything you think about comes into being for you are an infinitely multidimensional mirror to your every question. There exists an infinite number of answers. Why do I exist to be? What can I do? Anything? The world was created in the dialogue between the mirror, which we call God and reflection. Welcome, dear master, I am writing you this message because you are reading these lines, which means you intend to become the rule of your own world and destiny. That’s the exact passage from 78 days of Trans Surfing and I always love that. If you look at the passage on dual mirrors, in reality, Trans Surfing, uh, the manifestations of reality really are described as taking two forms, the physical which can be touched and the metaphysical that lies beyond the realm of perception and both types of manifestation exists simultaneously, each form penetrating and complementing each other. Dualism is an integral part of our world and many things are comprised of opposites. When you stand in front of a mirror, you represent a real living, physical object and your reflection on the other hand has no material substance. It is simply on the reflection. It is metaphysical imaginary. Even though when you look at the mirror, you know it doesn’t exist yet, it just as real as the object reflected the world can be seen as a gigantic dual mirror. Now, one of the things that I think may confuse people when we talk about the mere principle in Trans Surfing is that we think of an actual mirror, the kind of mirror that you have in your bathroom. But imagine if there is a three dimensional living mirror and the interaction between this mirror is the key because the mirror does not want you to know it is a mirror. So on one side of the mirror lies the physical universe and on the other side of the mirror lies the metaphysical alternative space that we talk about in trend surfing in the dual mirror, unlike an ordinary mirror, the material world serves as a reflection of the intention and thoughts of God as well as the living beings that are an embodiment of him. The alternative space is like a matrix or template. You could figure that the all of alternative space could be nothing more than a digital code, but it’s like a matrix or template which is used to cut the stitching and the fashion show for the movement of all matter. The alternative space contains information relating to what can happen in the material world and how the number of possible realities it contains is infinite. Each alternative represents a sector of the field that is made up of scripts and scenery, I. E. A trajectory of the for the movement of matter. So understand this is a description of the alternative space and it’s understand it’s important to understand that specific description because it’s being referred to. When we talk about the mirror principle, we are dealing directly with the alternative space. When we’re talking about the mirror, a lot of times we don’t see that being referred to when we talk about this stuff, so that is the mirror therefore separates the world into two halves. The actual and the imaginary. Everything that has acquired material form lies in the real half and develops in accordance with laws of natural science, science as well as the conventional worldview is only applicable to what happens in reality. Reality is usually understood to mean everything that is subject to observation or direct impact. If you take away the metaphysical side of reality and only take into account the material world, the activity of all living beings, including man, is reduced to primitive movement within limits of inner intention, and as we know, using inner intention, a goal can be reached by means of direct impact on the environment. In order to achieve a goal in this way, you have to take certain steps, push and shove, elbow your way forward and do a specific job. Material reality is physically tangible. It responds instantly to direct impact, which creates the illusion that this is the only way in which results can be reached. However, in the realms of the material world, the range of realistically achievable goals is significantly narrowed. You can only count on things that are present. Everything depends on finances, which are usually lacking in opportunities that are severely limited. Absolutely. Everything in this world is seeped in the spirit of competition. Too many people want to achieve the same thing and there’s not enough for everyone, at least within the realms of inner attention. So where do we get the conditions and circumstances that are essential to achieving our goals? This is where they come from, the alternative space, that metaphysical space on the other side of the mirror. On that side of the mirror, there is an abundance of everything and there is no competition. The goods are not physically present, but the great thing is you can choose anything as if it’s from a catalog and then place an order or as we talk about in two 50 the priestess. You can choose any movie script or movie that you want to move into and take a role in that movie. So you have a choice of the reality that you want. Sooner or later the order will be fulfilled and you will not even have to pay for it. You have to observe certain manageable conditions. But that is all, and I know that this sounds like a fairy tale. It is far from it. It is far from a fairy tale. It is more than realistic thought. Energy does not even disappear. Thought Energy does, does not even disappear without a trace. It is capable of materializing a sector of the alternative space. So it’s capable of materializing a part of the mirror into the other side of the mirror. Okay. That it is capable of materializing a sector of the alternative space that corresponds in quality to the thought energy being radiated. Or as Abraham would say, it is on the same vibrational level processes that take place in the subtle planes actually play, no less an important role in the physical incarnation of alternatives that exist in the virtual dimensions. So let’s just say that again, the process that take place in the subtle planes actually play no less than important role in the physical incarnation of alternatives that exist in the virtual dimensions. We rarely notice the element of cause and effect in these subtle processes that Zeeland is referring to. Nonetheless, they formed the greater half of our reality. So there’s a lot of aspects to reality, okay. That we are simply ignoring processes that take place in the subtle planes actually play. No less an important role. So as a rule, the materialist zation of sectors in the alternative space takes place independently of ones will. Because as human beings, we do not use thought energy in a deliberate focused manner and this is even more the case with less developed being. As we show in the, as we talked about in other episodes of the reality revolution, the effect of mental imagery on reality mostly manifests in the form of a worst expectations and that is what Zealand is saying as well. Being grounded in real life. People make their way along empty shop shelves, rushing to each their handout for a product that is has sold as a sold sign hanging on it. Only goods of a poor quality or left, but even these are expensive rather than simply flicking through a catalog and making an order. People rush in random search for what they want, waiting in long lines and trying to somehow squeeze their way through the crowd only to get into arguments with the sales staff and other buyers. The approach still does not give you what you want and you end up with more problems than you started with. The bleak picture of reality usually originates in the mind of the individual and gradually materializes transforming into physical reality. Every living being creates the layer of their world with their thoughts on the one hand and their direct actions on the other. All the layers arrange themselves one on top of the other. As each living being contributes to the formation of reality, a layer is characterized by a specific set of conditions and circumstances which make up the way of life of an individual being habitat conditions very favorably to scanty, comfortable to harsh, friendly to aggressive. Naturally the environment in which a person is born plays an important role, but how their life will develop laters largely depends on their attitude towards themselves and the world around them. Subsequent changes in lifestyle are largely determined by the person’s mental outlook. The sector of the alternative space that becomes embodied will correspond in scripted scenery to the nature and direction of that person’s thoughts. So two factors taken the creation of an individual layer of reality. There’s inner intention on one side of the mirror and outer intention on the other. A person affects objects within the material world via direct action, whereas their thoughts they embody in physical reality things that are not yet present. If a person is convinced that all the best things in the world have already sold out than in reality, the shells for them will remain empty. If they think that they have to wait in a large, in a huge line for hours and then pay a large sum of money for that is what will happen. If your expectations are pessimistic and filled with doubt, they will instantly be confirmed by the mirror. If you expect the worst to happen, the worst will happen. If you expect that you won’t find love, you won’t find love. If you expect your car to break down, your car will break down. If you expect to encounter a hostile environment, your premonition will be realized. However, if a person allows the innocent thought to permeate their being that the world has saved the cream for them, this too is what will become manifest. What we’re talking about is no different than just basic law of attraction to teaching, but understanding it with the concept of the mirror helps you to understand a little bit more specifically how your thoughts manifest specifically the eccentric who does not realize that nothing is meant to come easy. Turns up one day at a counter where they literally just have to how to delivery of goods as if they had been brought in, especially for him. So you have the the person that goes to the restaurant and waits for two hours in line and then the people that show up and they just happen to get a seat both exist. It turns out that the first customer gets everything for free whilst behind him. The long line is already forming. For people who are convinced that the reality of life is much darker and eccentric fools are just lucky, life is a game in which the world is constantly settling, setting its inhabitants the same riddle. Go on. Guess what? I’m like everybody replies in accordance with their own perceptions of the world. You’re aggressive, you’re cozy, cheerful, sorrowful, friendly, hostile, happy. Ill-Fated. The interesting thing is that everyone wins the quits. The world agrees and stands before each or participant in the image. They ordered it. The lucky eccentric decides to change their attitude. Once they come up against the reality of life, their world will change accordingly. Throwing the enlightened fool to the very back of the line. Okay? This is how the individual creates the layer of their world with their thoughts. The process can be explained using just a few simple principles. The first mirror principle is this. The world is like a mirror that reflects your relationship to it. So the first principle of the mirror principle is the world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it. The world literally consent to your thoughts about it. So why is it that our worst expectations are generally confirmed while our hopes and our dreams simply do not come true? Yeah. You know, there are a lot of reasons for this and they’re expressed when you keep on reading the second mirror principle reflection is formed in the unity of the heart and mind. So when you start to create reflections of the mirror. So remember the mirror is the variant space that has the information for heavy. Everything is available in the mirror. Anything can be reflected in a mirror. All it has to have is the object to reflect, but also the mirror doesn’t want you to know it’s a reflection. It’s an intelligent mirror. So that is an important concept to understand. So we know that the world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it, right? More importantly, we need to understand how the mirror works. And then the second principle that Zealand talks about is the unity of the heart and the mind. As long as the mind does not quit, contradict the wishes of the heart and vice versa. An unfathomable power emerges outer intention, which materializes the sector of the alternative space that corresponds to the image of one’s thoughts in the unity of heart and mind. This image acquires clear contours and as a result immediately embodied in physical reality. Okay? I just want you to try this. Find a concept of that is that is powerful to you in your heart and mind. That is the stuff that you’ll start to see in the mirror around you. However, what usually happens in life is that the soul strives for something, but the mind is filled with doubt. It’s the heart. The heart wants that beautiful ocean front view, but the mind says, that’s just impossible for us to do or can’t do it, or too expensive or scary. The mind is filled with always and will not allow the soul to follow the urge or the other way around. The intellect provides convincing arguments, but the heart remains indifferent because it doesn’t understand when unity is broken, okay, the image becomes blurred. Okay? The image of the mirror, it is as if the image splits because the heart desires one thing in the intellect insists on another, and so going back when Zealand is talking about this, I think it’s important to understand that when we’re looking at a mirror, it’s not just a visual mirror, it’s a mirror of reflecting our feelings even are the sense of smell, taste. All of our senses are being reflected. We seem to think about the mirror principle as a visual principle and it is not because the word mirror implies a visual thing. To understand the mirror principle, understand that it’s a reflection of everything of experience. Yeah, that is the key. There are only two things that bring the heart and mind together unconditionally. In most cases it’s a version when you’re avoiding something or it’s fear. When a person hates for when a person hates, they do so with all their heart and when they feel fear, it fills their whole being. In the unity of aversion, a clear images generated depicting the thing that you want to avoid as two manifestations of reality material and physical, metaphysical. The heart and mind come together at the same point and the thought form is embodied in physical reality. Now it’s so easy to be scared about something and have fear in your heart and mind, but it’s so easy when you combine the heart and mind over something you fear or want to avert for that thing to come into reality. As a result, you get whatever it is you cannot stand. So this is a matter of life and death to understand the mirror principle. Unlike fear, desires are not easily fulfilled because in this case of our desires, unity is rarely achieved for most of the time. When you have a deep desire or goal or something, you want the heart resist the mind because having succumbed the influence of pendulums, it strives towards other people’s goals. The mind in turn either fails to answer, to have any awareness of its innermost desires or it does not believe in the possibility of their fulfillment. So some people believe that to achieve the goal, you have to clearly formulate your order and then release the corresponding thought form into the universe. And then nothing to avoid hindering its realization. If only that were s it was that simple. This technique works only on the condition that the second mirror principle has been fulfilled. The technique. In reality, Trans Surfing requires the unity of the heart and mind. However, the unity of heart and mind is only achieved in rare cases. It is almost impossible to be fully rid of treacherous doubts. So a lot of what I’m trying to do in my other episodes of the reality revolution is to hack your subconscious mind and to create a unity of heart and mind. A lot of the subconscious meditations, a lot of my meditations, that’s really one of the key goals. And you can listen to other episodes where I talk about hacking the subconscious. The mind is so much more and it has doubts in so many ways and we want to get gain control of the parts that we don’t have control over. So what should you do? We need to consider the third mirror principle. And there is a delay in the reaction of the dual mirror. If you cannot fulfill the second principle, the fortress must be taken by lengthy siege. Try to imagine this rather unusual scenario according to when you stand in front of a mirror. But here’s nothing there except emptiness. Only after a little time does the image of your reflection begin to appear like in a photograph. So at a certain point you smile, but the reflection still shows the same serious expression. You lift up your arms, but the mirror image remains the same. You put your arms down straight away and again, nothing in the mirror has changed. In order to see your reflection with re raised arms, you have to hold them up for a long period of time. The dual mirror works in exactly the same way except for the time delay is much longer. And so the change is taking place in the mirror are practically imperceptible material realization is inert like tar. Nonetheless, a thought form or slide as it is referred to in trend surfing can be materialized. All it requires one basic condition. You have to run the slide in your mind systematically for a significantly significant period of time. So the point of this is that if you do this just for a couple of days, it’s nothing. If you lift your, if there’s a delay in the mirror and you lift your arms up and go down the delay, you will not see the arms go up and down until way later. And then you turn around and then suddenly you see yourself. So in order to get the constant flow and the constant reflection back from the mirror, you need to continue to do these exercises, visualization exercises, affirmation exercises. By doing this on a regular basis, running the slides systematically versus period of time, you’ll start to see the reflection come back to you. Believe it or not, it will happen. It will happen so much. It is so fascinating how this happens. It is so fascinating how once you become aware of this, everything changes. The Reality Mirror is like a normal mirror only it works the other way around. The image being reflected in the reflection itself. Change places. You can touch the reflection but you can’t touch the image. The reflection is on the other side is on the front side facing the mirror glass and the image is on the other side. The frontal side is physical reality. While the other side is dream space of the film roll archive. So as you already know, the physical reality is like a frame which moves along a film role. Only the film role is primary and the film itself is secondary. And so physical reality is a reflection of the object located somewhere there on the other side and they’re in the film real archive. There are multiple versions of the future. Now, does that sound confusing to you? I understand it’s confusing, but it’s also very simple judge for yourself. If the future is located on the other side of this Reality Mirror, can one somehow influence it with a usual force which only works here on the, on the front side of the mirror. It’s not an option. You could bust a gut with effort but still couldn’t work, can you? Yes, yes, yes, yes you can. You can. So as not to explode and to have the future you want, you must act from the other side of the mirror in accordance to the reality mirror rules, not the ordinary rules. So literally, if you want to be a rock star, you need to act like a rock star long enough so that you see a reflection of it in the mirror. And sometimes that delay can be a long time, but you have to believe it. You have to express feelings of it. It has to become real, real, and then outer intention will start to change through this mirror principle like magic because it is magic even though it’s not magic, it’s just the way the universe works. How do you get there to the other side of the mirror glass? When in the process of waking up, you disengage from the script and practically fall into the world behind the glass. When you wake up in the Aternity archive, when you go about the process of waking yourself up, that’s when you wake up on the other side of the mirror glass. This cannot be seen overtly and the reason it can’t be seen as the surface of the reality mirror is not a or wall as such, so much as an intangible transitional boundary between the object and the reflection. Next time you walk, go for a walk. Realize what you’re seeing. There is a point where the mirror begins right in front of you and you cannot see the line, but just know that you are looking into the mirror all the time. Everything is the same on both sides and they look identical only on one side. The image is material that you can touch and on the other it is not and as you move towards the mirror, the mirror will back up and you will be able to touch the physical reality. On the frontal side of mirror, there is your material mannequin. The word mannequin is used in two 50 a lot and on the other side is a virtual one. When you wake up, your attention passes through the mirror boundary into the virtual mannequin. It is your attention that moves not your body. It is your attention that moves, but this is efficient because you are your attention both bodies virtual and material, each on either side of the mirror move in unison. It’s a matter of where your attention is focused. Okay? If it is focused on the manifest frame, then you are totally engrossed in the script. If it is focused on the other side in the mirror, the image frame, then you are free to move both yourself and impending reality. So when you, when they say to propel yourself at you means in the sense that you’re self aware and arbitrarily in control of your own motives and actions outside of the script, inside the frame, you move in the usual way with your hands and feet using physical force. However you move reality in a completely different way with attention, intention and Metta power as referred to in two 50 you will gradually come to understand what metta power is when you start to sense it. I would not be able to explain what to you, what physical force is if you had never tried using it. The same goes for Mehta power. You have to feel it and develop it. Your plat or plate is your Meta power tool. The frame illumination method is an exercise for developing Meta power at the same time as being a way of composing the reality you desire. So once again, reality is a reverse mirror here. The reflection there, the image physical reality is on the frontal side. Where is the film roll archive is on the reverse side. Am I making sense? And it’s okay if this is still confusing. We’re pondering this together and we’re going over the concepts discussed in trance surfing and I think just by discussing this, you start to see the way that the mirror reflects and is clearly a critical concept in trend surfing. So an awakening attention shifts to this virtual mannequin in the world. Inside the mirror, you must be a little confused by the notion of falling into some world beyond the mirror glass without even noticing it. I know that sounds bizarre and perhaps not just a little confused, confusing, but don’t worry, you actually fall into the mirror every night when you go to sleep according to two 50 when you awaken in waking life, when your attention stands at the awareness center or more specifically yourself appears in the body of of a mannequin or a virtual mannequin on the other side of reality in the moment you become immersed in dream, the same thing happens. The difference is that in waking, okay, you have the reality on both sides of the mirror. The material and virtual side in a dream reality and mirror world are not concordat. Okay? The material world remains in place, whereas your attention flies far away into other worlds. Plus the difference is that in a dream you sink even more deeply into the script. Whereas when you’re awakened in waking life and you say, as Zealand tells us to say, I see myself and I see reality, you free yourself from it. Remember we talked about the fact that when you are not self aware, the script pulls you along by the tip of your Plat. So who or what pulls about your physical mannequin on this side? When your hook is at your disposal and you are simultaneously in a virtual mannequin in the mirror world, you pull yourself about your acquire, the ability to move things freely, both of yourself and impending reality precisely because you were in the mirror world beyond the glass on the same side as the image. Only the image can propel the reflection and not the other way around. Strictly speaking, the physical mannequin and the material reality are not so much a reflection as a materialization of the image. One way or another, you can manage manifest reality that is already occurred. Remember from within realization frame from in front of the mirror. However, the impending reality is just still just an image. The image can only be propelled from within the frame of the image from the other side where the image is located. This requires shifting into a mirror world. Now according to two 50 the whole scenario should be clear to you here in the manifested frame we have to manage there, we can direct and now we can come right to the notion of menopause hour. So you feed my hope of even the faintest glimmer of understanding from. So what the two 50 says is I feed my hope of even the faintest glimmer of understanding from you. My feebleminded ones. Don’t complain, don’t cry. My little whip smarts. What is the difference between reality and the mirror world? So what does two 50 say? Everything is material there. It’s all virtual as far as forces, concerns, you won’t be able to apply it to an immaterial object, which is why here, what works is force and there what works is Meta power. So two 50 is making a distinction between meetups, power and force is simple. An idea to contemplate on that, that we don’t have physical control over these virtual things from the, from this side of the mirror. Action from the other side of the mirror is emotional is an illusion. So what does this mean? The whole point of imitation is that you don’t have the right to disrupt, establish order of things. The order of things is such that you have to participate in the action and obey the script. So as repeatedly discussed into FTI and entrenched surfing, if you become an actor and you imitate something, if you imitate some particular concept, even if you go back to my episode with quasi where we talked about identity shifting. So what happens is when you, when you go about this, when you imitate a reality that you want by shifting your identity, the order of such thing as such the you have to participate in the action and obey a script. There’s a script for that, for that thing that you wanted the identity, not a single characters permitted to jump out of the film strip or do whatever they please in the film. The script is not the result of any individual subjective will. It is objective reality there, which is something you’re stuck with. You’re stuck with the script. There are multiple scripts for you to choose from. You are none of the scripts. You are none of the thoughts in your mind, but you can choose the script and once you fall into the script, fall into the script. Objective reality is such that you’re doomed to exist within it like characters in a film strip. So you may not agree. You may complain, but there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s just like complaining that there’s a sun or complaining that there’s a moon. You can try to defy it, but nothing will come of it. Whatever is shot on the film strip will occur. So there is a script that will occur. You need to come to a point where you go to the other side of the mirror and wake up in that attorney, the archive, propel yourself into a script that you want and they’re all available. All possible scenarios are available, you know, need to find the script for it and it’s not going to be exactly what you want. There is something going on with the other side of the mirror. It doesn’t want you to know that it’s alive and that it is a mirror. And I continue to say that it’s important to understand everything around you looks the same as it did before. You don’t feel as if you’re observing your branch from somewhere beyond the glass and yet there you are, but now you’re there. You acquire the ability to compose reality and choose a film roll. Not changed that one year in not refuse to participate in the action, but just choose a different one. You may not have freewill in the script that you’re in, but you can choose a different one, the one you want. Does that make sense? So as before, you will still continue to play the role prescribed for you in the script and perform your daily functions. But unlike the other characters, whilst you remain in a state of awareness, you will get something more. The ability to replace the current film rule at the same time you retain a certain perspective as if none of it were anything to do with you. The order of things has not been disrupted. You are neither spotted nor cod. Everything is turned out the way you want. This is what he calls the imitation game, wondering around a motion picture, like a live character, making yourself out to be inert and you change the real as you see fit. And nobody suspects anything. The script doesn’t suspect and neither do the characters. So there are certain very, some very, something very subtle that Zeeland is saying right there. You don’t have control over your thoughts. You have control over the choice of script that you choose. And the script will take over. So if you imitate a script out in the alternative space, it will start to take into creation. There’s a leap of faith that’s required with what I’m saying, but it is absolutely something that you can do. And that is why I challenge you. Imitate what it is that you want. Okay? Imitate what it is that you want. You want to be a writer, imitate being writer. Eventually the reflection will come away that you’re a writer. So the world is a gigantic dual mirror. Think about that. We’re walking around with a gigantic dual mirror right in front of us all the time. We’re not talking about that. And if you understand this concept, it gives you incredible power, but there is a delicacy to it. On one side of the mirror lies the physical universe and on the other side lies the metaphysical alternative space. Okay? In the dual mirror, unlike an ordinary mirror, the material world serves reflection of the intention and thoughts as well as all the living beings that are an embodiment of our thoughts. The alternative spaces like a matrix or template which is used. Okay, and that is the thing to understand. Another interesting concept is the reality AML gram discussed in two 50 with the help of this slide technique described in trend surfing, you can successfully create an image which the world mirror will stream into physical reality. Aside from any world, from any concrete image, though it would not be at all bad to maintain an unchanging background to the layer of your world that would consistently create a favorable atmosphere. You may have noticed in the past that your reflection is different when you look in one mirror than it does when you look in another mirror. It is the same face, but every mirror brings out its own different nuances in the reflection very slight. Yet tangible differences are revealed such as emotional coloring, mood, or even psychological type depending on the mirror. So the reflection will be kind or angry, healthier, sickly alternative or less. So you might wonder what could account for the disparity for the reflective surface of each mirror should objectively come via an exact copy of the image. However, there are a range of factors that can have a tangible effect on the transmission of an image like in a photograph. A lot depends on the lighting, a background color and the mirror itself. I know that the Venetian mirrors were noted in their particular charm as in the early Middle Ages Venetian glass according in it mentioned in two 50 was renowned throughout the world for its fabulous quality, but it was not the glass that gave the mirror its special quality. People notice that for some unknown reason it was much more pleasant to admire the reflection in a Venetian mirror than an ordinary mirror as it gave the reflection of the face and noticeably more attractive look, it turned out the Venetian masters had their own special secret. They would add gold to the ammo gram. The composition of the mere backing, which had the effect of making warm tones dominate in the reflective spectrum. Yeah, you can perfect a small part of the dual mirror for yourself, much like there’s Venetian masters to make the layer of your world more cozy. You can try mixing in your own reality Ammo gram. The layer of your world consists of a multitude of different reactions relating to your relationships, to yourself and to various manifestations in the world around you. It is essential to pick one particular line with it. In the spectrum of these relationships do determine the prevailing background. You could, for example, choose the form following formula. My world takes care of me. People will readily express their attitude to life when they are dissatisfied with something, whereas the when anything good happens, they take it for granted almost indifferently. We do it unconsciously reacting like oysters by force of habit. Now you can go beyond the level of oyster, wake up and use the advantage that you can express your attitudes to live consciously. When you understand the mirror, deliberately attuned your outlook to align with the dominant idea that you will see how the mirror will react. It will be your first step on the path to shaping reality. Remember when you were a child, the world really did look after you, but you did not truly value it. Then taking it for granted, look into the past. Perhaps you experienced this feeling when you were visiting your grandmother in the country, cast your mind’s eye back to those days in the distant past when you felt secure and serene. Fragmented memories can be very clear. It is. If a divine aroma is coming from the kitchen where your grandmother is still baking cakes or perhaps you’re sitting on a riverbank with a fishing rod or sledging down a hill, what was it like then? Do you recall a feeling of serenity? Yeah, it was like then then because the world did take care of you and although you may have vaguely suspected it to be true, you would not have attributed to any particular meaning that said, you would not then have had any particular complaints to make either everything was just fine. Even when a child is playing, they do not put their heart and soul into their dissident satisfaction. They’ll scream and stamp their little feet, waving their hands about in the world still carries the child carefully and caringly. No matter if the child is screaming, affectionately repeating what is the matter a little one. Did you make a mass and get yourself all dirty? Let’s go and clean it all up. Shall We? As the person grows and develops, the world, saves the best for them, making them gifts of of exciting new toys and caring for them lovingly. The world takes care of its little charge. It’s favorite. It’s pet. The lucky child discovers all sorts of new pleasures. Whilst everything is new and fresh, unaware of the fact they’re enjoying life in the moment the person understands. This is only many years later when they remember how good everything was in comparison to how it is now. So why is it then that with times all life’s colors fade and light? Serenity is with anxious concern. Perhaps it’s because we grow as we grow older, the number of problems we have to deal with the increase. No, it’s because we grow up. We adopt the tendency to express a negative attitude. Dissatisfaction is a more powerful feeling than the satisfaction that comes from comfort and being at peace. Failing to understand that we are in fact happy now. Despite everything we demand more and more from the world, the charges requests become bigger and the charge itself more spoiled and unthankful. Naturally the world cannot keep up with the charges quickly growing needs and the purse pet starts to make complaints changing their attitude to the world. You are bad. You did not give me everything I want. You do not take care of me. At this point. The negative relationship is charged with all the power of the unfulfilled soul and the capricious mind. The world is a mirror and so it can do nothing except throw up its hands and display and reply as you wish. Let it be your way. As a result, reality as a reflection of human thought changes for the worst. When things get to this stage, a person has more reason to feel dissatisfied as a result of which relationship to life breaks down even more. And so the former favorite and pet is transformed into a groom short, charged by fate and constantly complaining that the world owes him something. It’s a sorry picture. People do not remember that they were the ones to ruin it all. Spotting less pleasant features in the mirrors reflection, they focus their attention on them until expressing their negative responses because an automatic response. As a result, everything gets worse than it was before. In the reflection, reality gradually becomes dimmer as does the image. This is why the layer of an individual’s world loses its former brightness and becomes more and more dull and uncomfortable. However, you can bring it all back. Very simply, the feeling of calm, serenity, the taste of ice cream as it was in your childhood, the feeling of newness, hope for something better and the joy of life. You will not believe how easy it is, but you do not have to believe it. Try it. It does not occur to anyone that they can renew the layer of their world by taking control of their relationships to reality or whatever you make of your perception of the world is what your world will become. This should not be interpreted as some wishy-washy caught challenge to look at life more optimistically, but as genuine step to shaping your own reality. From this moment onwards, whatever happens, make it a rule to consciously control your outlook on life. I know that this, just to make it simplify, it sounds like we’re just saying be positive, but it’s actually an underlying overall filter that you’re seeing the world as. It does not matter that right at this very moment, things are not as good as you would like them to be. Things are not actually as bad and they certainly could be a lot worse. There are no stones dropping from the sky. The earth is not flame under your feet and there are no wild animals chasing you right now. Indeed, the world has changed considerably since you cooled your relationship to it. Do you remember how it used to cradle you in your arms, feed you with grandma’s cakes and tell you stories and then you grew up in a wall of a strange man appeared because between you and the outside world, warm spontaneity grew into a strange mint. Trust was replaced with fear and friendship turned into cold calculation. It the world did not get angry and turn its back on you. It simply went quiet and walked beside you. Deepened thought like an old friend, offended by a cold welcome. Look around you. Your world is still taking care of you. It planted flowers and trees for you. If you do not pay attention to the sun, sky, or clouds. But imagine what life would be like if they were not there in the evening. After a hard day’s work, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation and comfort whilst outside it pours down with the rain and cold wind blows the world, still feeds you and puts you to bed. The world looks at you and size and longing for those happier times, you turn away and fall asleep, thoroughly convinced that the world is not what it used to be and that the past can never be retrieved. The world has not changed just as a mirror never changes. It is your relationship to the world that has changed and with it reality as a reflection of your thoughts. So open your eyes, sit up in bed and look about you. It is the same world as it was before and that took care of you and with whom you once so enjoyed spending time. Imagine how delighted the world will will be when you finally come around from the illusion. Now you’re together again and everything will be used as it used to. Never again must you offend this old faithful servant with your thankless, Abbott attitude and most importantly do not hurry for according to the third mirror principle, he needs time to get back to the former self. Initially you will need to show patients in self control. You have to understand that this part of your work on shaping reality, the work you’re going to do consists in the following. In any circumstance, even the most minor con confirm your ammo Graham formula. It does not matter what is happening, whether it something good or bad, when something unfortunate happens, do not forget to tell yourself the world is really is taken care of. You cite this confirmation in every minor detail of life. When you come up against something that might disappoint you, make sure that even so you tell yourself that everything is unfolding as it should, as it should, according to the principle of the coordination of intention. However, circumstances unfold. Your reaction must be unwavering. The world is always looking after you no matter what. If something happens and you’re lucky, pay particular attention to what is happening and if you’re not lucky, observed the principle of the coordination of intention and that way you will always remain on a successful lifeline. It’s the advantage algorithm. Everything happens has an advantage for you. You do not have to know what dangers the world is protecting you from or by what means. It does so place your trust in the world. It is essential that you learn to trust. When a person finds themselves in a difficult position, they are more inclined to rely on themselves. Then hope things will turn out for the best and adult will always insist I can do it myself. The world places them on the ground and gives the opportunity to manage on their own, break the ice and mistrust every time you face. A problem. Even if it is relatively minor, say to yourself, I let my world take care of me. This is not mean. You should do absolutely nothing and sit there with your arms folded and don’t never leave the house. It’s a matter of adopting the thought that everything will turn out well of a tone of court by default. That mirror will reflect your perception flawlessly. If that is how you perceive it to be, then let it be so make a habit of allowing the world to take care of you from the tiny details of everyday life to the most important issues in your life. If you have walked out the door without an umbrella and it looks like it might rain, do not head back inside. Tell yourself my world and I are going for a walk. Tell your world you will look after me, won’t you? Your world will of course answer you. Of course you can boldly rely on your own world. It will not rain and it does not. The world will provide you with somewhere to shelter just in time. If things do not turn out so successfully and do not be offended or doubt bitterly whether the world takes care of you. Remember that you’re standing in front of a mirror and I apply this most powerfully to when I was shot at. I could have become very fearful and afraid, but I knew that this had been happening for a reason and I gave an advantage to it and I was able to overcome it. The most important thing is to hold to your overall course. You can rely on the world for all sorts of things if you allow it to take care of you. People are not capable of solving all their own problems. Give them to the world to deal with. The world has measurable greater per capacity to solve them. Then you do, for example, you cannot avoid all threats with the help of inner intention because the layer of your world intersects with numerous other layers. Rather than directing your intention towards your own safety, directed towards creating a world that creates, that takes care of you and protects you. You can choose to have a world that is to your advantage, that takes care of you. Yeah. Prepare yourself for a magnificent cascade of pleasant events. When you do this, I’m not over exaggerating. The layer of your word will literally become transformed in front of your very eyes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly things start to change, and in this moment you will realize that you will never look at the mirror of the world in the same way. Again. You will have experienced the rising wind of change. The wind will take care of you. You can be sure of that. Another interesting passage was from chasing your reflection in two 50 the priestess and Zeeland explains that each person creates the individual layer of their world, their own reality with the mental outlook. Their reality acquires a certain tone depending on their attitude, figuratively speaking, whether conditions are set, there may be morning freshness in the sunshine, cloudy skies and heavy rain, or even a raging hurricane and natural disaster. So to some extent, reality is created as it’s commonly thought as a result of persons. Direct actions. Thought forms are no less powerful. However, is just that their impact is less evident. In either case, the majority of problems are caused by negative attitude to life. The mass that is created on the metaphysical layer then has to be sorted out on the physical level, which complicates the issue. A person’s frame of mind is conditioned by what is happening around them, so we need to find a way to overcome our own circumstances. At the same time, a person’s, my friend mine is conditioned by which haven’t run them, so what we have is a closed feedback loop reality’s created as a reflection of an individual stuff. Forms and those forms in turn are greatly determined by the reflection itself. When a person stands in front of a mirror, they focus all their attention on the mirror without trying to look inside themselves and it turns out that the ruling roll role in the feedback chain is played not by the image, but by the reflection. The person finds themselves under the mirror’s power because they’re mesmerized by their own copy. It does not occur to them that they can change the original. Okay. It’s specifically due to this obsessive focus on the reflection that we actively get what we do not want. Usually our negative feelings have a total grip on our attention. We’re absorbed with the thoughts of the things that we would prefer to be different. We think about the things we do not want and we do not want. The things we think about that is the paradox. The mirror does not take into account a person’s willingness or reluctance. It simply conveys an exact reproduction of the content of the image. No less than no more. It is quite absurd. People voluntarily lug around with them. The things they cannot stand. The saying should be not my tongue is my enemy, but my thoughts are my enemy. Despite the absurdity of this is how things are. What happens when a person feels hate? They pour their entire heart and mind into the feeling. The sharp image is perfectly reflected in the mirror filling the layer of that person’s world. Whatever you hate, you will encounter in your life in abundance. And this causes one to be even more irritable, which in turn embellishes the intensity of the feeling. Mentally a person reaches a point where they’re ready to tell everyone to get lost and the mirror then returns in event like a boomerang. You’re told that you told everyone to bugger off and they did the same. Does this cause the number of problems to escalate? You Bet. Of course it does. If you stand in front of a mirror and shout, go to hell. The reflection we’ll see them in the mirror is yourself going to hell along with the rest of the of of your world. So when you’re awakened in waking life, your attention crosses the mirror boundary and ends up in your virtual mannequin. When you fall asleep in bed and see a dream, the same thing happens only qualities different in your sleep. You can propel virtual reality. You can’t influence physical reality and be more accurate to say you can, but it’s very difficult, not a matter of for snails. In a state of waking presence, you acquire the ability to compose. In pending reality which will become physically manifest. However, there’s one thing that you must understand for yourselves. When you compose reality, you are determining the end goal, the impending frame, not a chain of events. Composing reality is about choosing the film role, not about controlling the script. The script is beyond your power. You are not given to know what exactly the script should look like in order to bring you to your goal and you don’t need to know you’re working as a film projector. Once the goal frame is illuminated in your projector, the course of events will automatically turn as they should. Now, I use the idea, the metaphor of the projector with mere a lot in here, but they are both used very similarly. All your happening is with the film is is an ongoing number of frames within a mirror. Reality isn’t like a normal mirror. It’s a paradoxical mirror according to Zealand. It’s paradox lies in the fact that when you look into it, you don’t see yourself objectively as you really are. This is because the reflection is the set of the physical circumstances that surround you. The current frame, your attention is totally immersed in that reflection. This means that yourself is literally pasted into the motion picture like a fictional character or an illustration in a book. Being a character inside of film, you aren’t capable of changing or shifting the reflection anyway. You can’t propel yourself either your I dissolves into the frame and ceases to exist. You acquire the ability to prepare your propel yourself ahead and things outside of yourself. When you pull your attention away from the motion picture or away from the mirror, which amounts to the same thing, your body remains inside of it, on the f in the reflection, but your attention is focused here outside of the Mirror on the side of the image that is being reflected and then you see yourself standing in front of a mirror and you see the reality as a reflection of all your thoughts and actions. Only when you see yourself here standing facing the mirror, you’re able to propel yourself forward in such a way that everything is how I want it to be. In the reflection as you probably won’t have guests. We are talking once about your presence. You are your, you are your attention. You are either a living individual and you exist or you’re a paper person and you don’t exist. You’re one present in the film. When your attention is focused on the auditorium where you can see both yourself and reality in an essence, wherever the screen is, you’ll find the mirror too. So the first thing you must do in order to shoot your own film is to wake up and become fully present. And that is the thing that is emphasized repeatedly. You must wake up okay and become fully present. You weren’t watching the film as you usually do. You’re living in it, feel it. Open your eyes and look at everything that surrounds you, a fresh refresh your view. You’ll notice that colors are richer. And now imagine how you would feel to be not a character in a film, but an objective outsider. You’ve entered the film as an insider. No one knows except you inbody you are inside the film, but in your awareness, you’re outside of it. Feel your individuality, your presence, and second, before you start desiring, expecting and asking something of other people. In reality, you must imagine that you’re standing in front of a mirror and asking yourself the question, what must I do for the reflection to meet me halfway? Obviously you have to make the first move instead of your usual manner of claiming the larger portion of the cake for yourself and harping on give, give, give to me. You wake up and realize the reality mirror is simply presenting, re repeating your movements and if you want risk, if you want to receive something, you must first give something similar. It doesn’t actually matter what that you give, simply replaced. You’re giving me with the opposite of here take than if by magic in the reflection you’ll receive the very thing that you wanted. What you give out is what you give back. We’ve heard of the concept of Karma talked about through the ages, what you, what you, you reap what you sow and all this time it was the mirror reflecting back sometimes with the delay, but that is why Karma is a real thing because the mirror will simply reflect right back on what you do. That is why that’s a real thing. For example, let’s say you need love and kindness. Imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror. Move in such a way that you see these things in the reflection. How should you move? Don’t seek love, radiate love. Don’t look for kindness, radiate chairman. Be Kind. Try the principal out for yourself. Whom do you find more attractive? The person who loves you or the person who is needy of your love, the person who gives you selfishly or the one who begs you for something, the person who is genuinely interested in you or the one who seeks your attention. Okay? From here there emerges another effective mirror principle. If you want to win someone’s favor or receive something from them, set yourself the goal of emphasizing their importance and help them in the process of their own self-realization. Obviously, you’ll have to forget about your own importance for a while and focus on the importance of others. It is a paradox because here it’s all the same mirror. You benefit when you think about the benefits of others rather than your own benefit. If you do not want to make enemies, be aware of the danger or bruising someone else’s feelings of self worth helping others gains. The advantage should be part of your personal life philosophy. If you do this, you will have no difficulty with your own self realization. Moreover, your own will be successful only when it benefits others to directly influence the current course of events. We’ll either lead nothing or have the opposite effect. Trying to influence other people. When you consider the mirror, Zeeland says is pointless. It’s a mirror for you. There are characters or being led by a script just like you judge for yourself. Would you really allow yourself to be influenced? There’s no persuading you. If you don’t want to go in a certain direction, no one will be able to influence you. Otherwise it is. Is that not the truth? You can change the course of events in a movie by changing the film role but never from within the film. The only way of influencing people indirectly is to enter into a relationship with them in accordance with the mere principle. This is the only way of making people do willingly the thing that you would like them to do. Why should people want to do the things or give the things you would like them to do to the nature of reality is such that it’s not just a film, it’s a mirror. As we have talked about repeatedly in this episode, composing the image has a similar effect to composing reality. Only the mechanism in this case is different. More mirror like you can shape. You cannot shape the behavior of others like you do in reality. So the most important thing is to remember where you are. You are in a film that is a reflection surrounded by fictional characters being directed by a script. On the one hand you can switch the film role. You can choose an alternative space and the other side of the mirror, on the other hand, it is, it has a mere reality which is deceptive in the sense that it does not have a visible surface separating the image from the reflection. Don’t forget to be present and remember the mirror. Just remember that both the positive and negative will come back to you like a boomerang. When you are being fully present in the moment to those who are still asleep, you appear according to Zealand, you appear as a firefly. All cute and inviting. So being awake will be noticeable. So now we’ve talked about this principle of a three dimensional mirror and you know the subject and the reflection in the mirror are concurrent. So what does that give us? It means that the image you create can become a reflection and the reflection can flow back into the image. In other words, you can turn a reflection into an image. By pretending you have something you don’t or that you are already the kind of person you have not yet become. For example, you want to have your own home. You wonder around the shops looking at furniture and items to decorate the interior as if you already own it. Or you might want to be wealthy. So gold, look at expensive things. Cars, yacht, spas, and resorts allow wealth into your life. You might want to become a star. Behaves, behave as if you are already a star. Live that life for now, at least in your imagination. Don’t worry if it feels like it’s not genuine like a game or self-deception. If you are serious in your approach to the game reality, we’ll be forced to take you seriously. So when we talk about the technique of identity shifting and we become something else like an actor, and we play this role seriously, days at a time, that sounds crazy. When you really analyze it, act like you’re George Clooney and you’ll start to have the re the results of being someone like George Clinton. It is a mirror. After all, your task is to feel now how you would feel if you had already had what you want or already were the person that you’d like to be. You have to fake it and live out the game. It’s make believe but it’s not a joke. Gradually the picture of reality will attune itself to what your make believe. Reality is reality loves to create a real illusions but cannot stand being fed them. It will find a way of turning the illusion you have created into reality, so create the illusion in your mind. Zeeland says that all these exercises he has for the mirror are what is being referred to as moving from within. What is the difference between shaping an image or a reflection and shaping reality? When you compose an image or reflection, you’re working with the mirror. When you shape reality, you eliminate the upcoming frame. In each case, you’re using a different aspect of the nature of reality. In the first case, the mirror in the second the film, the technique is different in each case, but the result is the same. What you desire becomes manifested in physical reality. You may requestion whether faking it is really enough to somehow miraculously turn something into reality. Zeeland says, don’t worry. It’s quite pliable and it’s finding ways in house for this as a film in many variations and the illusory mirror is also an illusion which can be shaped and controlled. All you have to do is remember and use the right approach. The first essential is condition is that it’s a serious game. When a good actor plays a role, they become transformed into their character. They literally live it because they playing a role is a serious game. Your task is to perform the reverse path from the character that you currently are, which you aren’t satisfied. You should become the actor playing the role of an imaginary character. You must live your role to such a degree to such a serious degree that it is real. Did you were genuinely transformed into that being? This is the reverse process. The second condition, the game needs to be consistent. The Mirror of reality does not respond instantly. It has to have a time delay factor. So in order to create change, you’ve got to do this more than once. You have to act purposefully, methodically, with intention and regularly. Once you begin playing with reality, you must be patient. At first. You have to act blindly without relying on instant results. Results will appear, I promise, but only if you only if reality. Observing your game is the first to lose patients. Composing a reflection means creating your own illusion for reality. If there is something you want, pretend that you’re already have it. If there has someone you want to become, behave as if you already are that person. Be in the role. Take it seriously and live it like a professional actor. Live in your thoughts in virtual space and where possible in your actions, in reality, until you totally believe in the illusion you have created. As soon as you believe that reality will believe it too, than a miracle will happen. And now the reflection method again and again and again over and over. Catch yourself thinking I want something or I want to be a certain type of person, become fully present and w don’t want it become fully present as if you already have it. Now that is set all the time in law of attraction, in reality creation. This is giving you a better way of understanding it. It doesn’t matter exactly how you fake it, that’s where you decide, but be inventive. The more creative you are, the more effective you’ll be. The technique of the image composition is mostly used in relation to people. The technique of composing the reflection mostly in relation to reality. It is better not to pretend with other people but to be sincere and be yourself, but you can pretend as much as you like in front of a reality mirror within limits of course without losing a sense of reality. Remember that playing with the mirror and the upcoming frame is not enough. You also need to do everything that is required of you to realize the goal in the current frame. That is to take concrete action and not just lie around the sofa. Dreaming, take action. Reality pretends not to be a mirror. Also, reality pretends not to be a motion picture. Reality is pretending you are at the same time, both inside and outside the mirror and the inside and outside the motion. Picture, the image in the mirror. Reflections are connected. So what does that give us? It means that the image you create can become a reflection and the reflection can flow into the subject. In other words, you can turn reflection into a subject pretending you have something you don’t. I can continue talking about this forever. You can continue going over this material forever. There is so much more to it. It is a little bit repetitive, but you can create your own reality by understanding this principle, become the person by acting like the person. Become the person that you want to be and and reality was begin to create. Transform your outer intention all around you for what you want. Remember every thought, every action that you take will be reflected back to you by reality at some point in time. In some way, shape or form. Understanding this concept will give you a better understanding of decisions to make choices to make and the changes that you see in your world. What do you do? It’s a tough question. Just be constantly aware of it. Stay awakened and understand that you have an essential control over reality by understanding that reality is a mirror and it’s a wonderful thing and as we said in the beginning, emptiness is in essence the most powerful premarital and infinitely multidimensional mirror of all because in the void nothing reflects nothing and the entire universe is an entire, is a gigantic mirror and we have access to it and the mirror is intelligent and will reflect back to us what we think. Choose positivity. Choose an advantage so that when things bad things happen in your life, you look at them as if they are an advantage to your life. Understand the importance of your thoughts and understand your actions will be reflected back to you. I would love to know how everybody else there applies these principles of the mirror reality. Come to my Facebook group, the reality revolution where we talk about this stuff. Drop me a I would love to hear your thoughts on this. If you’ve found a way to manipulate this reality illusion in a powerful way that I have not discussed on this podcast, I would love to hear about it. There’s so many different possibilities when you accept this as truth that you can attempt to have incredible things happen to you if you play around with the ultimate realities of this mere principle. I hope that I’ve given you some of the material to help you contemplate this stuff. It’s been a little bit repetitive and maybe a little bit complicated, and I hope by focusing on this, it gives you just a little bit better understanding of the concept of the Mirror in Trans Surfing. It’s been wonderful that you’ve joined me. Thank you so much for sharing in this knowledge and welcome to the reality revolution.

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