The Magic Of Everyday Life By Maria Szepes Unabridged Audiobook (With Commentary) || EP 987

Through the magic of everyday life, we become acquainted with the secret teachings of hermetic philosophy.  Magic in reality means power, the magic power of the imagination manifesting form.

Most illness is psychosomatic in orign, a product of creative imagintation.

Imagination is a great magician. In its lack of self awareness it is a black magician.

With  deep insight through her work as a psychologist and character analyst Maria Szepes, the author of the Red Lion The Elixir Of Eternal Life, delves into the inner reaches of the subconscious to the invisible roots of cause and effect. The object of her methods is to produce the antidote from injuries that have coagulated into self tormenting phantoms;  healing images to replace disease causing ones.

The Magic Of Everyday life offers solution for mastery over discontent, how to step aside from painful conflict and how we can become successful, engaging, popular and creative members of society.  Each exercise and healing counsel helps us break through a thick fog of this space time illusion. By their application enormous rejuvenating power unfolds within us and we experience the joy of our recovery in the form of greater activity, resplendent equilibrium and true magic in our daily lives.

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Intro 0:00  

Beginning 01:33  

Introduction By Maria Szepes 02:07

Chapter 1The psychology of Shaping One’s Fate 13:50

Chapter 2 The Two Currents of Life 17:45

Chapter 3 The Reciprocal Effects of Outer and Inner Behavior 23:13

Chapter 4 The Possibility Of Intrinsic Change 29:34

Chapter 5 The Effect Thinking Has On The Circumstances Of Our Lives 31:05

Chapter 6 The Healing Power Of Thought 39:45

Chapter 7 How To Attain That Our Environment Adapt To Us 58:05

Chapter 8 The Proper Use Of WIllpower 1:07:07

Chapter 9 Controlling Our Emotional World 1:09:26

Chapter 10 How To Create A Pleasant Atmosphere Around Us 1:19:01

Chapter 11 Overcoming Anxiety 1:26:36

Chapter 12 Developing The Power Of The Nervous System 1:33:58

Chapter 13 Healing Diseases Of The Personality Through Service To Others  1:44:21

Chapter 14 The Secret Of Popularity 1:53:50

Chapter 15 How To Get Along With People 2:02:53

Chapter 16 The Magic Of Friendship 2:11:13

Chapter 17 Self Confidence 2:23:08

Chapter 18 Developing Self Confidence 2:28:15

Chapter 19 Overcoming Awkwardness 2:31:50

Chapter 20 How To Overcome Discontent – The Magic Of Postures 2:43:39

Chapter 21 Postive And Negative People 3:01:47

Chapter 23 Conquering Fear 3:09:40

Chapter 24 The Purpose Of Life 3:17:28

Discussion 3:19:34