The Loneliness of Awakening || EP 143

Spiritual awakening is a very lonely time for many of us. This is very normal and here I explain why. We may want to be alone or we may find ourselves alone with no one to turn to. You will get through it.

This loneliness is natural. Many on this path go through a similar phase.

The good news is that on the other side of this journey is a freedom that is beyond anything you can imagine.

You are not alone and it will be ok.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott, and I wanted to dedicate an episode on loneliness, the loneliness of awakening. And if you’re out there and you’re on a spiritual journey, it’s incredibly likely that you’re going to go through a phase of loneliness. It’s not unusual. It’s normal. And I can talk about it now because I’m going through one of those wilderness phases in my own life. I’ve had some incredible relationships with incredible people and I’ve been in relationships for a long time and I’ve gone through a period where I chose to be alone, where my, the way I felt everyday, my vibration was so much higher and I was feeling so good. My set point was so much higher and people couldn’t relate to me. Uh, once I was a different person, I had transformed into a different person. Went once. I might be talking about sports and some movies or some TV show that’s going on and then suddenly I’m not talking about this stuff anymore. I’m talking about all kinds of crazy stuff. And it was different. People weren’t used to it. I was a different person, especially when he started experimenting with moving in through parallel realities. You go through identity shifts and people are like, who are you? And there was a phase where I realized I needed to be alone, I needed to be alone. I have my kids I see during the summers and during holidays, but most of the time. And so you know, of course you go through phases where you start dating a little bit and you have friends. But there’s just a very common thing. And I’ve had people that I’ve coached and I’ve met so many people lately that are struggling and in some cases not struggling, going through this phase of loneliness. On a recent episode where I interviewed Aaron AB who has an episode about this as well, a lot of times we reach an idea of our place in the universe, our power in the universe, and we started attracting things that we want in our lives and we attract a relationship. And so it’s goes great for six months, but then we realize after six months that the person is abusive and you want to get completely out of the relationship, you are in it because you wanted the love and went. Once you connect with this love that you have inside of you, the love for everything you connect to this, it’s an almost unconditional love. It changes your understanding and the reasons that you’re in a relationship and it’s harder to relate to certain people in certain situations. The hardest thing for me that I’ve had to deal with is it, I’m a huge movie buff. I’m a screenwriter. I went to film school and I love movies. I love going to the movie theater. It’s my favorite thing. It’s my release and I am, I’m having a hard time. I’m still going in the movies, but not like I did before and I don’t really watch TV anymore. I find myself changing the material that I read, the music I listened to, the way I spent everything. I became sensitive to the energy around me to the energy of everything. I became a sensitive and I, and I was also being decisive in choosing where I placed my awareness in this process. Some people didn’t understand. I know people have different experience. I didn’t feel like going to the club and dancing, you know? It wasn’t my thing at at that phase that I was at. You become a little bit introverted and this is not unusual. This is not crazy. It isn’t. I’ve talked about on this podcast, there’s a real feeling that we’re going through some kind of reality revolution. We’re going through some kind of awakening, not just me, but the whole planet and a lot of people are going through this. A lot of people are having these kinds of experiences and if you’re out there, I want you to know that I, I feel you, that it’s going to be okay. I’m going to help you through this because I’ve been there and I’m going through. I’ve been through before and now that I’ve been through it once before, I’m excited. I’m excited about it because there’s a freedom that you get that is beyond anything that you can imagine and, but you have to look at the planet itself is changing. Like it or not, our thoughts are becoming things much faster than they did before. And our connection to the divine is much closer. Our densities are changing. If you watch or listen the episode though on the law of one [inaudible] where they’re discussing that we’re moving to a higher density and Delores cannon has a quote where she’s talking about this. Dolores cannon is super fascinating. We’ll definitely do an episode about her in the near future. Um, she did Kwan, the quantum hypnosis healing technique and people would come in and she would have this really good hypnosis technique and she would start, it began searching just through people’s past lives. But as a part of doing that, and I’m part of creating different hypnotic techniques where you can access past lives, she started having different entities that would come in and communicate to her through these different hypnosis sessions. And she started to get commonalities, different, different beings, different people, um, that have higher selves that spoke to her. That all said the same thing that was going on, that there was a density of light and millions of these people, a pure like volunteered to come back to the earth, volunteered to raise the vibration. Some of these people are, it’s not like they’re super super heroes. Just, just their presence in a mall can raise their vibration and these higher density beings volunteered to come here. And the law of one, they talk about the Wanderers, the people coming from the fifth density, which is, they’re talking about the same thing. So maybe that’s what’s going on, but what I’m going through is not unusual. It’s very common. I’m hearing more and more about it in the community and the law of attraction community in the spiritual community and the reality trans surfing community. And so I wanted to address it. I wanted to put myself out there and say that it’s going to be okay, that I can help you through this. That everything’s okay. The earth is a school that we go to and learn lessons, but he’s not the only school you’ve lived on other planets in, in other dimensions. You have done many, many things. You cannot even imagine. Many of the people that Dolores Canton and talks about having worked with, uh, after regress lifetimes said they were light beings living in a state of bliss. They had no reason according to Canon to come into earth density and negativity. They volunteered to come to help mankind and the earth at this time and Gloria’s account, a cannon had encountered what, what she considered to be three waves of new souls who were living on earth and they’ve come down come at this time because most of those who have been here for lifetime after lifetime have become bogged down in karma and are not advancing. They have lost sight of the purpose for being here. But to come back to what we were talking about, there is a type of loneliness that happens when you’re going, when you’re one of these beings, when you’re going through an awakening, there’s a type of loneliness that transcends all others, and it is born from lack of company that doesn’t share the joys of an inner rich world that comes with solitary introversion, nor has it anything to do with depression, but rather this kind of loneliness is a spiritual affliction. I’m not saying you have to be a part of a light being or a way of. You can just be a soul on this earth. Those beings are being sent here to awaken us, and so the point is we’re awakening all of us, not just those light beings. We aren’t me. I might not be a light being, but I might be awakened by a nearby light being. I probably have been awakened by listening to this music that you’re listening to now. Maybe I’m just been here and I’ve been stuck without my purpose. Who knows? But the truth is we as a planet are going through a reality revolution. The spiritual affliction of loneliness is part of it. In this loneliness brings feelings of emptiness, of having nothing and having an extraordinary uncertainty in everything. This feeling is a rare experience that comes to a person who’s seen too deep and too much. Yeah. Yet it is the beginning of what I call the process of Involution. These people have become of the unreality of their lives. They become increasingly concerned about their lives, which bring them pain, yet they still aren’t sure of the source. To them, the ordinary structure of society loses its value as they realize the fictitious nature of this matrix. This allude this same illusional matrix where they had been projecting all their hopes and desires. If they, if what they thought was real in this life turns out to be false than all the ambitions and aspirations they wanted to accomplish in it are lost immediately. Leaving them with the question, who are we and what are we doing here? These questions are the unconscious cause of the spiritual void. We constantly escaped them with all types of distractions with movies or books, careers, or social trivialities. Libidos are egotistical pursuits, recreational, religious or patriotic fanaticism. We do anything but choosing to be alone with ourselves and having to face these questions, these questions and these feelings of unique loneliness. That amount to in volution Canary experience had been forces behind every wise man and every prophets pain. There is a pattern in the history which shows us that these spiritual outcasts have experienced the very same thoughts and feelings born into civilized societies. They rejected values of material wellbeing, egotism, and escape behavior to retreat into solitude. In this solitude, they experience a spiritual awakening. Returning to teach the notion of world rejection, preaching spiritual intensity above physical security. For instance, Buddha’s enlightenment came while meditating on the banks of the [inaudible] river as a culmination of long reflection upon the human condition. Jesus, according to st Matthew and Saint Luke, spent 40 days in the wilderness undergoing temptation by the devil before returning to proclaim his message of repentance and salvation. Muhammad during the month of Ramadan, withdrew each year to the cave of Mount Hera. We’re on one such occasion. He claimed the angel Gabriel appeared to him revealing God’s wishes for Moses. Chose to be a shepherd in a desert where few people were to be found and later spent 40 days and 40 nights in seclusion in Mount Sinai with the sole company of the Lord descending afterwards with tablets of what he’d learned. Saint Catherine of Sienna spent three years in isolation in her room and the via, but in Kaza during which she underwent a series of mystical experiences before entering an active life of teaching and preaching in solitude, they all thought analyzed and descended into themselves. We could say that they found God dwelling there or they discovered with greater clarity the message they had brought with them at birth. [inaudible] imagine this, this is a large machine situated on a space of land. You were born as a cog in that machine and since birth were taught that you were part of this machine, you had a few slim choices of what roles in the machine you wish to function as, but this was as far as your freedom reached. You can compare this to modern daily life. There are some cogs which are more important than others for their functions. They’re highly respected by other cogs who aspire to be respected like them someday. However, in their free time, these cogs rest and do all kinds of superfluous slings to distract themselves from the truth of their situation that they are trapped in a machine prison, but one day you stop and reevaluate how meaningless you feel in your functioning and begin to awaken the desire that you want to be free from the machine. You machine the first two free from what we are, this machine, you suggest this to other cogs in. That’s what they respond. The first two questions that come to you after realizing you’re not the machine and can be liberated from it are, who am I and what am I free to do? This is the beginning of the immensely fulfilling process of awakening that I’m talking about, and so what you’re going through is totally normal. It’s totally okay. Those questions of who am I and what am I free to do or too complex to deal with in this in this episode, but I’ll go into them in the future for now. Here’s a passage from one of those awakened cogs. This is what Neesha has to say in his book, thus spoke Zahra through strip. He who seeks may go astray. All solitude is sin, says, heard and long were you yourself of the hurt. The voice of the herd still lingers in you, and when you shall say, I no longer have a common conscience within with them, it shall be a grief and pain to you. You call yourself free. I would hear of your master thought, not of your escape from the yolk. Are you a man that should escape from the yolk? Many of cast off their values when they have cast off their servitude free from what? How does that concerns our a through stra? Let your eye answer me frankly for what? Free for what a day will come when loneliness shall where you, when your pride shall arrive and your courage, Nash, its teeth in that day you shall cry. I’m alone. A day will come when you shall see your high things no more and your low things all to near you shall fear your EQ saltation as if it were a Phantom. In that day, you will cry. All is false. There are emotions that sleek seek to slay the solitary. If they don’t succeed, they must perish themselves. Are you able to be a murderer? A loneliness? That’s what Nisha says, a loneliness. There may be a multitude of varying signs or symptoms that anyone could have during awakening and no two would ever be the same, but one system that I see universally throughout my clients is loneliness. Ironically, we are United in that. I went through it too and I’m going through it now. For the most part, I’ve spent my awakening, cursing the loneliness at times, reflecting on the complexity of my experience and wondering how anyone could have ever possibly understand what I was going through. I thought somehow I was flawed. I thought I was entirely alone and I had no idea that so many others were going through the exact same thing. It wasn’t until long after the intensity of my awakening had calmed that I began to see how this loneliness had served me and serves me still. I begin to recognize that loneliness that I had experienced in the past and now actually had a purpose and had benefited me in numerous ways. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer it, but that’s something we can talk about later. Let’s take a look at the of spiritual awakening, loneliness and how I found it actually assisting us further along the path of enlightenment. First of all, loneliness shifts our relationships in a weird way. Loneliness starts at all. In fact, it is the sense of loneliness and feeling that no one else could possibly understand that adjusts our social circles in life conditions. It is that pervading sense of loneliness and not fitting in that calls for us to examine our relationships with friends, lovers, or work mates and recognize who no longer resonates with us. This empowers us to move away from negative influences and toxic relationship patterns that make room for supportive, loving, compassionate people in our lives. It creates the space for the universe to fill the vacuum with someone much more compatible and in alignment with who we truly are. It brings our relationships into the five dimensional reality. If those kinds of folks haven’t tuned out, turned up in your life yet, don’t lose hope. As you clear your vibration and become more aligned, they’ll start showing up. I promise. Loneliness brings and the next thing is number two is that loneliness brings our focus inward. Generally, we’ve spent most of our lives looking outward. Initially, we may have lived from ego with focus on more physical things. [inaudible] how we look, how much money we have, social status, but these things all fade eventually or uncontrollably crumble as is sometimes the case during our spiritual awakening. We’ve also been raised to look outward for guidance on which path to take or to consistently look to others for our decision making. That all changes when we experience loneliness. All of the crutches we have clung to throughout our lives get whipped away from us. Be it the big house, your job or the people in your life who you’ve become emotionally dependent on. It might sound cruel, but it really has a wonderful purpose when, when we can no longer rely on sources outside ourselves than we really can turn nowhere else, but within, we finally turn inward and that my friends is where the real transformation begins. That is what makes us, that takes us from the meek and mild mannered to fully independent, standing in our power, fully expressing our gifts and fulfilling our greatest passion and purpose. That can’t happen unless you search inward enough to find yourself and unearth all the amazing strengths you have within you. And don’t worry if those virtues haven’t shown up yet because they will. Loneliness awakens the truth of our divinity. How ironic that this all consuming sense of loneliness is actually the very thing that awakens us the most. You see, when you finally release all of these crutches that you used to lean on, you finally go inward and when you go inward, you begin to remember the truth of who you really are. That in itself can unearth a different sense of loneliness, a loneliness of the soul. This is where we begin to realize that earth is not our true home. We get a sense that home is somewhere else. Sometimes we get a feeling or we may just be lucky enough to experience remembrance of where home is and who we were with. We begin to miss home purely because our souls have awakened enough to come to consciousness on this physical level. This awareness has our soul questioning, why did I come here and how can I get home [inaudible] we might even get a sense of a mission or life purpose that we just don’t want anymore. This longing makes us more aware that we’re not of this world at all and it can bring up some real soul level pain or grief and it really does hurt. [inaudible]. I know I’ve spent many hours in tears sensing my soul, family and longing to go home [inaudible] so now we have, we know the purpose of loneliness as part of Ascension. We can all see the specific ways that it benefits us and catalyzes vital changes that transform us internally. However, now comes the secret truth that most people don’t realize until they’re on the other end. Awakened fully, and that is, it’s not necessarily you don’t have to do it. I’m not telling you that you have to go through a period of loneliness. If you didn’t, then that’s awesome. You took the flow and you properly did it. You had the right support group around you that was with you, and you’re with the people that you were meant to be to begin with. It may catalyze and things faster, but the path for you might not have been loneliness in the first place. Your soul might have already prepared a path of awakening that was cushioned [inaudible] with this longer and a slower blow than the loneliness can provide. Remember when we discussed how loneliness helps us to release limiting belief systems that stop us from experience our true Definity? Well, the good news is that loneliness is just a perception in itself. It is a belief system and it is one that we all inherently carry. Otherwise, we’d breezed through awakening, feeling connected and United, but of course then there wouldn’t be any need for awakening anyway. The reason we are experiencing loneliness or any other awful feeling is because somewhere deep down in our souls, we believe in it and we believe in it because we’ve experienced it in past lives. It is the accumulation of all of the times we’ve been rejected, cast out or ridiculed, and it is the this fact that we are still carrying those past life wounds that keep it in our vibrations. Now we feel lonely because we felt lonely back then and we are still carrying that loneliness with is now. Everywhere we go and in everything we do [inaudible] so there’s a chance. Can you imagine just, let’s just imagine for a second what the planet would be like. A what if question. What if the whole planet instantaneously remembered all of its past Carney incarnations in one shot? Can you imagine what would happen to this planet if 60% of this planet suddenly immediately remembered everything, their infinite soul, all the other planets, every other life, what they truly are, everything. All of it. Every single thing. Somebody turned the key in the entire flood of information. What would happen to this planet? What do we embrace? Wouldn’t it be better if more than 60% because the people that aren’t going through it are going to look at the others as if they’re insane. They won’t understand [inaudible], but you’re on the right track. Fortunately, the very fact that you’re experiencing loneliness at all means you are healing it. It means that old issues are rising to the surface to be felt. It means that you’re tapping into your past lives. It means, although it hurts that are healing your soul, it means that you are right on track in your awakening journey, no matter how lonely or it may be, it means that you’re doing just fine. As you start experiencing a spiritual awakening, you may start noticing the energy or a spirits or other things around us that were always there, but you just now started feeling them. Your concept of life and the pursuit of yet another material possession may be shifting to the realization that there is even greater fulfillment and joy in continuing the awakening process. However you have a social structure around you, of friends, a job and profession activities and more that are resonating in congruence with your previous state of consciousness. When I introduce these meditations where you can travel to another reality and you do, or an identity shift where you shift into another identity, you still, you’re, you’re S everything, the layer of reality around you still has a resonating energy congruence to the previous consciousness, so it’s so hard to sometimes escape your previous reality, and so becoming aware of this energy structure that can form is part of your awakening. This can lead one to distance oneself from other people. This can directly contribute to the feelings of loneliness or can lead a person to begin a spiritual awakening and then have their social circle, pull them back into activities that they did before. Depending on the strength of this influence, this could even stop the spiritual awakening or delay it significantly. Also, the ideal would would be to be able to positively influence one’s friends, family, coworkers, and other people one is in contact with to help them join the Incredibles movement of spiritual awakening. I will share what has worked best for me and others I know test out some or all of the concepts to help you solve loneliness at the time, so at the same time, progress your spiritual awakening the fastest. First of all, acknowledge the time and to incorporate the ideas, expanding belief systems, awarenesses and more that you are having in your, into your psyche. Oh, I allow myself time for this daily as it is a continual process. Your spiritual awakening is infinite. While doing so, I visualize and feel the infinite positive energy of white light all around me. This is part of everyone. It radiates feelings into me and you have everything you desire to feel, love, joy, recognition, companionship, and more. By doing so, it can reduce the feelings of loneliness or as truly we are more and more connected with everyone on an even deeper level. Now, second of all, get out. Once you’ve integrated the maximum of what you are experiencing and brought yourself to a great state, a state of feeling more and more connected with everything positive around you, then leave the house. There is a massive spiritual awakening happening and we can accelerate it. When you interact with other people, smile, radiate, love, and help them by who you are to Quicken their spiritual awakening, EG inappropriate ways. Share the result of what you’re doing. You may find that people say things like, you have such great energy or I love your vibe as you do this. Again, it will reduce feelings of loneliness in eliminate them. Third, incorporate into your visualizations and experiencing people who align with your deepest vibrations and desires. Interpersonally. I write it down in my, when I script in the morning with a date by it. The more one, visualize these people, for example, also awakening or farther ahead in the journey or radiating a white light of love. The faster they will appear in your life. The paradox is at the moment you release from needing an except this person or people in your are in your life and incidentally feel great, you find that they appear much faster or even in cases instantly. Fourth, expand your consciousness for people already in your life. Sometimes there are already people who are just waiting to be guided in their awakening. An easy way to start the conversation is by asking, have you ever thought about that? There is something more than just accumulating more possessions, which I don’t think you necessarily have to focus on on that you can focus on. Have you ever thought about there’s something more to this, the world that we’re in and you can, you can share whatever started your journey. You can also be, you can also be socially appropriate and remember that the goal is to benefit them and your reward is in feeling their light. Expand to [inaudible]. Now, I don’t necessarily agree that we need to worry about our possessions. I think that there is a split in the spiritual community and in my awakening, I have not had, it’s not as important material possessions, but I, I, I don’t push them away or think of them as less than. It’s just there’s less importance to them. I still have experiences that I want to have and that also can involve those possessions. So there’s, there’s a split in the, in the spiritual community. And I don’t think that in in my awakening, I have lost that desire. It’s just the importance of it. When you start to really think about the big picture issues just is not as important. [inaudible] you can also place your awareness even more on the people around you and their light and aura and radiants and ask yourself who, how, who else has great energy and how can I help? And then con comment on it by saying to them what you notice, who you may be surprised that people around you are also progressing in their own spiritual awakening and hadn’t spoken about it and they’re going through their own lint. Loneliness. I have made the mistake on some recent meetings of different people where I talked way too much about my awakening and I’ve learned that I have to keep quiet about it. Uh, fortunately I have this podcast as a venue to discuss what I’ve gone through, but some people out there don’t write about it in a journal if you’re comfortable than podcast about it. But in summary, while loneliness is a message, it is not a feeling one needs to have. You don’t have to have the feeling of loneliness when you’re alone. You can choose to feel whatever you want. [inaudible] there’s a really cool quote when I would just did a little research on this from Dolores cannon. She quotes this author Annie Kirkwood, who described a vision she had had of this transformation. She saw the earth. This is in uh, one of her P hypnosis. She saw the earth be sphere begin to pull apart like a cell when it divides into and then separates into two earths and on the new earth. She heard them saying, we did it. We did it on the old earth. She heard them sing poor thing. She died believing all that one group is not even going to be aware that anything has happened. [inaudible] now, I don’t know if that’s true, but the, the person who had this vision said, I would like to end with this quote. You are God. It is given to you to manifest your God beingness, open your Godself and allow the light to enter from within. We’ll come such light. It will manifest from the very core of your being. The world which you envision is already inside of you. You are not moving to another planet. You are breaking out of your shell. This planet, this shell is bringing forth that light. It is given to you to enter your life fully, fully, and dried out and to say, I am light. Nothing in God’s beingness can exist without the light [inaudible] and as you allow the light to come from you, as you experience moving to this higher octave, into this greater reality where you feel such incredible bliss and happiness, I never knew that I could feel this level of joy and bliss. And it’s scary. You want to share it with people. When you start to see a ma Murrah miracles all around you and you start to share these miracles with people, you start to S to. There’s so many things that I could tell you about in my spiritual awakening that are so ridiculous and crazy that I even on this podcast need to be quiet about it. But it’s fun. It’s okay, and you’re going to be okay. And if you’re going through it, you’re going through that wilderness phase just like the Buddha, just like Jesus, just like Mohammad, just bike Moses like Saint Catherine of Sienna, all of them. And there is a point on the other side when you get through this, where as Aaron ABCA said in my interview, you will experience a freedom like nothing you’ve ever, ever imagined and you’re about to have that if you’re going through this, everything’s going to be okay. I’m on the other side, reach out to me. If you need help, come to my Facebook group at de reality revolution and maybe I can help you. And there are people there that can help you. If you’re going through it, you’re part of something greater. You’re part of a positive pendulum of love. And in this one and in this reality revolution, we choose love over fear and you can choose that and your loneliness is okay. It’s a part of the process and on the other side is an a greater love and joy than anything that you can imagine. I send you peace and thoughts of Goodwill. [inaudible]. If you need coaching, go to my for all episodes of the reality revolution. You can go to the reality I have full transcripts of every episode. [inaudible] I just want you to know if you’re suffering out there and if it’s more than just loneliness and you’ve given up that I’ve been there before, give yourself another day because when you wake up the next day in the, in the light touches you, the information will soak in and your perspective will change. I promise you that it’s going to be okay. I’m there for you. We’re all there for you and everything is going to be okay. These are times that can be scary. They can be frightening, but they can also be joyous and fun, and it’s a choice on what you put your attention on and who you spend your time with and what you choose to love, and you can choose the greatest love and the greatest life, and you are on that path. I send blessings and peace to you and welcome, okay to the reality revolution. [inaudible].

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