The Law Of One – Densities Of Experience || EP 870

There has been a lot of confusion in the explanation of the word density and what 4th density truly is as it is explained in the ra material and the law of one.  Density is about complexity.  Photons of light with a greater density of information.

The densities of experience are a series of environments, from the first

through the seventh density, each succeeding density designed to funion to

offer us material for the evolution of our bodies, minds and spirits. Each

density or grade has inner or thought planes and outer or physical planes.

Supposedly we are now in third density. But what is a density, exactly?

Various disciplines use the word in different ways. The dictionary definition

of density is the quality of being dense, close or compact or the quantity or

number of something per unit. In physics it is defined as the ratio of the

mass of an object to its volume. A trustworthy Ra/Larson scholar, Bruce

Peret, makes a distinction between the thought planes and the outer planes:

What I understood from The Ra Material is that “density” is a measurement of the overall complexity of some structure, form or entity, in a

temporal, rather than spatial, sense. To use Ra terms, the density of an

object is the “size of the time/space” it occupies, whereas the volume is

the “size of the space/time” it occupies.

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