The Law Of Financial Success Edward E. Beals (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 703

One of the first – and most influential – books on the relationship between Mind, Science and Prosperity. Published in 1907, The Law of Financial Success set the framework for other groundbreaking books such as The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, The Master Key System by Charles Haanel and possibly Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

There is no idea that seems so much misunderstood as this idea of “Money.” On the one hand we find many people engaged in a mad chase after “money for moneys sake,” and on the other hand, many others are decrying money as the root of all evil, and severely criticizing the tendency of the age to seek money actively. Both of these classes of people are wrong-they are occupying the opposite sides of the road of reason, whereas truth is found here, as always, “in the middle of the road.”-Edward E Beals

“The Law of Financial Success!” To some this title may appear presumptuous, and indicative of an overweening vanity on the part of a writer who wishes to impress upon the world the belief that his ideas and opinions regarding the subject of Financial Success are of such transcendent value as to be worthy of the appellation of The Law. Patience, patience, good friends, the author has no such bumptious conceit—no such vainglory. He is not attempting to frame a law; not seeking to impose upon the world a set code of conduct, emanating from his finite mind, and claiming for it the authority of a Law. Nay, nay, he has learned to smile at such exhibitions of folly on the part of some so-called thinkers of our times, and begs to be absolved from the suspicion of such childish desire or intent. He does not wish to pose as the formulator, discoverer, or enunciator of a new Law. He knows that any Law, to be really a LAW, must rest upon the eternal foundations of Reality, and cannot be created, made, or formed by the finite mind of man. And, so, good friends, he does not claim to have made, created or formed this great Universal Law to the consideration of which this little book is devoted. It is not his mental offspring, but a great, eternal, universal Law of Life, which springs from the source of all Laws of Life. In fact, it is an integral part and portion of the One Great Law underlying all Life, and fits into those other Natural Laws, which, when combined in an Universal Harmony, form the outward manifestation of the Great Law underlying, inherent in, and manifesting in all that we call Life. “But,” you may ask, “is there then really a fundamental Law underlying that which we call Financial Success? Is there a Law which if once discovered, understood and practiced, will enable one to accomplish that for which this great modern world is so strenuously striving, toiling and desiring?

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