The Council || EP 411

Did you know Star Trek was inspired by channelings from the council of 9?

Numerous channeled works refer to the council of 9 as being a powerful group who governs this solar system. Is this true. Do they exist on Saturn?

The council are mentioned in the law of one as well as numerous other texts from Dolores Cannon to greek myths.  Here I explore some of what I have found about the council of 9.

Quite a bit of the material that was put into the Star Trek series came from Gene Roddenberry’s experiences in channelling and seance groups. One of the groups he regularly attended met in the US in the 1980s, where information from a ‘Council of Nine’ was channelled by Phyllis V. Schlemmer.

At the meetings where Phyllis channelled, members and visitors could ask questions of the Council. Gene Roddenberry got to ask questions that helped him make sense of other worlds, and find out who the actual Council were. The conversations that took place in these meetings also influenced the content of his scripts.

How do we know this? Because members of the group eventually transcribed a book of the Channellings, and Gene is mentioned in the book as a participant and there are some transcripts of his questions and answers as well. The book is called ‘Earth – The Only Planet of Choice’, and was edited by Palden Jenkins. It was published in the 1980s.

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