The Coordination of Intention Principle in Reality Transurfing – The essence of Transurfing || EP 79

Reality Transurfing is a wonderful book by Vadim Zeland. It is a fantastic analysis on how to create your own reality. I have dedicated several videos on this subject. You can check out my playlist of videos on this subject (

Transurfing is becoming more popular as people are becoming exposed to these powerful ideas. You can listen to reality transurfing for free on Youtube here (

The book is 800 pages long and many of these subjects are confusing and complex. I have done my best to simplify some of these concepts.

One word that is used in reality transurfing 60 times is coordination. I have generally been confused at the use of the word. So I dedicated this episode to understand what coordination means in reference to reality transurfing.

In the discussion of the coordination principle, Vadim Zeland says “this is the essence of transurfing”

In this episode, I break down the key passages of the book that discuss coordination, what it means, and what it does.

You will hear my undergo an epiphany in this episode and I hope to share it with you. Going in I had some confusion but by the end I had a far better understanding. While simply it is not discussed as much as other topics.

Using the coordination principle can help you achieve your goals, overcome importance and avoid pendulums

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott, and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. Here we’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self in reality like purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life. Welcome today’s episode. I wanted to talk about the idea of coordination in Reality Trans Surfing, and if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of Reality Trans Surfing. Then just to give you a quick background reality, Trans Surfing was created by Vadim Zealand wonderful writer. It is and 900 page book that details a way of creating reality by car, by your actions and by your visualizations and through a number of techniques and ideas and it’s very similar to the law of attraction. If you’ve heard about that, it’s kind of an advanced form of the law of attraction that takes into account a number of things. But one of the things that is talked about in reality, Trans Surfing is coordination. So I am a little confused and I’ve read this book many times and clearly it’s important. And so I wanted to deep dive into what core coordination means. I’ve seen it mentioned on on other trans surfing videos and so I kind of thought, you know, is there something to coordination that’s different or special? So if you want to get a little background on what Reality Trans Surfing is, I recommend that you listen to my episode or watch my episode on reality. Trans Surfing and I have an episode on importance on pendulums, on the mirror reality. And I have several meditations that are based around teachings from Reality Trans Surfing, but I am constantly learning and I’m constantly evolving in my understanding. That’s the wonderful thing about this book. If you open it up, you’ll find new content all the time, even if you’ve read it. It’s very powerful in that way. And I think as time goes along, people are realizing that this is pretty powerful stuff. But coordination seems to be an important aspect. In reality. Trans Surfing, it’s the word coordination is used 60 times in the book and so you know, according to the book you do not need confidence or faith and he, there are two different kinds of coordination that I can kind of break down. There’s coordination of importance in coordination of intention and I think a lot of times they’re talking about coordination of importance or intention. I really wonder if the word coordination, the way it’s used in particular is some kind of Russian translation error. And that’s something that I wonder about with a lot of the reality translation and reality train surfing book because it is translation from Russian, the writer, but even Zealand, a former physicist is Russian and he has several books that have not even been translated but, but when I looked it up, coordination or courting, not sia in Russian meaning can mean timing, agreement, negotiation, reconciliation, adjustment. And so I don’t know if that definitely is exactly what we, we’re talking about when we talk about coordination in Reality Trans Surfing, but clearly the, the topic of coordination’s important. So just I have some quotes in, I want to go over some of this stuff. According to Zealand, he says when referring to coordination, you do not need confidence or faith. You need coordination. Okay. So then he goes on to say the coordination means taking pleasure in thinking about the goal as if it had been already reached. Letting go of the grip of control over the script and going with the alternatives flow, helping it along with the or of pure intention. So the idea of not creating importance for what it is that you want by not gripping tightly on what it is by not being a control freak and kind of letting go and letting the flow of the situation is my best interpretation of that. And intention is a very, very important part of reality. Trans Surfing. And he is saying pure intention. This is totally different to blind faith. So we, it’s not like we know everything’s going to be okay. Let blind faith as it’s referred to in the Bible where there is faith, particularly blind faith. According to Zealand, there is always room for doubt. It is the forced potential of importance that blinds, when you go with the flow in conscious awareness, everything falls into place without excessive effort. So so far what I would take coordination of intention to mean is that it’s going with the flow. In Reality Trends surfing means not gaining. Letting the script take you along, creating an intention for what it is that you want and then moving along with the script and letting it flow when you act in accordance with coordination according to Zealand, what you previously wanted to believe in but could not because it’s frightened you, but the unknown will soon appear from around a bend in the current doubts will disappear when the mind is confronted. Fact, then faith is transformed into knowledge and fear of the unknown becomes satisfaction at the feeling of your own strength. The most important thing is to reduce importance and let go of controlling the script. So this is the second time that he’s talked about control over the script. So coordination is talking about coordinating your intention and letting go of control of the script. As has been stated in many of the other books by Buddy James Eland, there are scripts that are available very much like w w we can wake up in, in a, in a film archive that is our lives and we can choose a script for our life. Now once we move into the script, let the script go. We don’t have control over the script. The script is already written from now all the way to the end of the future and there’s multiple different realities and each reality has its own script. It’s like you’re walking into a play and you take over into the role. It’s discussed often it’s, it’s something that he completely talks about over and over again repetitively in the idea of the script and that’s what he’s talking about. But he emphasizes when using the word coordination to let go of control of the script. It is also important to remember that you decide the level of complexity a challenge represents. And that adjustments to the script will play in your favor if you let them. Finally, according to Zealand, absolute coordination is achieved as a result of harmony between the heart and mind. One of the most important aspects of Trans Surfing is if you have an intention or desire for something that you want but you want it with your heart but not your mind, it won’t work. Or if you want something with your mind but your heart is not there, it won’t work either and so a harmony occurs and that may be what is allowing you to let go of controlling the script. When your heart and mind are together, there’s a harmony be the Kurds. If on a conscious level you’re certain of what you want but there is doubt or glimpse of depression sits, sits in your subconscious coordination remains an elusive quality, so still when I read that that doesn’t sound right for normal English and so anybody out there that that knows Russian. If there is an alternate meaning for coordination, I want to know and I would love to hear in your comments what you think Zealand is talking about. When he repeatedly refers to coordination, he says, harmony of the heart and mind is achieved by listening to the whisperings of the heart and living true to your own credo. A lot has been said about how and why to listen to the voice of the heart. All I would add here is that living according to your own credo means loving yourself, accepting yourself the way you are and not suffering from pangs of conscience or guilt and firmly acting according to the dictates of the heart and mind. Efforts to live true to your own personal credo fall apart. When self-esteem suffers and conflict arises between the heart and mind. So it is, as you know, a wonderful thing to be able to live according to your true values and beliefs. It is even more wonderful to know that you do not have to create your Credo, change it or battle with it. Although many people do chipping away at their own, their own credo as if it were literally a statue. And Martin marble activating your credo will not bring you anything but fruitless. Soul searching, spiritual torment and self doubt. So I think in that sentence he probably means going against your credo, but your personal credo cannot be shaped or drummed up as a result of struggle or other Wilford effort. You already have a credo and it is just that like the heart, it gets sealed up in the box of importance. So this idea of the Credo is interesting and I would, I would also like to know if there is a Russian translation. So does he mean your purpose? What does Credo mean when when Zealand’s talking about this, your personal credo cannot be shaped or drummed up as a result of struggle or other Wilford willful effort. So you can’t try to find your credo at much like your purpose. So as soon as you let go of outer and inner importance, you will immediately sense that your credo has been freed according to Zeeland. When importance is at zero, you have nothing to protect or conquer. You simply live in accordance with it and calmly take what is yours by abandoning the battle for self worth, not inviting others to judge your worth and reducing outer importance. You finally acquire what is normally considered to be true confidence, so not battling the script, not battling for Credo and a bad ass and abandoning your battle for self worth, not inviting others to judge your worth and reducing outer importance. Making that yourself more humble like a guess. Then you acquire true confidence. Being true to yourself is really, I think what he is saying there. The type of confidence is not the frail confidence built on excess potential, but a calm inner strength coordination. True calm coordination does not relate to anything external and so it requires neither confirmation nor proof. No doubt you’ve seen characters in films whose confidence is beyond question, true calm self confidence can only come from inner self sufficiency and the integrity of wholeness. You do not compare yourself to anyone. You are simply in a state of total balance. So I’m, as I’m reading this, this kind of balance I as I understand is achieved when there is a unity of heart and mind when there is no feeling of guilt, dependency, superiority, obligation, fear or stress. In other words, when you do not disturb the balance inside yourself or in the world around you, live in harmony with the outside world, yourself and your credo. This is the ideal we should strive towards in order to have complete confidence. That according to Zeeland is coordination. So do you understand what I’m trying to say? This passage and is repeatedly talked about if there’s a little bit of gray area coordination. Courtney to Zealand grants you freedom from pendulums, allowing you to move independently in whatever direction you wish to claim, whatever you desire. So it’s the coordination of the heart and mind. It’s the coordination of your mind over the script. If at the present time you have to fulfill tiresome, obligation, detach yourself and imagine that you’re being filmed for a movie. He says, hang on for you. We’ll have to play your role all the way to the end, at least until the end of the current series. Until you walk through the right door. He recommends visualizing your target slide without thinking about the means and waiting for our intention to open the door for you. So the question is what do you have to do to make, to maintain coordination and walk upon even ground without plunging into holes in the ground or clamoring over obstacles? That’s the question that Zeeland asks and he prescribes reducing importance and going with the flow. And this, this is not easy, but it is it not impossible to free yourself from importance completely and the anxious mind, the daydreams and wants to control everything prevents you from going with the flow. Nonetheless, there is a solution. Simple and yet ingenious according to Zealand you can make use of the mines inclination to control everything and offered a new game. So he is saying use this aspect of the mind that wants to control everything and give it something to control. The idea of the game is make it again, the idea of the game is every time something bad happens, the mind has to wake up, consciously evaluate the level of importance being attributed and then change its relationship to the problem. Something that Zealand loves to talk about is waking up in both two 50 and in reality trends surfing and in this particular [inaudible] he’s saying to wake up, consciously evaluate the level of importance being attributed and then change its relationship to the problem. Your mind is sure to like it. We’ve already looked at the principles of the game. They’re the same as the humorous battle with the Golem, but that is not all. These are all passages I’m reading to You from Reality Trans Surfing, and I’m trying to work this through in my mind with you so that we both can understand. So according to Zealand, here we come to the main principle of coordination. So very much like the mirror, he has principles, two, coordination. And I again ask what is he meaning? Coordination between the heart and mind is the best thing I can understand. But he’s not clarifying that because he’s also talking about importance and he’s talking about using it to overcome pendulums and the Credo. So the main principle of coordination according to Zealand is if you allow yourself to be guided by this principle, you’ll achieve the same level of success in realizing the positive as negative as do in realizing their worst expectation. And the example is given, if you choose to perceive seemingly negative changes in the script as positive, that is what their outcome will be, if not absurd. It still sounds a little unconvincing does it not? What could possibly be positive about an obvious setback and what good is there to be found in misfortune and yet however strange it might sound, the principle works every time. And this is mentioned in two 50 the the idea at to what is the advantage to the situation. This is not a complicated concept. I don’t know if it’s necessarily coordination, but it is very important and I’m finding that I’m implying much more often. The idea is that when you have stuff that happens, you immediately say there’s an advantage to this. There’s some, there’s a reason for this. This will work out in my favor. And so just just the other day I had recorded some videos and we went back and looked at the the Mike and it sounded terrible and you know, I could have just freaked out but I said obviously there’s an advantage to this and when I went back and recorded them again, they just transformed into something way, way better. And so more and more when I have self come up, I’m finding myself just saying what’s the advantage to this? And then everything works out in my favor and, and that is where I’m getting that and it’s, it’s been very good. Once again, Zeeland assures that that he’s not asking you to believe in the principle that he’s describing. Simply experiment with it. He is saying you do not have to believe that there’s an advantage to whatever the situation is. Just experiment with the idea of taking it as an advantage. He says to try it out in practice and that there is a logical explanation for the mind. As you know, the world is constructed on the principle of dualism. Everything has an opposite manifestation, light and dark, black and white, positive and negative. Full and empty. And when you walk across a log and fall to one side, you automatically lift your arm on the opposite side of your body to compensate for the movement. And something that he always does is gives good examples as in nature and whatever it is, especially with importance that there’s a balancing effect. There’s one side to the other. Likewise, every event on a lifeline Zeeland says, has two branches of potential realization, one favorable and one unfavorable. So everything that you do, there’s something positive and negative. Every time you come up against one event or another, make a choice about what your relationship to that event will be. So if you choose to perceive the event as something positive, you position yourself on a favorable branch of the lifeline. So what he’s saying is when you have bad things happen, that reaction that you have in the moment is critical. And so in that moment, simply choose, what’s the advantage for me? How is this favorable to me? A predisposition for negativity, however, will cause a person to express their discontent and choose an unfavorable branch on the lifeline from first thing. In the morning, people get irritated by the slightest thing and the next thing until their whole day has turned into a constant trail of trouble. I am fascinated by this and I am asking you if you’re listening to tell me your stories about this because once I’ve become aware of it, it’s truly incredible. Wake up in the morning, you stub your toe and the next thing you know, the door hinge breaks off. The refrigerator is broken, the alternator’s broken in the car. It seems to happen in a series of events and every day I notice whatever actions happen at the beginning, it seems to accumulate like a snowball. Have you ever noticed that reality is like a snowball, that it’s like a little tiny thing that becomes something bigger and oftentimes they’re unrelated. So one of the Great Things that Trans Surfing really brings out is this idea of a movement of cause and effect that occurs and that you can actually use this idea to create something even bigger and that you can create. Use this to create a positive lifeline because a pattern forms, usually you’re not just picking to be positive or choose favorability over one thing because it ends up being multiple things. He says, even obviously even when the small things, as soon as you lose your inner balance, the negative scenario evolves into a drama as soon as the one that brings you down to the next thing follows, and this is why we say that things always happen in threes. The trail of trouble does not follow on from the initial irritation so much as from your attitude towards the end. The reason that we get into these strings of bad luck or bad things happening is not because the thing happened, it’s because of your reaction to it. So how the pattern is formed depends on the choice you make when you’re standing at the fork in the road and it based on what Zeeland is saying, you’re always at the fork in the road. It might only be a minor irritation that is shaking you out of sorts. But irrespective of the magnitude of the irritation, your already radiating energy at the frequency of the unfavorable branch in your lifeline. So it’s very easy to fall into that negative lifeline. Moreover, a negative attitude creates a tension potential, which drains your intention, energy, your actions become ineffective and you stumble upon the next bigger Eriterian rotation. You can imagine where you will end up in life if you keep following the map of negative branches. Essentially this is what facilitates the generation shift. Now imagine a different scenario. Something happens that irritates you. So take a moment before rushing in with a negative attitude and responding in the primitive manner of the, of the, as Zeeland calls the oyster. Say to yourself, stop. It’s just a game with a Golem as Zeeland uses the word goal. And so he’s just talking about uh, an imaginary creature that we have control over in a game. So, okay Golan lets play whatever is happening. Stay positive and pretend that you are pleased. There’s a reason why we have the phrases a blessing in disguise. Every cloud has a silver lining, and let me just ask you, if you’re listening, I want you to look back on bad things that have happened to you that you’ve had some time to step back from. Did you notice that it actually ended up to your benefit? No matter how terrible was in the moment, and what he is saying is not understanding this, it’s going to work out. Everything’s going to be to your advantage. Try to look for the positive in any difficult or annoying situation and we’re talking about more than just positivity. We’re talking about a pattern that can occur from our initial reaction. Being positive [inaudible] be glad. Even if you fail to find anything positive to hang on, to adopt the foolish habit of rejoicing and setbacks [inaudible] we can do that. It is much more fun than getting irritated and whining and every little inconvenience. Coordinating the heart and mind is coordinating your response to this and your intention in handling it as best I understand, you will see that in the majority of cases your inconvenience will act in your favor and even if that is not the case, you can be certain that your positive attitude has shielded you from other misfortune and carried you onto a favorable branch in your lifeline. As a rule, annoyances are a deviation from the norm. If an annoyance occurs, it’s not going to be the norm. Don’t worry about it. They’re only displeasing to you because they represent a strong deviation from balance and require additional energy. You are the one providing the source of energy when you create the obstacles and then you spend even more energy in overcoming them. So by contrast, good fortune and feeling happy is the norm. Expect it to be the norm. We’re usually only discontent when we come against a deviation in the script. Whenever the mind spots a deviation from a script, it has accepted, it automatically perceives the change in a negative light and expresses the corresponding attitude towards it. The mind then strives to bring the situation back under control and its understanding. So now explain the rules of the game to your mind. Tell your mind that it will still be in control, but that the function of control now consistent perceiving all events as positive. So if you want to control your reality, your perception of negative events, we’ll give you control over that reality switch on your guardian at the very beginning of the performance and when he refers to the Guardian as he does in 78 days of Trans Surfing, he’s talking about your literal guardian angel, the Guardian that you can create. And so you can switch this on. Assume that you have somebody that’s protecting you, that’s taken care of you. Normally you have a rough idea of how events of the day should unfold in the moment that you see the scenario changing. You must accept the change and agree to them. You only perceive an event to be negative because it does not fit into your scenario. Pretend that the event is just what was needed. This way, you get a sliding and dynamic element of control over changes to the scenario. Do not rush to express your dissatisfaction or try to fight the situation just because ongoing changes are being introduced to the script. You have something crazy come up. Don’t become dissatisfied and I am guilty of it. I’m sure you are too. Oh, this traffic jam. Oh, this flat tire. Separate yourself from the response of it in the moment by giving up your control over the scenario, you haven’t returned to you. Only this time, control is aimed at going with the alternatives flow rather than fighting against it. The secret now, as Zeeland says, coming back to coordination, the secret to coordination lies in letting go of your grip of control at the same time as taking the situation into your own hands. And let me read that sentence again. It sounds like a contradiction and let’s think about it. The secret to coordination lies in letting go of your grip of control. At the same time, taking the situation into your own hands. That seemingly sounds like we’re contradicting ourselves. But basically what we’re saying is that you gain control by assuming that it’s okay. And I come back to, uh, an interview I had with Schlomo Friedman where he was talking about an incident where he had a car accident. And in the moment he let go and observed in the universe tended to take over. And I, and I also had a similar situation where I had a crazy experience where people had a house invasion and tried to kill me. And in the moment I detached myself, I didn’t freak out. I let go. And in that moment it seemed like the flow of the moment allowed everything to work out. Okay. Obviously this is not every time, but if you’ve come faced with it with some significant event that has happened to you, you can, you can gain control over it by letting go a little bit. That’s the best way I could understand it. And as we learn this together, we’ll understand what this means more and more. But again, he’s using coordination and he says that’s the secret to coordination is letting go of the grip of control at the same time, taking it into your own hands. So when, so however, when you accept changes to the script as being normal, as par for the course, you let go of imposing your own sense of control. When you let go of the need to control, you actually become able to keep your own attitude and consequently the situation itself under control. So you can actually control the situation by not freaking out over weird things happening. At the end of the day, everyone wants to avoid problems and have everything turn out well in their lives. If you begin practicing the principle of coordination, this exactly what will happen. That is the principle of coordination is letting go of control to gain control. Zeeland states the coordination principle is even more effective than trying to influence events with the power of outer intention. The mind is incapable of anticipating perfectly every move that is to come. And so I love this concept. The idea is that the perfect events are scripted into the universe and by accident there’s a script out there of a perfect way for you to handle whatever event and our minds by themselves are not going to be able to know exactly what to do, but, but there is the exact thing to do and by letting go and accessing that alternative space, then you can gain control. The layer of your own world intersects with the endless leaders of other people’s worlds. We’re constantly adding their own thing to the picture and yet the mind does not have to work out in advance. What moves lie ahead. All it has to do is run your target slide and follow the principle of coordination. So he mentions the target slide again and so the idea is you still have a target or intention that you have that you’re aimed at and that’s fine. As long as you have that particular intention, you know it’s going to be true. You let go of the control and move towards that, and that is the principle of coordination. Then Zeeland says the outer intentional successfully bring you to your goal. Coordination develops with practice. It is not enough to understand the coordination principle on an intellectual level only. You have to be constantly developing and perfecting the ability. Your Guardian must be working constantly too. You must not be oblivious to the moment that you’re being drawn into a negative game. Be aware when you’re being pulled into a negative game, coordination is the most effective means of moving through the alternative space. You perceive every event as positive and so always move on to a favorable branch of your lifeline and more frequently encountered the the wave of fortune, which is all ultimately what we’re always trying to accomplish with applying these trans surfing principles. The number one thing I want to accomplish is to find that wave of fortune and the wave of fortune is very much like what we talked about earlier, which is the wave of bad luck that you have in the morning where you stub your toe in, the frigerator goes out, you have the flat tire, you can have a wave of good fortune. When you constantly make things positive, the next positive thing will happen. It becomes a wave, and maybe that’s the Metaphor of the word surfing. Inside of Trans Surfing, you’re surfing a wave and so maybe trans surfing is something seemingly complicated, but nothing more simple than choosing to achieve, to perceive events as positive and it pulls you into a Ford positive and eventually into that wave of fortune of positive things happening in the outer world, you must be careful not to end up with your head in the clouds. You’re not meant to be floating in the air, but rather taking conscious, intentional action that enables you to balance as you ride the wave of fortune. So the wave of fortune begins, somebody calls you up and and, and you win a prize. You get a new car, a new contract, better job things work out for you, great things start to happen. The first thing to remember in the same way is not to overreact to the positive of it because then the imbalance starts to occur. You, when you ride a wave, there is a balance that occurs. Maybe you haven’t written away, but you can understand the concept of it. Get on that board and you start swimming and swimming and kicking your legs and then you jump up and then you start to balance the board and then the wave comes in and you ride the wave for as long as you can, but if you lose your balance a little bit, you’re going to fall off into the water. Zeeland literally says, the last sentence of this paragraph is that when the balance, as you ride the wave of fortune, this is the assets of Trans Surfing, so I can only tell you that I’m working this out with you. This has given me a better understanding of it, that we’re white riding a wave, that you’re constantly having events coming up and down all the time, every single day, and it doesn’t matter what’s happening. You’re broke, you lose your jobs, something happens. Everything is working out in your favor. You have no idea what’s happening in the future. You’re following a script and maybe you needed to lose that job to get the better job in the future. Maybe you get sick right now, but by going to the doctor because you’re sick, you stopped. Some other major sickness and you meet somebody that that you fall in love with at the doctor’s office. Who knows? But the positive things will start to happen. Find a balance. So if good things start happening, it’s working out in your favor. Don’t make it important, but follow along. Transform your the joy, your joy into the intention of celebration. Zeeland says, use your right to choose and allow yourself the luxury of perceiving the life you’re currently disenchanted with as a celebration. This will give you a real rather than a losery cause for celebration. For then you have the hope of acquiring freedom. You will experience a quiet delight knowing that you are moving towards your goal and this will keep the feeling of celebration close. Even balanced forces will not be able to dark in your quiet delight, so you have something that comes up and then the it rebalances in your life, but it’s a celebration in accordance with the principle of coordination. If you perceive life as a celebration, whatever is happening, it will become one now. There is no need to continue battling. You’ll get what is yours in the end? By turning your back on the battle, you tear off the strings and acquire your true freedom without losing the prop they gave. The new prop is the alternatives flow. Remember that your choice will be fulfilled, a tune your thoughts to your target line and then the flow will be directed towards your goal. Focus on your with your thoughts on what you want. If bad things come up, assume you’re still on the path, find your balance, choose an advantage over everything you do. There is no force capable of preventing you on the path towards your goal. If you go with the flow, and I know that sounds like a Cliche, hopefully you’ve listened to everything else that I’ve said when I’m talking about going with the flow. Stay balanced and observe the principle of coordination. As we now understand it. You’re no longer a small paper boat on the wave of circumstance and no puppet in the hands of pendulums. You have a sale. The unity of the heart and mind. You have a helm, your choice, you go glide through the alternative space on the wind of outer intention. You Surf on the wave of fortune. So the coordination of intention principle and then he again in another section of the book he puts in parentheses, the coordination of intention. Principle literally means everything is unfolding as it should. So that is what I’m going to treat it. My definition is the coordination of intention is everything is unfolding as it should with my heart and mind. In unity [inaudible] and by following the coordination of intention, it can serve as a useful reference point to lower the bar of importance and allow yourself not to know how events should develop. So let go. You don’t need to worry about how what’s going to happen and if something happens that you were not expecting or that you didn’t want, assume that it’s in your best interest and that it’s a good thing. That’s to your advantage and celebrating. Let go the grip of control over the situation and give the situation the opportunity to successfully resolve itself successfully. You know, I think all the time you have friends in your life and they may be in a bad relationship with somebody they think that they love and then that then the relationship falls apart and they’re depressed and you could, you wish you could just tell them, hey, you’re going to find somebody else and they’re going to be even better for you, but they don’t know. And then a year later they find out somebody else. But in that moment they, they, if they simply had known it would have been a a lot better for them. Circumstances will begin to unfold in a positive way. If you consciously go with the flow rather than beating your hands on the water, you can rest assured that the coordination of intention principle works. The world has no intention of causing anyone difficulties and not because forces exist, which take care of you specifically, but because it involves expending less energy. And so again, he goes into this metaphor and an understanding. He’s always using nature as an example. And when he talks about balance, he is looking at nature. Everything always goes into balance. Check out my episode on balancing forward to forces and importance. It’s what nature does. Nature does not waste energy and it is not profitable for nature to spend energy on you. The difficulties we experience are always related to an excessive expenditure of energy. So while you’re moving along this wave, if you start wobbling too much, you’re going to fall off. By contrast, prosperity is the norm and demands a minimum expenditure of energy for you to be prosperous. It does not require major energy. It’s the norm. The mind has no understanding of the path of least resistance and battles with the alternative vote cause the mind thinks we’ve always had these battles and we’ve always got a battle. We got a wobble on that surfboard. [inaudible] it doesn’t understand the mind doesn’t understand the heart mind, but the mind doesn’t understand. It doesn’t understand the path of least resistance and battles, the alternatives flow, thereby bringing obstacles and problems upon itself. Have you ever met somebody that has great things going on in their life and they say, too good to be true. Something’s bad’s about to happen and guess what? It does. I have met people where things are going great and they’ll come to me and say, everything’s going great. Something bad’s about to happen. It’s time for you to stop that thinking. It’s time for you to expect good things to happen and it’s going to get better and better and better. Where else would these obstacles and problems come from? But from your mind, no one has eradicated the law of the conservation of energy. And so Zealand says the coordination principle should not be taken literally or categorically. You cannot walk right into the thick of things and at the same time assure yourself that everything is unfolding as it should. So I would take this as a warning. Don’t overthink this. Don’t walk into a big riot and, and think that you can say, oh, everything’s working out for my favor. He’s, he’s telling you to be logical about this. But generally speaking, you can rely on this principle. So there is a warning that he gives with the coordination principle, and it should not be taken literally or categorically in every case, but in most cases and in an ongoing basis, it will allow you to move into a positive lifeline. He goes on to say, and as an example, my problem is this, I have set myself very high goals, but I’m constantly surrounded by pendulums that get in the way of achieving them. I cannot talk about my goals or discuss my interests with anyone else and even my relatives tell me I will not make it. When I observe other people, they all pretty much look the same to me. And so he’s had people say, give me, give him some advice. And he points out that pendulums get in your way. They get in everyone’s way. So the way of keeping their counter impact to a minimum is to keep the bar of importance to a minimum do not attribute anything excessive. Meaning, and this might seem an unusual recommendation, but the majority of problems according to Zeeland are due to high inner and outer importance. Very high. Goals are not difficult to achieve is the accepted stereotype and the minds false thought patterns that make them difficult to achieve. So the coordination of intention principle can help you in breaking these stereotypes and thought patterns. You can achieve any goal if it is truly your goal on your path. Now, if the goal has been set by someone else on someone else’s lifeline, then you’re not following the alternatives flow. You can expect a feeling of inner discomfort when you run the mental image of the goal as it would look like it’s already been achieved. Much like Abraham says, follow your feelings and if you get feeling of discomfort, it’s a warning sign. Completely syncs with Abraham. In fact, I’ve never seen any of Zealand’s teachings that don’t go along with Abraham. As far as the choice of your goal and how to achieve it is concerned here you can take into account what other people say to you, but their words should be given no more meaning than that. You should take instructions from the dictates of the heart and not the advice of others, particularly relatives who wish only the best for you. So I would say in, in conclusion, there may be some confusion with the word coordination as I understand it in English, and there may be some various different interpretations of it, but my best understanding is that the coordination of intention principle is an alignment of the heart and mind. And choosing. When you have events come up, your reaction to them is incredibly important. And choosing to see the benefit in them will allow you to overcome those events and pull you onto a positive lifeline. Something terrible can happen to you. And I promise you it’s bad. Things happen to all of us. It’s just life. But they can also happen in threes and fours in waves and you end up surfing a wave or lifeline because of your reaction to the initial bad thing that happened. That’s the best thing that I pull from this teaching. So simple and it’s complicated. Yes, we need to be positive, but we’re not just talking about being positive, we’re talking about our reaction. And one of the greatest things I’ve learned in my own personal spiritual journey. And as I’ve learned that has been reinforced in reading reality. Trans Surfing is the importance of our reaction. I’m still working on it. I had to re hook up a new modem today and I had, it was kind of complicated and it took me like several hours to get all the devices in the house, all sinked up. And I had pushed a button on it and there wasn’t aware of it and it wasn’t working. And I just started getting furious. Oh my gosh, I’m going to have to go back and reset all of these items and all it did, it’s not working. And I remember thinking in that moment, your reaction right now is critical. And then my son came in and said, Oh dad, the Wifi is out, what are we going to do? And I was, ah, you know, this is gonna be a tough situation. And then I stopped and I said, whatever is happening is to my benefit. And it was to my benefit because it was a teaching it I learned in that benefit because it pushed a button that was kind of hidden and everything started working again. Whatever happens to you get into a car accident and you said suddenly, Oh, I’m so worried I’m going to have to pay the insurance now and I’m going to have to go and talked and everything’s going to be so time consuming. You have a car accident in that moment and then it’ll pull you onto a negative lifeline. Take a deep breath, assume that everything’s going to be okay, and then maybe there’s an advantage too. Maybe it means that you’re going to get a better car or you meet somebody along the way who knows? Assume there’s an advantage in a benefit that is favorable to you when you have crazy things happen, especially at the beginning of the wave before it’s too late. And so I challenge you the next time you have something happen in the morning, then you can change the wave. And I tell you why. I always ask in my interviews, what’s your morning routine? And that’s because you’re creating that wave in the morning. You have that chance when you initially wake up. You can create your own wave of fortune by using this coordination principle, look for the advantage, and you can literally start kicking on that surfboard and you’ll be propelled on the wave of fortune with with exactly the speed that you need to go. If you start in the morning strong in the way that you are risk reacting to around you and creating and visualizing. When you jump on that surfboard, you will be at the speed that you need and to have the balance that you need to ride a literal wave of fortune and then it will be on days and days of fortune and incredible things can happen for you. I really hope this teaching touched you like it did me and helped me to understand and it just reinforces again how great this book is and how there’s really great stuff in this book and I hope it helps you. So I hope that you’re courting your intention, that your heart and your mind are aligned and that you react to negative things. With that little thought. How am I going to react to this? What is the advantage? It is an advantage to me. This is going to be favorable to me no matter what’s happening. So if you’re out there and you’re struggling, you’ve had some bad things happen recently, just know right now, hear me when I tell you it’s going to be to your advantage. Everything is favorable for you. I promise it’s going to be okay and watch the lifeline open up for you in the alternative float and release your grip on it. You’re going to have bad things come up that really make incredible things happen. [inaudible] you’re going to have bad things that puts you in new lifelines at where they have circumstances happen beyond anything that you could have imagined. So be excited for it. If you have something bad happen, be excited. Oh my gosh, this means something great is about to happen. Celebrate it. That’s all it is. It’s a simple, simple lesson and I hope that it touched you. Everything’s going to be okay. A promise, everything’s to your advantage. Everything’s working out for you. [inaudible]. Thank you so much for joining me. It’s such an honor. When you join me on these lessons, I hope that it sinked in with you. [inaudible] if you need coaching, you can email we have full transcripts of all episodes. If you don’t have time to watch all these videos, you can always put them on two or three times speed. If you want to [inaudible] I’ve got some great meditations there. Let me know. Give me your feedback. Join my group on Facebook where we go deeper on this stuff and feel free to post if you’re already on there. I want to talk about this stuff and I want to join you in exploring this stuff. I’m no expert. I’m researching this and I’m taking my research to you hoping to understand this stuff and I hope and I want to understand it with you, so if you have questions and I don’t know the answer, maybe someone else will. So get on, get on the group and let me know what you think. If you’re watching this on Youtube, please subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell because I have so much cool stuff that’s about to happen. My book has been completed and will be coming soon. The reality revolution, the mindblowing movement to hack your reality. Can’t wait for you to read it. If you have any other questions, let me know and welcome to the reality revolution. [inaudible].

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