The Afformations Meditation – Questions To The Field || EP 513

Would you like to change your life? Would you like to have . . . . . . more control over your choices every day? . . . more free time to spend with your family? . . . a more fulfilling career? . . . more money to enjoy the good things in life? . . . more vibrant health? . . . deep, blissful sleep? . . . lower stress? . . . happier relationships? . . . greater satisfaction at work? . . . a better love life? . . . a more abundant lifestyle? Of course you would.

Noah St. John birthed the idea of afformations after his own attempts at manifesting with affirmations had seemingly been fruitless; experiencing great resistance and disbelief when saying out loud the positive present-tense sentences. He pondered:

“If human thought is the process of asking and searching for answers to questions, why are we going around making statements we don’t believe? I somehow knew that if we started asking ourselves better questions instead of saying statements we didn’t believe, it would change everything…

When you ask a question, your mind automatically begins to search for an answer. Empowering questions unleash your ability to take action. The answers to empowering questions produce feelings of positive self-worth and ultimately lead to answers that tell the truth about Who You Really Are.” — Noah St. John

Why are they called afformations?

The word form comes from the Latin word formare, which means “to form or give shape to”. When we ask questions of others or ourselves — whether positive or negative — we are inviting new thought patterns, which then begin to form a new framework for how we see and experience life.

This meditation is to use when you wake up to get into the state of the wish fulfilled


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