Do you have a problem visualizing?

Many people aren’t aware of how powerful visualizing can be in their lives. In fact many of us are doing plenty of visualizations everyday.
The problem is that most of us are doing visualizations to create the life we don’t want; we are often using it to imagine the worst outcomes of things or worrying about the future. If you can remember the time when you worried so much about something that it actually happened, is probably a good example of using visualization to create the life you don’t want.

Visualization isn’t something fluffy used by people who aren’t living in reality. It’s quite the opposite; it’s used by a whole array of people who know how to use it to bring about positive outcomes in their life. Many athletes including Olympians use it to excel in their sports.

The benefits of visualizing is also there for children; research from Beijing Institute of Physical Education and University of Ottawa found that child table tennis players between the ages of 7 to 10 performed better when they used visualizations (mental imagery).

Interestingly, research has also found that people who imagine themselves performing a task, improve their performance in that task without physically doing anything. That’s what Guang Yue, an Exercise Psychologist at Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, found. He discovered that people who did a virtual workout over three months in their minds were able to increase their muscle strength by 13.5% versus 30% by the people who actually did work out.

Are you incorporating all senses into your visualizations or is it just a grainy slide that is hard to recreate. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I have designed this as an advanced course on visualization to take your visualizations to an advanced master level.

The music is created to uniquely tap both hemispheres of the brain while taking you through a set of eye movements and exercises to amplify your visualization abilities.

When you incorporate this into your manifestations and meditations it is like rocket fuel as an advanced law of attraction and reality transurfing practice.

I explain the background research and science behind this holographic visualization technique for the first half hour. The meditation begins at 33:11.

Music by Chris Zabriskie… Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

Music licensed by Rebecca Reads music Heart Harmony by Christopher Lloyd Clark Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Adrift (Theta) by Christopher Lloyd Clark Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

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