The 7 Keys And 7 Lies Of Success || EP 669

I recorded this on the day my facebook account was closed down.  Here I share some amazing insights from several authors and motivational speakers on the 7 lies and 7 keys to success

To start properly let’s define what a belief is: Tony Robbins defines belief in the most basic sense as “any guiding principle; dictum, faith, or passion that can provide meaning and direction in life”. Beliefs are the prearranged; organised filters to our perceptions of the world. They are like commanders of the brain. As Anton Chekhov once said “man is what he believes”.

In this context the world “lies” is used in a sense that we don’t truly know how the world is for sure. We don’t know if the line is concave or convex. “Lies” here represents a reminder that we don’t know for certain how things are. Each of us on this journey of life has to figure this out and go for what works best for them. Indeed there is no cheating possibility on this one since we were all given unique assignments when we were born. We can get inspired, model people, model beliefs but at some point, each has to figure out and own their life; their destiny and accomplish the mission we each got assigned on the specific day of our birth.


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