The 12 Stages In Awakening The Crystal Light Body || EP 702

This discussion about Light Body Awakening is (in part) based on a discourse from Archangel Ariel channeled through Tashira Tachi-ren. These channelings have been published within the book “What Is Lightbody.” The Crystalline Lightbody is the required evolutionary physical form that is utilized by a fifth dimensional Spirit and Soul. As you proceed through this, keep in mind that everything within the Universe is composed of light. A plant exists because of its capability to take in sunlight and store that energy within a carbon bond. Humans consume plants in the form of Biophotons or quantum bundles of light energy. Every metabolic and catabolic reaction in plants, animals, and humans is indirectly controlled by these biophotons.  

The Crystalline Lightbody is the required evolutionary physical form that is utilized by a fifth dimensional Spirit and Soul. As you consider Light Body Awakening and Activation, you will be gaining an understanding of the science of Light or “Biophotonics.” Then you will begin to understand the importance of a Light Body designed to absorb photons of light as its main source of physical energy.

In order for Souls to take on a physical body and incarnate upon a low frequency third dimension planet, they had to agree to forget their past, lower their frequency and densify. Since that decision, after a chronological sequence of several thousand years, a NOW time has been reached for planet Earth. That NOW time was when maximum separation and densification have became very compacted.  

That densification cycle is ending for planet Earth and a new expansion cycle has begun As planet Earth enters this expansion cycle, those density and separation patterns are reversing. Within this changing cycle of the Universe, the solar system and planet Earth have begin to reverse the previous densification process by increasing the frequency of everything. As the frequency of everything increases, everything becomes less dense. In order for the creations upon planet Earth to survive, they must be synchronized with these new high frequency energies.  

As planet Earth evolves from the third to fourth and fifth densities, in order for humans to survive they must shift to these higher frequencies or leave. Similar evolutionary separation process and recovery phases have been repeated many times on many planets throughout the Universe. As the planet and those inhabitants that are interested raise their frequency to ascension status, each inhabitant becomes less dense and lighter in weight.

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