The 12 minute morning priming meditation | Ep 45

On the Ultimate Morning Routine ( I gave a 46 minute morning routine. I have had great feedback on that episode.

Several people told me they do not even have 46 minutes in the morning to meditate or do any sort of exercise. So I made this 12-minute priming routine if you only have 12 minutes to spare. This will do just the trick. Based on Tony Robbins morning priming technique (with some adjustments), this will awaken the energy in your body and flow the energy to your higher mind allowing you to heal yourself, to bless those closest to you and manifest a fantastic future with gratitude and excitement. You will feel energized throughout the day, setting your day off right.

With really, really uplifting and blood pumping music by Per and Jens Killstofte, I think you will love it.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott, and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical. In first year, we ventured to share the very mysteries of self. In reality. My purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and odd towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and the relationships in your life. Today’s episode, we’re going to do the 10 minute morning priming meditation. Hopefully you’ve gotten a chance to do the full ultimate morning routine that I have on a previous episode of the reality revolution that comes out to about 46 minutes. It starts at eight minutes and five and and it’s in about 46 minutes. What I’ve tried to do is just put together a super quick priming meditation. So if you don’t have that much time, you want to do a quick [inaudible] priming meditation of combined some different things at the same time. And it gives you a way to feel like you really did connect that you, that you took some time for yourself and it’s very powerful. You can oftentimes accomplish more in 10 minutes, then you can in an hour. A lot of my previous meditations have been long and I’ve gotten several emails requests and on. I’ve created a series that hopefully will help you if you need just 10 minutes. I want to help you connect and maybe we can might that spark inside of you and just 10 minutes. So the great thing about meditation is you can do at anytime of the day, one very powerful time to do it. He’s in the morning when you wake up to set your day to set your mood changes the way you think. And it can change everything. Like a snowball going down the hill, getting bigger and bigger. Your positivity and power and the path that you put forward for yourself is truly amazing. So what I want you to do is just find a comfortable place to sit and just promax for a second. Just relax your body for a second, eight tension that you might have. Just let it go. And as you sit there, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to do the fire breath. We’re gonna breathe in and out through our nose forcefully, former around of breathing to bring in some energy in our bodies. You can extend your hands up and pull down as we do this, and you can do this with me. Here we go. Just feel the tingle in your body as the energy comes into your body. Better than it. New Cup of coffee. You can feel it flowing through your body, going up to the new neurons and signups is in your brain, flowing all through the cells, muscles and bones in your body, all throughout, from your toes to the crown of your head. We’re going to do this one more time. One more round, a fire breath. And here we go. Very good. Now as you have this energy coming in, I want you to begin to pull the energy that you have in your body up to the top of your head. Wherever your attention goes, your energy flows. So you can put your finger on the crown of your head and you can pull the energy to this area right there on the top of your head. It’s going to want to go back down like a liquid. So you need to squeeze the muscles at the lower part of your body, the parent, IOM, the floor all around your stomach. Imagine the muscles, right you use to release waste in your body. And I want you to do the opposite of what you just squeeze them tight and pull up your pelvic floor and tighten up your lower muscles, pulling in your stomach to as close as it can to touching your spine. And I want you to pull in the muscles and the top of your abdominals up and pull the energy up. Suck it up like a straw. And as you pull this up, I want you to pull your eyes up into the left where you will access visual memory. I don’t want you to just hold the energy in the top of your head. As you look up into the left, they’re relaxed and look back to the center with your eyes. And I want you to look down into the left. And I want you to do the same breath, squeezing all the muscles and pulling it all the way up to the top of your head. And as you do this, I want you to put your put, place the energy there and keep your eyes focused down into the left. Feel the energy focusing down into left. If the energy goes both ways, that’s fine, but feel how the energy goes with your focus and pull up and then hold it. Yeah, very good. And pull your eyes back to center. And now I want you to take a deep breath again, pulling in your muscles. And as you do that, pulling the energy up to the top of your head. I want you to look down into the ride and look down into the right. All right. And then look back to center. And I want you to look up into the right and want you to pull the energy up to the top of your head and look up into the right and hold it, yeah, and release. And now as your eyes come back to center, you want, I want you to pull your eyes downward looking down at your nose, but pulling the energy up. See if you can identify and pull your energy without your attention. Keep your, keep them both. Keep looking down and then pulling the energy to the top of your head. Hold it on the top of your head. Now what may happen is you may end up moving your eyes towards the energy and that’s totally natural. I want you to become aware of this and the way that your eyes move with your energy and pull your eyes back to center. And I, what I want you to do is look straight up. This time it will be easy and pull the energy to you to the top of your head. Straight up. No, hold it very good and relax. And then now I want you to look over to your right ear. Look over directly to your right and pull the energy to the top of your head and whatever you choose to put your eyes. Put that poll your eyes to the right to access the memories of your sound and your ability to create sound. It’s an amazing place. Hold it and in release. Now I want you to come back to center and I want you to come back over and I want you to pull your breath up in the same manner, tightening your muscles, tightening and pulling into the top of your head and look over to the left. Now through this process, you’ve taken that energy and you’ve also applied it to different parts of your brain. Your brain is fully cognizant, both hemispheres of an activated at this time. What I want you to do is place your hand upon your heart and I want you to feel the emotions that are in your body now, and I want you to remember a time where you felt such incredible gratitude, some incredible events, something special in wonderful to you. I want you to keep your hand on your heart and I just want you to remember everything about maybe it was a sporting event, a family event, birth of one of your kids, something special that it can be anything that you want. Yeah. Now I want you to remember a time when there were some crazy coincidence that happened that allowed you to change your life in some crazy way. You met somebody at a restaurant or a club, or you had certain events that happened in some unusual circumstance, though it was at the universe was guiding you towards something special. I want you to remember that event. Keep your hand on your heart and remember it now quickly, I want you to go through many things that you possibly can think of to be grateful for from her kids to the bed that you’re sleeping in, the clothes, in your, the clothes that you have, your refrigerator, whatever it is, every single thing. Be grateful for everything. The air that you breathe, the water that you drink. Go through it. Go through as many things that you can think of now that you are deeply grateful for and let the gratitude role like an energy. No, I want you to feel the energy coming in from the top of your body down to your sparring, to the, to the bottom of your feet, all the way back up through your body, pulling in from the top of the universe, from the middle of the earth blending in, coming in. I want you to ask the universe to heal you, to heal your body, to heal your mind, heal your finances, your relationships, everything that you can think of, anything in you want your life to be, to be solved, be cured, to be overcome. Any diseases or health problems or relationship problems, anything I want you to ask your higher self, the universe, God, whatever you believe that you can ask, whatever at that part is I want you to ask it, even if it’s out to the void. I want you to ask it. Connect to a source. Ask It, become it. Ask these things. Bring the blessings in. Imagine that as you do this, the energies coming in, it’s healing you. It’s healing your mind. It’s healing your body. It’s building up the very best parts of you. The parts of you that are strong, that have loved, that have passion and compassion, all of it together and feel this. Now what I want you to do is literally broadcast it out to your, the closest people in your life, the people that you want this blessing too. I want you to think of that, that you want the absolute very best blessings for people close in your life. Be it family members, friends, even strangers, whatever you want. Make a list in and put out your energy. Remember, the more you put out, the more that comes back to you and you’ll be overwhelmed with his incredible radiant energy the more you put out. So list as many people as you want. People that need your help right now. Anybody that needs your help, send it out. Very good. And now what I want you to do is simply imagine something that you want to, something incredible, something wonderful, something that you want to accomplish, something, anything that it is some, whatever that thing is that you want so deeply. I want you to pick that one thing out and I want you to imagine accomplishing it, feeling gratitude as if it’s already happened. A signature of emotion. I want you to take the feeling and I want you to amplify it like you have a dial and you turn it up a hundred times more overwhelming your body with sheer delight and joy and gratitude. And happiness from feeling this. I want you to amplify it, become it. It is done. I want you to feel an excitement deep inside of you. Stand up and feel this incredible excitement of what’s about to Acom calm because you know in your heart you are not wishing and begging for this to happen. This is yours. This is your universe to control and you have this. Feel the joy and release it. Scream out as loud as you can. Yes, yes, you have this. You have this. It is yours. This reality is yours. Whatever it is you want, it is yours. I blast out all my energy for you and I amplify it and all the people listening, we amplify everybody’s intention that is listening to this right now. Make it 10 fold for everyone that’s listening as a group, we all achieve our greatest dream that we project out just now. What with the signature of gratitude and love for all, thank you. Does such a blessing that you shared this morning routine with me this morning. Meditation. I hope you go off and you have the very best day and you make your mark on this universe like never before. Make it the best day that you’ve ever had and make it the best life that you can imagine. And thank you for joining the reality revolution.

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