The 12 Lessons of Raja Yoga Lesson 6: The Cultivation of Perception || EP 236

Man gains his knowledge of the outside world through his senses. And, consequently, many of us are in the habit of thinking of these senses as if they did the sensing, instead of being merely carriers of the vibrations coming from the outside world, which are then presented to the Mind for examination. We shall speak of this at greater length a little later on in this lesson. Just now we wish to impress upon you the fact that it is the Mind that perceives, not the senses. And, consequently, a development of Perception is really a development of the Mind.

The Yogis put their students through a very arduous course of practice and exercises designed to develop their powers of perception. To many this would appear to be merely a development of the Senses, which might appear odd in view of the fact that the Yogis are constantly preaching the folly of being governed and ruled by the senses. But there is nothing paradoxical about all this, for the Yogis, while preaching the folly of sense life, and manifesting the teaching in their lives, nevertheless believe in any and all exercises calculated to “sharpen” the Mind, and develop it to a keen state and condition.

In order for one to gain knowledge, it is necessary to use to the best advantage the mental instruments and tools that he finds at his disposal. And again, one must develop and improve such tools—put a keen edge upon them, etc. Not only does one gain a great benefit from a development of the faculties of perception, but he also acquires an additional benefit from the training of the whole mind arising from the mental discipline and training resulting from the former exercises, etc. In our previous lessons we have pointed out some of the means by which these faculties might be greatly improved, and their efficiency increased. In this lesson we shall point out certain directions in which the Perceptive faculties may be trained. We trust that the simplicity of the idea may not cause any of our students to lose interest in the work. If they only knew just what such development would lead to they would gladly follow our suggestions in the matter. Every one of the ideas and exercises given by us are intended to lead up to the strengthening of the Mind, and the attainment of powers and the unfoldment of faculties. There is no royal road to Raja Yoga, but the student will be well repaid for the work of climbing the hill of Attainment.

This is the 6th in a series of lessons based on the powerful book:

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A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga by Yogi Ramacharaka

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I considered narrating this entire book as one piece but it works better being separated into 12 parts. This book consists of 12 lessons of Raja Yoga

These are the lessons,


LESSON II. The Ego’s Mental Tools

LESSON III. The Expansion of the Self

LESSON IV. Mental Control

LESSON V. The Cultivation of Attention

LESSON VI. Cultivation of Perception

LESSON VII. The Unfoldment of Consciousness

LESSON VIII. The Highlands and Lowlands of Mind

LESSON IX. The Mental Planes

LESSON X. Sub-Consciousing

LESSON XI. Sub-Conscious Character Building

LESSON XII. Sub-Conscious Influences

This is the SIXTH lesson – The Cultivation of Perception

This book is very powerful in helping to understand you true self and consists of a series of lessons designed to enlighten them regarding the nature of the Real Self, and to instruct them in the secret knowledge whereby they may develop the consciousness and realization of the real “I” within them.

The last part of this episode consists of exercises and meditations to help you prepare for the 6th lesson.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this and I will put these out faster. I have found it to be a powerful set of lessons.

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