The 10 minute Question Meditation |Ep 46

What kind of questions are you asking yourself? One of the most transformative things you can do is ask yourself questions while in a meditative state. Often times it is difficult because in a deep meditative state you may not want to ask certain questions. Tony Robbins says that successful people ask better questions and as a result get better answers. You can get a longer version of this here

This is a quick 10 minute meditation that will allow you to focus yourself and filter your lens for the day, it is great to do in the middle of the day. Anytime you have an extra 10 minutes give it a try.

Programmed to put you in a deep delta state with a new effect that is able to induce a trance state very quickly.

Mindfulness Bells Vol 1 and 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Deep Constellation Delta n by Christopher Lloyd Cark S Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Singing Bowls Note G, Note D, Note C, Note E (backwards) Rebecca Reads Licensed By Rebecca Reads

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