I have created a lot of long meditations and I have had several requests to make some shorter meditations. I know how hard it can be to just find the time. My goal was to make a 10-minute meditation that could transport you to a reality of your choice

In the process, I created four short meditations and this is the first one of this series.

This meditation is very powerful. It is designed to quantum jump you into the reality of your choice. Beware once you jump your reality will change forever. Anything is possible for you with this short meditation. You can travel to another universe, another reality in just 10 minutes. Let me show you how.

The meditation starts at about 2:06

This music by Jens and Per Kiilstofte is magnificent. It is like a mix between Han Zimmer, M83 and Vangelis

Anytime you have an extra 10 minutes give this a try. It will transform your life beyond anything you can imagine.

Welcome to the reality revolution..

Music by Chris Zabriskie
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Music by Per Kiilstofte
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Music by Jens Kiilstofte
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Edited by Quinn Brentson

Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott, and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical. In first year, we ventured to share the very mysteries of self. In reality, my purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and odd towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and the relationships in your life. I’m so blown away that you get to join me today because today we’re going to do a 10 minute quantum jump. I know on a lot of my recent episodes of had some very long meditations, have had some very long content and I’ve had several emails from friends that have asked, is there a new way you can get a shorter meditation? And so I’ve prepared a number of shorter 10 minute meditations based on some of the recent stuff that I’ve done and it may help if you’ve done the longer ones, but these are all very effective and powerful. This first one we’re going to do is a 10 minute quantum jump. Now remember the secret to quantum jumping is you need a certain amount of energy. When we look at the microcosm and when we see particles, quantum jump, they don’t just move. They could jump when there’s an certain amount of energy that’s put into it. So if we create enough energy, we can quantum jump in. The goal and intention of this meditation is to let you quantum jump to another reality. Be careful cause that’s all it takes is 10 minutes for you to jump into a completely different reality. Remember, you can come back and do this again anytime to find that perfect reality. The idea is if you can bring a lot of it with you beforehand, if you have a general idea of what you want to manifest, a clear set of ideas and goals that you can put together, something that you can visualize that’s very powerful, you can definitely jump into that reality. And so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to start off and we’re going to build up our energy a little bit in the morning. Then I’m going to take you to a quantum jump. So to begin, if just stand up for a second and I just want you to slightly tap on the lower portion of your back just right, they’re backed by the kidney. Just you can do it with your fist slightly or your hands just any way that’s comfortable for you just to slightly with both hands on both sides. And then after a little bit, I want you to tap down the sides of your legs. Just clapping it, kind of bringing the circulation up and around your legs. Clap on the inside of your foot and an inside of your legs, up through the inside of your calf, upset the inside of your legs than slightly. Kind of just make contact and kind of hit the front of your stomach. Moving up to your chest and thump your chest. Like Tarzan a little bit right now. That’s all. Now I want you to sit down and we’re going to do the fire breath. We’re going to do one round of breath right now and it’s just to get our energy up. And if you can pull your hands in the air and pull them down as you in as you, as you exhale and in, as you inhale, pull up, you can get a ton of energy and we’re going to do this for a little bit. We’re going to do 30 to 60 of them enough so that you really build up your energy. Just relax and close your eyes and then in and out through your nose. Just like that, and just relax and let the energy come into your body. Come in through your toes and the top of your head, soaking into the cells of your body, a pure white light coming into your body. You can feel it tingle. You might feel a little bit of joy and happiness. Just build up in your stomach and all around your body. A little warmth kind of comes in. Now as you sit there and feel this energy spread through your body, pull in energy as you breathe. Pull it in from the top of the universe in the bottom of the earth. I want you to pull in as much as you can and I want it to let it melt right at your heart. A crossroads of energy. Breathe out till you. It’s the end of his side. Deepen the air of your cause. Your chest goes all the way out and now breathe in and let the breath breathe. You naturally come into the moment, coming to this very moment, fuel the energy stream of this moment, this moment of all time, a future and past. All together in this void, feel the energy surround. It’s that place that you’ve known of for Aternity, that special place, that perfect international pool of pure source. I want you to detect it and sense it. Relax your body, feel your body and relax it and become aware. Endless black space space made way, way out beyond you. How far can your awareness go to endless space? How deep is [inaudible] t it? Stay aware of it in the blackness. Become aware. Wake up. Where is your attention? There’s both. There’s both space and boy, all around you on both sides of you. Sensitive, sensitive, connect to it. And now in this moment, I want you to think about a perfect reality, a reality for you, the reality that is whatever you want it to be. Whatever you want to accomplish, possess, own, discover experience you want. I want you to become it as if it’s already happened right now in this moment. I want you to feel it. I want you to smell it. I want you to see it. I want you to do the things that you would do if you’ve already achieved it. I want you to feel it in every way. Make it holographic. 360 degrees in every shape. Create it. Make it perfect, perfect. [inaudible]. Don’t worry. I really want you to feel the vibration of it. Feel it down all the way into every organ in your body sense, the pulsation, the light vibration, the sound vibration, emotional vibration, you the energies coagulating in merging the quantum coherence of particles undulating, vibrating in a perfect resonance to this reality. What would you be thinking? What would you be doing? I want you to feel it. I want you to build this up. I want you to magnify it 10 times, 20 times. Make it big, bright, powerful, feel it and before you, now I’ve created a large doorway that stands before you. It is now automatically opening up and sliding open and on the other side is it version of you, the version in the reality that it is already happened. I simply want you to walk in, take the body, take the mind, become that reality, and just keep on going for once you cross this door, there’s no going back. You will become this reality. Whatever happens beyond this, whatever things happen in the universe, the try to tell you that it didn’t happen. That’s just a little part of your mind that is scared of the idea that you can completely change your reality, but be prepared. If you walk through this door, there’s no going back. You are quantum jumping into this reality. You can always come back, but you have to do this again, so be ready except the body except the thoughts. Everything will be perfect for you. Make it perfect. Find it, find the perfect one and go through the door. Now, welcome to this reality. I’m the host of this in this reality, not the other one. That one exists entirely in a separate place. You are now in this reality. I want you to feel it for there is no doubt. This is no wish. You are this reality. Now be grateful and joyful. Make it perfect. You’re reborn. You are new. You are powerful. You are free. You are free. Thank you for joining me on this 10 minute quantum jump. Email me if you ever want if you need coaching, go to advanced success all the episodes of the reality revolution it’s been a joy to share this time with you. It’s my favorite thing. I hope the spark has been lit inside of you and you have this new reality, this new fantastic reality. Welcome to the reality revolution.

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