Taking Life Too Seriously || EP 684

DO YOU take life too seriously? Do you let little things of no real consequence disturb you? Do you lie awake nights worrying about your conditions and picturing even worse things happening? And, even when you are able to have a good time or take things more easily, are you constantly telling yourself that you can‟t afford it, that you shouldn‟t be doing what you are, and that you will probably suffer tomorrow for what you have dared enjoy today?I know many, many people who are like that. People who are unconsciously spoiling their lives and the lives of those around them because they are taking life too seriously. No one has ever yet aided a situation by worrying about it; nor has anyone ever improved their health by worrying over their physical condition.

But, despite the fact that most people realize the harm and unhappiness they are bringing upon themselves by their worries and fears, very few of them make an earnest effort to take a new mental attitude toward life.We all need a sense of humor in these times to give us the proper balance. The ability to relax and make light of a situation which has magnify itself in our itself in our minds is a great aid toward overcoming it. Something usually happens the instant we really “let go” inwardly, andsay to ourselves: “I‟ve done all I humanly can. Now the condition will have to take care of itself.”This mental attitude gives us the feeling of temporary detachment from the trouble and enables our Inner Mind to suggest a way out. When we have been so worried, we have been too close to our problem to see how to solve it. But now the creative power within us, upon our relaxing body and mind, is freed to go to work. It produces ideas and attracts opportunities to us which we would never have recognized if our inner vision had been clouded by depressed and overburdened thoughts.Happiness cannot be grabbed or selfishly withheld from others. It comes to those who are attuned to the rhythmic ebb and flow of life. Strangely enough, we cannot keep anything by hanging onto it. We must pass it on. You cannot stop a river as it flows onward toward the sea. If you do, that river will overflow its banks and leave devastation.

in its wake. Everything in life is motion—is moving—is change—is progress. Everything is here for us to use and pass on. Your bloodstream is coursing normally through your veins and circulation is taking place. Shut off your circulation, let your bloodstream be checked, and you are apt to pay with your life.A miser clings to the money he has, fearful that he will get no more. His fears steal his happiness of living, eventually destroy his health, and actually keep money from flowing through him.

You should regard money as a liquid stream, however thin this stream may appear to you at present, realizing that to dam up this stream and attempt to check its flow by hoarding, will cause the stream to change its course and take other channel.Do not visualize the dollar you have in your hand today as your last dollar. It may actually be, at the moment, but there are other moments and other dollars. The harder you cling to the one, the more deeply you are impressing upon yourself that it is “the only one.”

Without realizing it, you are directing this creative power to see to it that this is your last dollar! I know how difficult it is for you to have faith that other dollars will come—that the flow will continue if you spend that dollar, which seems to be your all, for what you know you direly need.


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