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Guided Meditation Falling Into The Wish fulfilled || EP 1186

After reading the Neville lecture Inmate or Occupant (https://youtu.be/VZ2lylS4gzk) we finally have a new technique we have not tried on the podcast. In this lecture he talks about “falling” backward while you are in your bed. He claims that William Blake showed him this when they met, by falling backwards you could see the grand […]

Guided Meditation The Angelic Ladder Of Desire || EP 1037

The Goal of this meditation is to help you to achieve your greatest desire.  Here we invoke unique angelic energies guiding you through a powerful meditation and ritual that calls on the angels and their powers to aid you in climbing the ladder of desire. We invoke the middle pillar and do a version of […]

Guided Meditation – Enter Into The Image Of The Wish Fulfilled || EP 907

This meditation is inspired by Neville Goddard.  The goal is to enter into the image of the wish fulfilled. To imagine from that place.  To see and feel from it . Following this we repeat the wonderful affirmation isn’t it wonderful , something marvelous is happening now. Let me know how it goes for you, […]