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Guided Meditation Shifting Your Identity || EP 1002

The intention of this meditation is to go the very core and shift your identity. This may be the secret to flowing into the space of variances and creating and composing any long term reality that you want. There are plenty of hard-science indicators that an identity shift causes a reality shift, but here is […]

Tom C Lyle – Secret Initiation Rites In Pragma Psychics || EP 965

After I posted an episode dedicated to Tom C Lyle and his book on pragma psychics I was surprised by the mumber of people who asked me to read further chapters from this interesting and obscure book. Tom C Lyle steeped himself in the supernatural mysteries and the book jacket says he was one of […]

A Transurfing Guide To Avoiding The Mirror Makers || EP 148

In the book Reality Transurfing talks about the concept of the mirror makers. Zeland States Everyone is capable of managing their own fate but only under the condition that they take the wheel in their own hands. It all depends what position you take, active or passive. You can live as each day comes, reading […]