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More About Life In The World Unseen By Anthony Borgia (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 1313

This is a continuation of the book Life in the World Unseen. I got lots of requests to read the sequel which is an amazing book documenting the afterlife in a powerful and unique way. it is the channeled words of an ex-Catholic Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, who discovered that life after death is completely […]

The God Formula || EP 1251

This is a breakdown, analysis and review of the concepts of the amazing book Becoming Like God By Michael Berg Berg argues that we inhabit a prison—a strange sort of prison, to be sure, because most inmates don’t even realize we’re behind bars. We’re even conditioned to scoff at the notion that there might actually […]

Life In The World Unseen By Anthony Borgia (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 1085

This amazing book finally captures what fourth density new earth is like. You have read nothing like this. Is there really such a thing as heaven, where God has “prepared a place for us”? Or does life for us begin and end on planet Earth? Are all those orbs in the seemingly infinite universe just […]

The Way Of Peace By James Allen || EP 1029

The world at times seems to be in a perpetual state of war, but there is a way of peace if you follow the teachings of this powerful classic. The Way of Peace is a New Thought book written by James Allen. Although Allen is more widely known for his As a Man Thinketh, it […]

The Secret Magic Of Service || EP 787

How may I serve others so that they may have what I desire? The answer to this seemingly contradictory question holds the key to authentic inner peace. Many callers to my radio show are struggling with fears, worries, and concerns that stem, as they see it, from unfulfilled desires. I usually suggest that they try […]