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Prayer As Listening || EP 1095

There is one misundertstanding regarding prayer. We read prayers and declare our desires and heartfel thoughts that are written on our heart.  But do we listen to the answer? To truly pray is to listen. If I were to tell you  the secret path to overcome your problems would hear me if you repeatedly asked […]

How To Use Your Healing Power By Joseph Murphy (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 1078

How to Use Your Healing Power is Dr. Joseph Murphy’s lecture on the inner meaning of the healing in the New Testament. Murphy draws on his wide experience to illustrate how the healing miracles performed by Jesus exemplify the application, in specific cases, of basic principles of spiritual laws that have existed. He tells the […]

How To Use The Power Of Prayer By Dr Joseph Murphy (With Commentary) || EP 1001

This short little book is a powerful explanation of how to use the power of prayer by the amazing writer and metaphysician Joseph Murphy. You may not entirely agree with some of his definitions of the universe. To believe is to accept something as true. To make alive the truths of God by feeling the […]