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The Power Of Language || EP 1447

We live in a world of codes. Some are as strict as software, some as fluid as the mother tongue. Some expand like math beyond human experience. Some are loaded with bigotry. Some are like poetry. They are all languages. These are the codes of our minds. When God came down and saw that humans were […]

Modeling Realities || EP 1076

You want to become a billionaire.  So how do you do it.  If feeling is the secret to creating reality what is the feeling of the billionaire.  If thoughts create reality why isn’t everyone a billionaire?  How do we imagine something we know nothing about? There are millions of successful people who have  accomplished goals […]

Anchoring Realities || EP 1075

In NLP, “anchoring” refers to the process of associating an internal response with some external or internal trigger so that the response may be quickly, and sometimes covertly, re-accessed. You can use anchoring as a tool in reality creation to create and change states. Basic anchoring involves in essence, the elicition of a strong congruent […]