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Paul Selig – Entering The Upper Room || EP 1250

“We stand before you today in preparation for your work, for your capability and great capacity to be re-known, to be rendered anew. Each of you here has chosen, at one level or another, that the lives you have lived may be altered, re-known, sung in a higher tone, a higher key. Each of you […]

Paul Selig On The Transition Into A New Octave || EP 1165

Recently I got a chance to read Paul’s amazing new book Resurrection, the most recent in Paul’s amazing book series. This book is groundbreaking and really advances us into a different level of consciousness. Fortunately I was able to ask questions about it. If you have followed the book the guides really take this teaching […]

Interview With Paul Selig – Channeling The Shift || EP 986

I really loved this amazing interview with Paul Selig.  He is one of my very favorite authors and I was clearly starstruck and overjoyed to speak to him.  Paul’s teachings have profoundly changed my life.   Paul Selig is considered to be one of the foremost spiritual channels working today. In his nine breakthrough works […]