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Deep Sleep Meditation Dreamwalking In The Multiverse || EP 1072

I was inspired after watching Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness to create this meditation. This allows you freely explore and dreamwalk as you sleep in the multiverse. This is a fantastic Lucid Dreaming exercise and a way to explore the many parallel universes of your self. I set this at four hours to […]

8 Hour Lucid Dreaming Sleep Meditation: Awaken And Remember The Dream || EP 763

Meditation starts at 4:55 This is the lucid dreaming sleep meditation designed to give you lucid dreams, to remember them when you awaken In a previous episode on the reality revolution I did a deep dive on intention in reality transurfing (https://youtu.be/wutlDVBz6AM) In the book Vadim Zeland argues that the key to understanding intention is […]