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8 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation How Good Can it Get? Isn’t It Wonderful? (Delta Binaural 432hz 963hz) || EP 1289

How good can it get? Isn’t it wonderful? Thank you Thank you Thank you By accident I came upon this powerful combination and it has created lightning in a bottle. It is a short set of questions. I learned the power of How Good Can It Get from Cynthia Sue Larson and the Isn’t It […]

Guided Meditation – Enter Into The Image Of The Wish Fulfilled || EP 907

This meditation is inspired by Neville Goddard.  The goal is to enter into the image of the wish fulfilled. To imagine from that place.  To see and feel from it . Following this we repeat the wonderful affirmation isn’t it wonderful , something marvelous is happening now. Let me know how it goes for you, […]

Guided Morning Meditation: Something Wonderful Is Happening Now! Wave of Fortune Meditation || EP 212

The intention of this meditation was to prime your morning much like Tony Robbins does and to create a wave of fortune as Zeland discusses in his book Reality Transurfing. In my interview with Renee Garcia she said this one thing had made her more money than anything else. The goal is pump yourself up […]