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Q’uo – The Spirit Of Joy || EP 1347

The joy of being. The joy of knowing your connection to the One Infinite Creator. The joy of knowing your connection with all of your brothers and sisters within the third density, who are also manifestations of the One Infinite Creator. This is a kind of knowing that comes from the heart of your being […]

Joy Is The Secret To The Law Of Attraction || EP 1344

Do you want to learn how to manifest your dreams and desires? In this video, we explore the powerful Law of Attraction and the surprising key to making it work in your favor: joy. Discover why joy is the secret ingredient to attracting abundance, love, success, and happiness into your life. Cultivating joy in your […]

Guided Morning Meditation Surfing The Wave Of Fortune || EP 677

I designed this as an energetic meditation to do in the morning even with some qi gong and dancing.   Have you ever stubbed your toe in the morning? Ever notice that sometimes you have a string of events happen later like a flat tire or you spill your drink.   Ever notice how these […]

Guided Meditation Reflections Of Inner Joy || EP 542

The whole world can be seen as a gigantic dual mirror. On one side of the mirror lies the physical Universe and on the other side of the mirror lies the metaphysical alternatives space. All around you is an intelligent 3-dimensional mirror that reflects back to you but tries to hide that it is a […]