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The Voice Of Venus By Ernest L Norman (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 1166

Reading this book was an amazing revelation. Vivid descriptions of beautiful celestial cities, teaching centers, healing wards, etc., which exist on our nearby planet Venus according to the author I found this book resonates with the law of one and our recent reading of the book Life In The Unseen World By Anthony Borgia This […]

Ernest Norman – Astral Visits To Higher Worlds || EP 1145

“Very advanced human beings are concerned with the lower orders of evolution of mankind. They are concerned not only because it is the natural sequence in serving mankind—it is to serve the Infinite best. But there must always be, in the great Infinite Mind an Understanding, that continual movement of continual progress—that continual evolution which […]

On The Ancient Art Of Internal Breathing || EP 1102

…At all costs, we must realize that we have two forms of breathing, one of the spirit and one of the body. The breathing of the spirit depends on the fibers that come from the brain, and the breathing of the body depends on the blood vessels that come from the heart and from the […]

Interview With Curtis Childs On The Powerful Discoveries of Emmanuel Swedenborg || EP 1063

I really loved this interview with Curtis Childs. You may know Curtis from his Youtube channel Off The Left Eye which discusses Emmanuel Swedenborg. I am fascinated with Emmanuel Swedenborg  a Swedish pluralistic-Christian theologian, scientist, philosopher and mystic from the 1700s who is best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell   […]

Emanuel Swedenborg A Journey Into The World Of Spirit Between Heaven And Hell || EP 682

Emanuel Swedenborg, original name (until 1719) Emanuel Swedberg, or Svedberg, (born January 29, 1688, Stockholm, Sweden—died March 29, 1772, London, England), Swedish scientist, Christian mystic, philosopher, and theologian who wrote voluminously in interpreting the Scriptures as the immediate word of God. Soon after his death, devoted followers created Swedenborgian societies dedicated to the study of […]