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Holly Hallowell On The Anahata Codes And Waterbending || EP 1211

Holly Hallowell (Anahata) shares practical magic for modern-day Alchemists who REALLY want to create the lives they dream of (in physical form). From where you are, to where you want to be, merely change the energy and voila. All is yours. And OURS already! The key is understanding all three planes: mind, body and soul. […]

Tina Michelle Briggs On The Secret Power Of Crystals || EP 1172

Tina Michelle Briggs sells crystals on her etsy website and has a unique knowledge of the nature and variation of the power of crystals. I have found her to be quite a resource. Are crystals just beautiful knick knacks or do they offer something more? What are the most powerful crystals to use?  Tina talks […]