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Guided Meditation – Actualizing The New Earth Complex MUSIC ONLY || EP 886

This is the music only version of the actualizing the new earth complex meditation.  You can find the guided meditation here https://youtu.be/dx-lBV-kcVo Alternate Universe Reality Activation  get full access to new meditations, new lectures, recordings from the reality con and the 90 day AURA meditation schedule Listen my book on audible https://www.audible.com/pd/The-Reality-Revolution-Audiobook/B087LV1R5V BUY MY BOOK! […]

Meditation – Activating The New Earth Social Memory Complex MUSIC ONLY EDITION || EP 851

This is a music only subliminal version of the guided meditation Activating The New Earth Social Memory Complex you can find it here https://youtu.be/0AZnZJp_psA This contains the original meditation subliminally only the music can be heard. This music only version allows you to join the social memory complex at any time and the music will […]

Guided Meditation – Activating The New Earth Social Memory Complex || EP 850

This meditation originated from a live 2 day seminar in October which was created with the intention of activating the new earth.  Many times on this podcast we have discussed the concept of the social memory complex.   In the ra material, we are introduced to the concept of the social memory complex. A term […]

Guided Meditation – Activating The New Earth – Becoming An Earth Sun Conduit || EP 740

Meditation starts at 2:49 The intention of this meditation is truly activate the new earth.  It is suggested that you do this meditation outside and perferably during the day.   This meditation will start the process of transforming you into an earth sun conduit.  You become the alchemical channel of the energies of the sun […]

Guided Galactic Meditation New Earth Harmonic Convergence Oneness Activation || EP 396

For those interested in the concept of collective global consciousness or the relationship between science, indigenous prophecies, and galactic awakening, José Argüelles’ work is certainly a required reading for the topic. The first Harmonic Convergence was 33 years ago on August 16, 1987. The event was organized by José and Lloydine Argüelles Argüelles and was […]

Guided Galactic Meditation: Sending The Call – Quantum Starseed New Earth Activation || EP 389

This is not just a global meditation, this is a galactic meditation, with soul groups and entities from around the galaxy joining with us in this meditation. This video is the most powerful starseed activation for DNA, lightcodes and remembering available in 2020. You are drawn to this meditation for a reason, we have been […]