Shifting To A New Earth || EP 655

Some say that with the Precession of the Equinox on December 21, 2012, our planet ended a cycle of approximately 26,000 years and began anew of moving toward the light and bringing back the Divine Feminine. The returning Goddess energy is not to rule, but to restore balance and harmony. We will experience a rebirth as we shift from duality consciousness to Oneness. To prepare for this paradigm shift, though, we need to move out of our heads and into our hearts. Why? Because what prevails in this new reality is a consciousness of love, joy, peace, and compassion.

What is the Shift in Consciousness?

Humanity is shifting from a denser, egoic state of duality consciousness, to more unity and heart-based consciousness. This shift is the process of spiritual awakening that moves a person into a different level of awareness and a lighter vibrational frequency. The ascent is recognizing and accepting that you are an expression of the One Soul through remembrance, re-membering that you are a Divine Creator.

As a Creator, you create your New Earth.

Each person has a conscious choice to participate in the evolution of humanity or not to engage. Both sides of that decision are perfect. Spiritual Ascension is a personal choice, and whether one chooses to participate or not, it does not diminish the truth about who that individual is, because each is a Divine Creator.

Earth, or Mother Gaia, is a conscious living being who is going through her evolution. Imagine that? We are like fleas on this beautiful being’s back! Imagine how much she must love us with the way we have treated her? Perhaps another topic of discussion. As Gaia goes through her ascension or rise in vibration and dimensional awareness we need to choose, do we join in, or do we resist?

Here I discuss some different material related to the new earth and attempt to ponder what it all means.


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